Saturday, 3 March 2012

Glossybox February

It's sooo sunny I couldn't get any photo's that weren't glaring with sunlight. So I've decided to use these anyways it's nice it reminds me of the sun beaming through my window so apologies.

I've recieved my February Glossybox really late because they had some problems with the processing of it - so I know you've seen all this before but decided I'd put it up to share my thoughts rather than do the usual image heavy post on each product.

Becca Beach Tint Watermelon - I was so glad I got this instead of the lip gloss. I love it! It's a gorgeous corally tint for both lips and cheeks its super creamy and a really nice deep colour so a little goes a long way.  I know I have a tan all year round but I'm especially looking forward to using this on holiday on naturally tanned skin I think it will look amazing.

Dr Bronner Lavender Hand Sanitiser - At first I was like why the hell do I have a hand sanitiser in my Glossybox and then I thought it's actually quite a cute little handbag type product for when your out and about. There is one major flaw to this product though - it smells of lavender. Lavender is for bed time and to make you all sleepy and relaxed. I can't imagine ever needing to use this product other than being on the go and that is definitely a time I do not need lavender in my life. In a nice mint or fresh fruity smell it would be fine but this was a bit of a confused product in my view.

Awapuhu by Paul Mitchell - I didn't realise this was a Paul Mitchell product until reading the card that canme with the box as the Awapuhu branding takes over the packaging. I adore the smell of this product its a delicious ginger. The pump is ideal to dispense and its lovely on my hair. It's soft by touch and leaves a really nice shine to the tips of my hair. I like.

BM Beauty Pure Mineral Eyeshadow - I like that it's a strong black colour but I have never gotten on with loose shadows like this I just make a huge mess. I've got a lot of shadows in this colour range too so I've decided to keep it wrapped for my upcoming give away as I think its a fab little pot that just won't get much love in my make-up bag but I know lots of people love it.

Como Shambhala - This product smells gorgeous yet again and it is what it is - a shower gel. I like getting products like this in my Glossybox as otherwise I will simply buy a £1 showergel so its nice to have a little bit of luxury. I am currently inundated with shower gels so I've decided to pop this in a giveaway (coming soon) too. What I would say though is this product comes in at a whopping £20 for the full size I simply can not understand why anyone would spend so much on it. You would really have to be making some money to put that down on it.

All in all I was quite pleased with this month, the Becca tint and Paul Mitchell hair products were definitely favourites. I've been considering giving up my Glossybox subscription as I kind of feel I'd rather buy a MAC lipstick each month and get more use from it. However I do love the little boxes and the whole idea of it still - I'm undecided. Also the March/ Harrods collaboration looks very exciting so I'm looking forward to receiving that!


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