Saturday, 31 March 2012

Clinque Clarifying Lotion

I've wanted to blog about this for quite awhile. It's a product I've been using on and off for years and I don't think I've read one positive review on it ... ever. I get why people wouldn't like it, it smells ridiculously alcohol heavy and can sting the skin. It's a very strong tightening toner in my book and I really do love it. I think it takes some time getting used to but I like the feeling it gives of completely fresh clean skin. It feels tightening to the skin and leaves mine a little dry - but I like it because then I can slather on some Clinique Moisture Surge.  Everybody's skin is so different but for me using a cleanser and then this followed by a good moisturised works really well it keeps my pores clean and complexion even. It's a product I've recently got back into using and I've realised how much I do love it so will make sure I remember to come back to it once this bottle has run out. 

I'd love to hear if anyone else does love this product? 


Friday, 30 March 2012

John Freida Brilliant Brunette Light Natural Brown Foam Hair Colour Review

So after using the ColourB4 kit I mentioned in my post yesterday it was time to get rid of the ginger and head back to my natural colour. I would normally bulk my colour change into the colourB4 post as lets face it hair colouring products are all pretty similar. However I have never really gotten into the colour mousse fad that's been going on for a very long time. I've always stuck with traditional colouring products mostly because they're what I'm used to. However this John Freida pack was on offer in Sainsbury's down from £10 to £6.66. And it's currently on 3 for 2 at Boots

I've tried John Freida's brilliant brunette shampoo and hair products before and loved them so had high expectations for this. I was also really impressed with the colour range they don't just go from blonde to darker tones of brown they also incorporate reddy toned browns and blonder toned browns which means you can really get the kind of tone you want even though the colour range in the shop is quite daunting. 

I've always been a bit put off foam products because they are often nearly double the price. However my biggest gripe about normal colouring products is that I need one and half tubs to cover my hair. With the foam I had some left over which was impressive considering I have so much hair and it's now well below my shoulders. 

It covered really well and I was so easy to use. I was left with a lovely natural brown colour which wasn't too dark which I often find with most brown dyes that then fade out from black to brown. The quality of everything in the box really impressed me too the conditioner is a decent sized tube that can easily be used a good 4 or 5 times after application. Also this may sound a little weird but the gloves included are great quality black what I would call 'tanning' gloves which did impress me too. 

Overall I was super impressed with the colour and ease of application in using this and I'll definitely be going back to use it again - it's given a much more even tone to overall as the foams means you really can't miss any bits. I think I am officially a foam colourant convert. 

Do you use foam colourings? Let me know if their are any other good brands worth trying? 


Thursday, 29 March 2012

Regular Strength ColourB4 - Before and After

I first did a post on Colour B4 in January (post here) it's still one of my most read posts on the blog so as I am undergoing a massive colour change at the moment I thought I'd begin documenting it with another chat about this product. I actually bought this one by accident in haste as the one that I need is the extra strength due to the darkness of my hair. My previous post was on this extra strength so thought it would be worth showing you what the regular strength one did. 

I actually wasn't expecting any difference or anywhere near the results that the last one offered me. It states that this strength is really for people with blonde to light brown hair trying to get rid of unwanted colours like red. As you can see though my hair was very dark and had a red tinge to it. 

I change my hair colour far to often and the red phase has lasted all of about 5 months and I'm ready to get rid of it and go back to brown for the summer. This was the result of regular strength ... 

I was actually so impressed with how it turned out considering the product wasn't designed for my hair colour at all. It took away all of the red and left me with a much lighter ginger colour. It smells a lot less eggy than the extra strength which I really liked. I left it on for the full advised time of 60 minutes and the results were perfect for what I needed. 

As I said before this product doesn't just take you back to your natural colour if you have a lot of build up but it does give you a brilliant base to add a natural coloured dye to and then you can leave it to grow out. I've read lots of peoples thoughts on this product over the last few months and think it gets a lot of unnecessary bad reviews - if you've been dying your hair dark colours for years without removing any of the colours in between there is no way you can get it immediately back to your original colour. I think maybe they could do with rebranding it a little and marketing it as product to give you a light base to add a natural or different colour dye to. It comes with a little shampoo that brings your hair back to the right pH level to dye straight onto so unless your loving a bit of ginger you can take it straight to the colour you want. 

I absolutely love this product and I now use it between all of my colouring even if I stay the same shade as it avoids that graduated into near black tips of the hair from over dying. It retails for only £9.99 which I think is a bargain considering how much a salon would charge. When I buy it again I will make sure I pick up the extra strength as it definitely gave me a lighter colour but this product worked so well considering my lack of concentration in buying it - glad it wasn't £10 that went to waste!

I'm currently playing around with some different things and my hair at the moment so posts will be following on going back to brown and my attempt to add a bit of blonde for summer - if it works tehe! 


Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Leopard Print Nail Art.

I've been meaning to give this ago for ages as I've seen it everywhere so thought I'd post my attempt at it. 

I decided to do a natural nude leopard print design and I used - 
Models Own - Nyla Nude 
Models Own - Champagne 
Maybelline Forever Strong
Marks and Spencer Clear Nail Varnish 
Barry M - Chocolate Brown 

I bought my nail art dotting tool from eBay here. 99p delivered from Hong Kong you really can't go wrong. I have made my own prior to receiving this which I might do a post on in the future but really can not fault the one I bought from eBay - so cheap and perfect for a whole host of nail art designs can't praise it enough. 

I used Maybelline forever strong as a base as my nails are suffering at the moment then painted two coats of Nyla Nude over. 

I used Chocolate Brown as the base for the leopard print and randomly dotted it over each nail in dots and semi-circles. 

Then I accented the brown with Models Own Champagne to highlight and fill in the dots. Finally I added a gloss of clear top coat to set all the colours. 

I think my first attempt is a little messy but I love how easy it was. It looks much better from a bit of a distance close up looks a little random! I'm looking forward to trying out so many different nail designs with my new dotting tools. I think leopard print will look so cute in pink shades! 

If you have any nail art links please send them over I'm in need of some inspiration for mine :) 


Tuesday, 27 March 2012

I made Slutty Brownies.

One of the first blogs I started following was 'The Londoner' (if you haven't heard of it or been on it you need to check it out ASAP!) I am a huggge fan of Miss Rosie's blog and twitter feed. After much eyeing up Slutty Brownies have firmly been on my list to try since she wrote about them last year. After claiming they were the best brownies you will ever taste they were a Mothers Day treat this year for my mum. The Londoner pictures and description says it all but I couldn't help take pictures of this chocolatty piece of heaven. 

All you need is Betty Crocker - Cookie Mix, Betty Crocker - Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix and a pack of Oreo's. Also the egg oil and water for each mix. 
No baking skills required - WIN.

Make the Cookie Mix as instructed on the pack and place in a well greased proofed tin. 

Place the Oreo's all over the cookie mix in whatever pattern you desire. We could have really done with two packs to get a better coverage but one worked. Also I think double stuffed oreo's would be unreal if you can get your hands on some! 

Make the brownie mix as instructed and poor over the Oreo's 
Then bake in the oven on about 180 degree's for 30 minutes. 

You need to eat these warm and with a big dollop of the best vanilla ice cream you can get your hands on. 

I can assure you they are definitely the best brownies you will ever have the pleasure of eating.

So you need to do two things check out the londoner and make these brownies. They are ridiculously delicious. 

Next on my list is the giant oreo cake.  WOW. 



Monday, 26 March 2012

MAC Fix + (where have you been all my life?)

I have wanted to get my hands on this for so long and I finally received it after a little splurge in February in Debenhams. I really like a dewy complexion one that lasts so this product had everything I was looking for. At £12.50 for 100ml I didn't think it was too expensive either considering its MAC. 

It claims to: An aqua spritz of vitamin and minerals, infused with a calm the skin blend of Green Tea, Camomile, Cucumber, topped off with the fresh, natural, energising scent of Sugi. Adds radiance, finishes makeup. Spray it on. Skin drinks it up!

I really love this product and I'm annoyed at myself for not buying it sooner. It makes even the cheapest of foundations finish really nicely and of course especially looks good with a decent one. I find it makes my make-up last a little longer by adding a bit of a coating to my face. I expected it to have a hairspray like dispenser and did find the short wet blasts a bit weird at first but you quickly get used to it. I can't imagine now applying it after my make-up now and it's definitely a product that will be sticking with me for a long long time. It's also brilliant for refreshing make-up half way through the day and I'm tempted to get the 30ml version for my handbag! Or maybe just buy a little dispenser and put some of my 100ml in. 


Sunday, 25 March 2012

MUA Pearl Eyeshadow

 I've had this shadow for a good month or so now and have been using it nearly every day. Its MUA shade 29 - Pearl, at first I thought 'pearl' was referring to the colour but it's actually referring to the shimmer the shadow has. All MUA eyeshadows are £1 and come in either matte or pearl. They also do a range of eye dusts and eye palettes.  There's not that many listed on the Superdrug site but on the MUA website you can find 26 different pearl shades. 
I really really like this shadow its a soft green with a hint of gold going through it and is super blendable. It goes so well with nearly all of my other shadows and the quality is really nice for just £1 it's soft and it lasts as well as some of my more expensive shadows. 

I really want to try shade 25 which is a pinky red, shade 11 which is a minky brown and shade 28 which is a gorgeous copper colour. I think they are so good to try different shades with as for £1 you can't really go wrong. It means you can mix it up a little bit without breaking the bank. 

Has anyone else tried MUA shadows or the Matte versions? 


Saturday, 24 March 2012

Summer on eBay

1. Pencil Skirt £7.99 (£1.99 P&P) 6 colours available 
2. Skater Dress £7.95 (£1.99 P&P) 
3. Skater Skirt £7.99 (£2.99 P&P) 4 colours available 
4. Tiered Maxi Dress £12.99 (£2.49 P&P) 10 colours available 
5. Plain Maxi Dress – £7.99 (£1.99 P&P) Available in 10 colours 
6. Full Length Maxi Skirt – £3.69 (£1.99 P&P) Available in 10 Colours

I don't normally do fashion on here - but I think this is a little more bargains than fashion particularly. Not that I'm not into it or anything its just my style is extremely dull - I stick to the same kind of items and style so it doesn't really have a place here. If you haven't noticed I'm a little bit poor at the moment and I also have a few post dissertation holidays planned so finding some new summer buys have to be cheap and multi-functional! 

I've found I do ALOT of my shopping on eBay at the moment. It's all about planning - obviously if you need to go out that night eBay isn't the place but if you want some basics its a must have site. I own most of the items listed here - although different colour variation are on my wish list right now - so I can vouch for them, don't expect high end crazy quality but they do the trick. Simple multi-use items that will see you through many many events! I thought I'd share my favourites above with you as I've found the exact same items on the high street for sometimes 4 times the price and the stores logo sewn into the back. 

Does anyone else find use eBay for basics? 


Friday, 23 March 2012

MAC Cremeblend - So Sweet, So Easy

Sadly due to the death of the benefit crème blushes (which I completely adored) I've been on the look out for its replacement for ages now. I've read so many good things about MAC crème blend blushes that I thought it was only fair to give it a go.  I normally go for more corally toned blush but this light pink really caught my eye. 

So sweet, so easy is a bright bubble gum pink and retails for £17.50.  

I use my fingers to apply and I love that you can build it up to create a stronger colour if you want to. I really love it as it gives a really natural look and a brilliant pop of colour. I've been using it nearly everyday and you can't really tell it's even been used so I think it will last me a good while. I am still on the look out for a coral toned blush to replace my benefit one but can't seem to find a decent crème based one in the right shade :( if anyone has any recommendations please let me know! Have recently become a little bit in love with blushers there are so many pretty ones out at the moment. 


Thursday, 22 March 2012

Favourite Spring Nail Polishes

Glitter: Technic Carnival 

I realised recently that my nail varnish is falling into the same categories and I think its going to stick that way for Spring. This is my current collection and it made me realise how much I use Models Own. I think their shades are spot on at the moment and the selection is so big I love them all. There are so many more on my 'lust list' as I think every shade they make is so wearable. Which I know sounds a little silly but I do think some brands bring out some hideous colours sometimes that I can't imagine anyone wearing. 

What colours are you wearing at the moment? Is there any Models Own shades that need bumping to the top of the list? 


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion

I've been using this product on and off for years and recently using I've realised that it definitely should be continual not just when I grab a sample. These little samples last for ages they are only 30ml but a little goes such a long way. Somehow in the last few years I've managed to accrue so many I've never actually bought this product full size. With pump and 125ml it comes in at £29. Which to me always seems a little steep but actually thinking about how long a 30ml sample lasts it would be worth while for me to just go for the full size. I love that it has a yellow tone to it as I find it evens out my skin tone a little before applying primer and foundation. I think I actually prefer the Moisture Surge moisturiser I reviewed earlier this month as it seems to soak in better with my skin and leave it feeling much more hydrated. However when I'm feeling blotchy I definitely always head to this lotion as it just leaves me with a much clearer base to start with. 

Has anyone else tried the two clinique moisturisers? I'm mad on their skin care at the moment so any recommendations will be so welcome :) 


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

MUA - 3 in 1 contour pens.

I've become a little in love with MUA, their make-up and their price points over the last few months. The Southampton store is obviously taking note and now has two entire stands of the stuff! As always I was drawn into anything the NEW stickered all over it and these 3 in 1 extreme contour pens caught my eye. I'm trying to not just use black eye products at the moment as I feel I need to mix it up a bit with spring coming so I bought black and dark brown. Each £1.50. 

The pens come out in a straight rectangle pen and twist up from the bottom. The shape of the pen makes them so so easy to apply so even in a rush you can get a near perfect line on upper lashes without much effort at all. They last ages and blend really well into other eye shadow. I can not fault these pens they are so cheap and I've never used something with a shape like this making application that easy! You can use them on the top of your lashes, blended in as shadow or on the bottom for a fuller liner. 

Packaging is sleek and the price is perfect. I will be stocking up on the other shades available next time I'm in Superdrug. 

Have you used the contour pens? What did you think? 


Monday, 19 March 2012

Lust List - March 2012

With a serious lack of funds this month and a growing lust list on Pinterest.  I thought it would ease the pain from lack of retail therapy to list all things I'm lusting after each month. Although dependant on procrastination levels it may be more frequently than once a month. 


Sunday, 18 March 2012

Perfect Sunday Hair for £1

I wanted to do a post on this because the 'hair doughnut' has become one of my favourite hair accessories probably ever. I bought mine for 99p in Primark. I found one on eBay for between £1.19 and £1.55 delivered. Here.  or there are a selection of different ones here. They come in black, brown and blonde. I bought mine in brown but I have alot of hair so wasn't worried it would show through my red! 

I bought this as I've always been able to get a decent bun from my long hair but since having it cut shorter it kind of looks a bit pathetic pulled up. Since I prefer having my hair tied back for work this little gem has become a saviour. 

It is so easy to use too but I'll explain just in case: 
- Tie hair back into a ponytail and secure with a hair band 
- Pull hair doughnut over the ponytail 
- If your hair is long enough you can then pull over the doughnut again and secure with hair band 
- If not long enough secure all hair with kirby grips into the doughnut 
- If you have used a second hair band over just neaten up any bits with kirby grips 

I prefer my bun a little messy so I sprayed with hair spray and messed up a bit with my fingers. I love this little hair gem it is so easy and you end up with a neat little bun every single time! 


Saturday, 17 March 2012

Pink Punch - Models Own

I've wanted Pink Punch for ages! Was far too excited when I saw it on ASOS for £3.50. It's no longer on the site at this price but I'd happily pay full price for this shade again. Currently 2 for £8 in boots though so there's an excuse!  It is sooo much fun. 

Models own nail varnish is my favourite it lasts for ages and always give such a good vibrant colour. I think my nails have got a little boring recently with many shades of nude and greys adorning them so this makes a welcome addition. 

I did find I needed 3 or 4 coats of this to get the full brightness that I wanted but two offered good coverage like all Models Own shades. 


Friday, 16 March 2012


For about a month from the end of January I was suffering with awful skin it was flaky, spotty and horribly blotchy. After fighting it with every cream lotion and potion I could just get my hands on but nothing seemed to be clearing it up. I thought at first it was the weather or maybe my hormones but over a month later it just wasn't clearing up. For about three months previous to this I'd packed my supplements away and with Christmas and a final year of university going on I had really forgot about taking them. With nothing clearing up and waking up every single morning with yet another spot I decided it was time to follow my own advice and work from the inside out. After a solid two weeks of taking a crazy amount of supplements my skin is completely clear and it may just be placebo but I do think the supplements I've been taking have helped so I wanted to share them on here as beauty definitely isn't just skin deep. (excuse the pun!)

Vitamin B Complex - This is designed to maintain the energy release from food, I mainly started taking this to try and rely less on caffeine in a bid to cut down on Red Bull. I still drink far too much red bull but I do think this is a good mix of all the B vitamins.

Apple Cider Vinegar - Help's to support the maintenance of the body's own acid balance.

Cranberry Extract - I take this due to having kidney problems. I know lots of girls do suffer from water infections or cystitis and if you do I can't recommend this enough. It has very nearly completely eliminated my kidney issues and will save you a fortune on cranberry juice if you rely on it a lot.

Capsicum - This isn't really for health benefits and I'm not sure it's effective at all but I like the idea of it. Capsicum is a tablet form of what's commonly known as Cayenne Pepper and is thought to help break down food and speed up the metabolism. Anything that may speed up a bit of weight loss I am there and this
is why this was originally added to my supplement collection.

Vitamin C + Zinc - duel supplement to support the bodies immune system. I don't think an extra dose of vitamin c can hurt and I think it feigns off colds and bugs going around the office. Touch wood I haven't been sick in ages - obviously this might be a coincidence but I think making it all winter without a big dose of illness was brilliant!

Iron - I take this because a while ago I tried to give blood and it didn't pass the iron test to begin with. I tried eating crazy amount of spinach and iron rich food but when I went back my iron still wasn't high enough - the give blood lady informed me it wasn't strangely low or anything to worry about but just slightly too low to give blood. Since I've been taking these I managed to give blood for the first time last month so they have definitely made a different and I am so glad I was able to give blood and they are now a complete must have in amongst my supplements as I want to keep giving blood for a very long time!

Skin, Hair and Nails - These aren't something I'd take regularly but I did take these in my dire skin situation and I think they probably had something to do with getting it all on back. They contain a mixture of vitamins that support healthy hair, strong nails and clear skin. I actually had some called 'beauty complete' from a while ago that I have run out of now but from their website it looks like 'Skin, Hair and Nails' has replaced them.  I often think these kind of tablets are a little gimmicky by being called the area they focus on rather than the vitamins they contain but in this instance I did find they made a difference. Even my splitting nails after crazy nail art abuse have made their way back to being normal.

Evening Primrose Oil - Probably one of my favourite supplements and one I've taken for many many years. This little beauty helps to maintain hormonal imbalance. I do feel like when I take this regularly I cut out most of my 'crazy bitch' days haha (I hope we all have them)! It may be placebo but either way for me it works and makes me kind of a normal person all month round. Currently run out so not in photo on my way to boots right now!

I think over the years I've tried many different supplements but these are the ones that have stuck around and ones I think deserve a mention. I know some people hate the idea of supplements but I think as long as you stick to natural remedies and make sure you buy from a respectable store they can't do any harm. There are literally hundreds out there for so many different ailments. Most sites are categorised by the problem you are looking to cure so finding some to suit are easy.

I'd like to point out I don't take all the above every single day I pick and drop some and some stick around daily. Also if you have any medical issues do consult your doctor and/or read the label thoroughly. Most are once a day supplements but you can get mega strength that need to be taken less regularly so do check!

All the links I've attached are from with (who are regularly if not always running 3 for 2 offers on supplements) or Simply Supplements  who are lots cheaper and have free delivery as well!

Really just wanted to share as I truly believe getting back into my supplements a few weeks ago has sorted my skin out amazingly well and given me lots more energy to tackle the final few weeks of my degree.

Do any of you take any supplements regularly?


Thursday, 15 March 2012

Rabito Phone Case - Give Your Phone Ears!

I was so excited when I opened this yesterday I've been waiting nearly a month for its arrival and had actually forgot I even ordered it so it was such a lovely surprise! 

It was so much more than I'd expected too. The little tail actually sucks on so can be popped off to clean your screen, it also acts as a little stand so you can put your phone on its side to watch things on. What's more is the tail also works as a place to wrap your head phones round. 

I just adore it is so so cute. Obviously not the most practical of cases but every time my phone goes off and I pick it up to see those little ears I smile :) 

What's more ... is it only cost me £1.85 delivered! Yes it took a while but straight from Hong Kong you save yourself a fortune. 

You can get the pink one here.
Also available in black here.
Or White here (would look amazing on a white iPhone!)

I think they are perfect with easter just round the corner and would make the most adorable gifts. If you wanted one quicker there are lots of UK sellers selling them too but obviously its a little more expensive. 


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Glossybox - Harrods Collaboration March 2012

One of the reasons I first signed up to Glossybox was to get box of surprises each month. However it turns out I don't do surprises very well and always end up reading sneak peak blog posts as soon as they appear. When I saw that this months was a Harrods collaboration I was very excited. Mostly as the things in Harrods are so unattainable to most people I was excited to try some brands I hadn't even heard of and products I probably won't be able to afford for a very long time. 

I've decided to keep it about my initial thoughts of each product this month as overall I was really pleased with my box. When I saw some of the pictures of the event I really wanted to get the Burberry lipstick and I know a lot of people have complained that they haven't received this. I'm kind of glad I didn't on reflection because I just think the colour wouldn't suit me and my main lust for it was the packaging rather than being able to use it! I'm glad I got 5 products I will actually use and that I'm really excited to try out. 

I've also worked out how much each sample is worth (mainly did this as I was intrigued at the Revive cream's worth) but also I find it really useful on other blogs when weighing up if the subscription is kind of worthwhile. I don't really subscribe to 'get my money's worth' but it is nice to keep in the back of your mind when sticking to the subscription so I've included it in mine. Altogether my box came in at Sample worth: £49.72 which I think is quite amazing considering I paid £12.95 including P&P. I think it's one of the highest valued boxes - obviously a collaboration with London's most prestigious department stores pays off!

Versace – Vanitas Versace
Sample 4.5ml - £6.75
I don’t mind perfume samples being featured in Glossybox’s but I really don’t like those kind of little tubes or sachets you can pick up at counters. This is exactly what I think perfume samples should be like – a miniature little bottle wrapped in a perfect little box.  I actually really love the smell of this and it is perfect for nights out. I think this kind of thing sums up Glossybox it is exactly what I signed up for – luxury samples and I just adore it – it is so cute!  

Bliss – Blood Orange and White Pepper Body Butter
Sample 50ml - £5.12
I adore the packaging of this product it’s so bright and eye catching yet simple. At first I couldn’t really smell anything other than orange in this but after it settles onto the skin you do get a hint of a kind of peppery tone coming through – either that or I’m smelling so hard I’m imagining things. Either way I love the fresh scent and this will be a perfect product to pop into my hand bag this summer!

Revive – Intensite Crème
Sample 7ml - £27.42
Seriously £235 for full size – I’m almost too scared to use this product with my tiny little product being worth more than I would spend on my high end foundations! I’ve never heard of the brand before and I will be sparingly applying this in the mornings after my normal routine as suggested on the Glossybox card. I can easily say though however soft and delicious this crème is I will never be purchasing this product – I love that it was featured though it kind of adds that little special extra to the Harrods collaboration. I would never have had the chance to try such an expensive crème before – I swear gram for gram this comes in more than gold no?!

Lancome – Teint Miracle
Sample 5ml - £4.50
It’s weird this was featured actually as had a conversation with my friend who had just bought this and was raving about it so was glad to get it to try out. Mine was in shade 03 Beige which is actually probably my natural skin colour but a little light for me with tan – on test though it’s lovely and creamy and gives good coverage without being cakey.

Clarins – Extra Firming Body Cream
Sample 30ml - £5.93
I’ve wanted to try Clarins creams for ages as they’ve never appeared in my boxes in the past so I’m glad this was featured. I can’t actually find it in the Harrods Glossybox link so maybe it’s just being used up from previous boxes – either way I’m pleased and glad it was in as it’s a product I’ll definitely use. It’s lovely thick and creamy – the smell is really nice and subtle I don’t find it too overpowering like some creams are. 

Overall I'm super happy with my selection they are all products I will be using and that make welcome additions to my beauty cupboard. I'm a little bit obsessed with skin care at the moment so glad my box was mostly made up of this rather than make-up!

I sometimes think working in the Glossybox customer service team must be one of the hardest jobs - on release week all I see is gripes about what people received and how they weren't happy despite it being a surprise. So I wanted to make sure I mentioned some amazing service I received following last months box. My Dr Bronner hand sanitizer pump didn't work properly so I emailed them to see if I could arrange a replacement and a new one arrived in a matter of days. I was so impressed with how quickly and sweetly they dealt with my problem and wanted to give this a mention. 

I think Glossybox have got back to their original concept with this box - it's all about luxury samples that you want to try out and maybe wouldn't just pick up due to price or availability. I adore the little mini foundation and perfume bottles little things like those make it for me! 

What did you think of this months box? 


Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Life in the Middle of March 2012

Haven't done one of these posts in a while so thought I'd do a little life catch up. Looking through my photo's has made me really want a new camera the lens seems to have gone on mine and the flash and focus are awful right now! Umm thoughts for a richer day I'm sure. 

Anyways it was my best friend Sophie's 23rd Birthday this weekend so we got all dressed up to commiserate celebrate how old we all seem to be getting! What better excuse for a night of vodka and cranberry juice's with lots and lots of cake! 

It might just be me but getting ready is one of my favourite parts Me, Sophie and Claire tanned, and made ourselves up after a very delicious lunch. 

I wanted to include a huggeee picture of 'our' taxi driver Miles. He is actually in my phone as 'Miles Taxi Daddy' because he is a complete gem. He see's us tipsy as we begin the night sharing what we're up to in our lives at the moment and he see's us shamefully drunk at the end of the night. We've probably shared our entire lives over the last years with him and ALOT of drunken tears too! No matter what though if he is working he makes sure we always get home OK. I think my taxi rides with Miles are my second favourite bit of any night out after getting ready with the girls - literally no other taxi driver will do now! And when we visit different cities we wish we could take him with us!

(Love this picture it's like a hair dye swatch ad!)

It was a beautiful weekend in sunshine and cake :) 

Hope you all had an equally as beautiful one!