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Glossybox - Harrods Collaboration March 2012

One of the reasons I first signed up to Glossybox was to get box of surprises each month. However it turns out I don't do surprises very well and always end up reading sneak peak blog posts as soon as they appear. When I saw that this months was a Harrods collaboration I was very excited. Mostly as the things in Harrods are so unattainable to most people I was excited to try some brands I hadn't even heard of and products I probably won't be able to afford for a very long time. 

I've decided to keep it about my initial thoughts of each product this month as overall I was really pleased with my box. When I saw some of the pictures of the event I really wanted to get the Burberry lipstick and I know a lot of people have complained that they haven't received this. I'm kind of glad I didn't on reflection because I just think the colour wouldn't suit me and my main lust for it was the packaging rather than being able to use it! I'm glad I got 5 products I will actually use and that I'm really excited to try out. 

I've also worked out how much each sample is worth (mainly did this as I was intrigued at the Revive cream's worth) but also I find it really useful on other blogs when weighing up if the subscription is kind of worthwhile. I don't really subscribe to 'get my money's worth' but it is nice to keep in the back of your mind when sticking to the subscription so I've included it in mine. Altogether my box came in at Sample worth: £49.72 which I think is quite amazing considering I paid £12.95 including P&P. I think it's one of the highest valued boxes - obviously a collaboration with London's most prestigious department stores pays off!

Versace – Vanitas Versace
Sample 4.5ml - £6.75
I don’t mind perfume samples being featured in Glossybox’s but I really don’t like those kind of little tubes or sachets you can pick up at counters. This is exactly what I think perfume samples should be like – a miniature little bottle wrapped in a perfect little box.  I actually really love the smell of this and it is perfect for nights out. I think this kind of thing sums up Glossybox it is exactly what I signed up for – luxury samples and I just adore it – it is so cute!  

Bliss – Blood Orange and White Pepper Body Butter
Sample 50ml - £5.12
I adore the packaging of this product it’s so bright and eye catching yet simple. At first I couldn’t really smell anything other than orange in this but after it settles onto the skin you do get a hint of a kind of peppery tone coming through – either that or I’m smelling so hard I’m imagining things. Either way I love the fresh scent and this will be a perfect product to pop into my hand bag this summer!

Revive – Intensite Crème
Sample 7ml - £27.42
Seriously £235 for full size – I’m almost too scared to use this product with my tiny little product being worth more than I would spend on my high end foundations! I’ve never heard of the brand before and I will be sparingly applying this in the mornings after my normal routine as suggested on the Glossybox card. I can easily say though however soft and delicious this crème is I will never be purchasing this product – I love that it was featured though it kind of adds that little special extra to the Harrods collaboration. I would never have had the chance to try such an expensive crème before – I swear gram for gram this comes in more than gold no?!

Lancome – Teint Miracle
Sample 5ml - £4.50
It’s weird this was featured actually as had a conversation with my friend who had just bought this and was raving about it so was glad to get it to try out. Mine was in shade 03 Beige which is actually probably my natural skin colour but a little light for me with tan – on test though it’s lovely and creamy and gives good coverage without being cakey.

Clarins – Extra Firming Body Cream
Sample 30ml - £5.93
I’ve wanted to try Clarins creams for ages as they’ve never appeared in my boxes in the past so I’m glad this was featured. I can’t actually find it in the Harrods Glossybox link so maybe it’s just being used up from previous boxes – either way I’m pleased and glad it was in as it’s a product I’ll definitely use. It’s lovely thick and creamy – the smell is really nice and subtle I don’t find it too overpowering like some creams are. 

Overall I'm super happy with my selection they are all products I will be using and that make welcome additions to my beauty cupboard. I'm a little bit obsessed with skin care at the moment so glad my box was mostly made up of this rather than make-up!

I sometimes think working in the Glossybox customer service team must be one of the hardest jobs - on release week all I see is gripes about what people received and how they weren't happy despite it being a surprise. So I wanted to make sure I mentioned some amazing service I received following last months box. My Dr Bronner hand sanitizer pump didn't work properly so I emailed them to see if I could arrange a replacement and a new one arrived in a matter of days. I was so impressed with how quickly and sweetly they dealt with my problem and wanted to give this a mention. 

I think Glossybox have got back to their original concept with this box - it's all about luxury samples that you want to try out and maybe wouldn't just pick up due to price or availability. I adore the little mini foundation and perfume bottles little things like those make it for me! 

What did you think of this months box? 


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  1. I cant wait for mine to arrive - hope it will be today and hope I get the foundation in too!

    Just noticed your a Callen like me :)