Tuesday, 15 April 2014

W7 Double Act Bronzer/ Blusher

I picked up the double act bronzer and blusher from fragrance direct - it's no longer available there but it is on Amazon for £4.99. The W7 blushers and bronzers are noted as major benefit dupes. The packaging is identical and the shade range also matches up. Double Act is a dupe of Benefit 10 which retails for £23.50 so the W7 is an amazing bargain. I bought Benefit 10 a few years ago and I did love it and remember using it until there was literally nothing left in the small cardboard container. I can't say the W7 version is anywhere near as high quality as the benefit product. The colour in the W7 double act is much more brassy and full on than the softer tones of benefits. The blush and bronzer in this are very pigmented so you have to be careful when putting them on and ensure you blend thoroughly to avoid streaky cheeks. It's a brilliant product to play with however I'd never use it everyday as it takes a lot of effort to buff and blend out. The colours are nice a bright pink and a medium bronze with shimmer running throughout. For £5 you can't really complain but it's not something I'd pick up everyday.


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