Friday, 16 March 2012


For about a month from the end of January I was suffering with awful skin it was flaky, spotty and horribly blotchy. After fighting it with every cream lotion and potion I could just get my hands on but nothing seemed to be clearing it up. I thought at first it was the weather or maybe my hormones but over a month later it just wasn't clearing up. For about three months previous to this I'd packed my supplements away and with Christmas and a final year of university going on I had really forgot about taking them. With nothing clearing up and waking up every single morning with yet another spot I decided it was time to follow my own advice and work from the inside out. After a solid two weeks of taking a crazy amount of supplements my skin is completely clear and it may just be placebo but I do think the supplements I've been taking have helped so I wanted to share them on here as beauty definitely isn't just skin deep. (excuse the pun!)

Vitamin B Complex - This is designed to maintain the energy release from food, I mainly started taking this to try and rely less on caffeine in a bid to cut down on Red Bull. I still drink far too much red bull but I do think this is a good mix of all the B vitamins.

Apple Cider Vinegar - Help's to support the maintenance of the body's own acid balance.

Cranberry Extract - I take this due to having kidney problems. I know lots of girls do suffer from water infections or cystitis and if you do I can't recommend this enough. It has very nearly completely eliminated my kidney issues and will save you a fortune on cranberry juice if you rely on it a lot.

Capsicum - This isn't really for health benefits and I'm not sure it's effective at all but I like the idea of it. Capsicum is a tablet form of what's commonly known as Cayenne Pepper and is thought to help break down food and speed up the metabolism. Anything that may speed up a bit of weight loss I am there and this
is why this was originally added to my supplement collection.

Vitamin C + Zinc - duel supplement to support the bodies immune system. I don't think an extra dose of vitamin c can hurt and I think it feigns off colds and bugs going around the office. Touch wood I haven't been sick in ages - obviously this might be a coincidence but I think making it all winter without a big dose of illness was brilliant!

Iron - I take this because a while ago I tried to give blood and it didn't pass the iron test to begin with. I tried eating crazy amount of spinach and iron rich food but when I went back my iron still wasn't high enough - the give blood lady informed me it wasn't strangely low or anything to worry about but just slightly too low to give blood. Since I've been taking these I managed to give blood for the first time last month so they have definitely made a different and I am so glad I was able to give blood and they are now a complete must have in amongst my supplements as I want to keep giving blood for a very long time!

Skin, Hair and Nails - These aren't something I'd take regularly but I did take these in my dire skin situation and I think they probably had something to do with getting it all on back. They contain a mixture of vitamins that support healthy hair, strong nails and clear skin. I actually had some called 'beauty complete' from a while ago that I have run out of now but from their website it looks like 'Skin, Hair and Nails' has replaced them.  I often think these kind of tablets are a little gimmicky by being called the area they focus on rather than the vitamins they contain but in this instance I did find they made a difference. Even my splitting nails after crazy nail art abuse have made their way back to being normal.

Evening Primrose Oil - Probably one of my favourite supplements and one I've taken for many many years. This little beauty helps to maintain hormonal imbalance. I do feel like when I take this regularly I cut out most of my 'crazy bitch' days haha (I hope we all have them)! It may be placebo but either way for me it works and makes me kind of a normal person all month round. Currently run out so not in photo on my way to boots right now!

I think over the years I've tried many different supplements but these are the ones that have stuck around and ones I think deserve a mention. I know some people hate the idea of supplements but I think as long as you stick to natural remedies and make sure you buy from a respectable store they can't do any harm. There are literally hundreds out there for so many different ailments. Most sites are categorised by the problem you are looking to cure so finding some to suit are easy.

I'd like to point out I don't take all the above every single day I pick and drop some and some stick around daily. Also if you have any medical issues do consult your doctor and/or read the label thoroughly. Most are once a day supplements but you can get mega strength that need to be taken less regularly so do check!

All the links I've attached are from with (who are regularly if not always running 3 for 2 offers on supplements) or Simply Supplements  who are lots cheaper and have free delivery as well!

Really just wanted to share as I truly believe getting back into my supplements a few weeks ago has sorted my skin out amazingly well and given me lots more energy to tackle the final few weeks of my degree.

Do any of you take any supplements regularly?


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  1. im obessed with taking vitamins too :) i actually enjoy shopping for vitamins sad huh?