Monday, 22 December 2014

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eye Primer - Game Changer

I hadn't read anything about this product when I picked it up about a month ago - so it was a little bit of a whim. It cost £13 from Cult Beauty for 7ml which when I recieved it seemed a little steep however the little pippet dispenser cleverly dispenses just the one drop you need to coat both eyelids. 

It claims: Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Eye Primer is a miracle elixir that works to extend the life and vibrancy of your eye make-up – particularly those metallic and shimmery shadows which quickly migrate into fine lines and creases. The unique formula helps to counteract greasy lids and create a smooth, even base that ‘grips’ powder to minimise fallout and prolong perfection… so you look as immaculate at the end of the evening as you did at the beginning.

All of that up there - it does it! I can put on the shimmeriest (even a word??) shadows I own and the lightest shades - they're still there when I go to take my make-up off in the evening. It also intensifies the colour and finish of any shadows you use - it particularly makes light shimmers pop. It's magical and if you're continually searching for the products that will ensure your make-up lasts all day or want a little more confidence that it hasn't slid off during an important event or meeting then you need this. It's a product I didn't even know I needed before I owned it but is a complete game changer and I can't imagine it not being in my collection from now on. It's been used every single day since I bought it which is pretty rare for someone as fickle as me. 

Georgina x.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Winter Sleep Obsessions

I've become a little obsessed with creating a serene place of calm to fall asleep within. I found it really hard getting to sleep after spending 20 months living with a boy and having another body in my bed it's so so strange trying to adjust to having a big bed to yourself and remembering what it's like to sleep all alone. So I've bought a few things and made a few changes that now ensure I have on the whole a wonderful nights sleep. 

The first purchase I made was the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray - it seemed expensive at the time but it is hands down one of the best thing I've ever purchased. So overdramatic but I love the scent and it does work I have such a lovely sleep and find drifting off far easier it calms the mind a little so you're not in overdrive thinking instead you're just peaceful with your spray. I used to spray my boyfriends pillows and he noticed a huge difference when he didn't have it in his life so it's a pretty good testimony to it working. I take it when I'm staying away now too as it adds a lift of calm when you might otherwise feel a little anxious and unsettled sleeping somewhere new. 

I also love to spritz my bed sheets with the febreze serenity spray - it's more synthetic than the deep sleep but it's only £2 and takes the whole room into a lovely lavender scent. I also spritz a little of the room fragrance around to give a truly serene setting. I also love to light a sleepy candle like this lavender spa tart although anything with a lavender or chamomile scent is perfect. Candles in general make a lovely pre sleep setting. 

I've asked Santa Claus for some more bits within the this works deep sleep range - the natural scent is so perfect and I might be getting really old but having an amazing night sleep has become a huge priority for me. I'd also highly recommend the 'sleep cycle app' if you're on the quest for a perfect nights sleep - it lets you set an alarm over a 30 minute period and will wake you in your lightest sleep within that period so you never wake up horribly in the middle of a dream or something. 

Georgina x. 


Wednesday, 17 December 2014

No 7 Instant Radiance Bronzing Highlighter

I adored the No 7 highlighter stick that they bought out in the spring time (I think). They are so easy to use and I've nearly finished mine - pretty unheard of for me. So when they bought out the bronzing version I jumped on it. It's only £10 and they often have those £3 off No 7 vouchers which makes it a bargain at £7. It's a super gorgeous warm gold highlighter - it's not as easy to use as the highlighter as it does take some work to not look overly gold and glittery. It gives a nicer glow without a heavy base I find so I'm really looking forward to getting it out next summer with just a tinted moisturiser to add a hint of glitzy glow to the skin. The sticks are great to take travelling or just throw in your handbag. I really want to try some of the pop and glow blush sticks too so I think they're so pretty so I'm sure they'll fall into my basket sometime soon. 

Georgina x. 


Monday, 15 December 2014

Make Up Clear Out: Cheeks & Lips

Last month I posted my Make Up Clear out - Eyes & Nails collection so this is the second part of that massive clear out focusing on cheek and lip products. The cheek products consist of some ELF sticks that don't work for me - they're not very pigmented and they don't apply without either taking off whatever makeup is underneath or without looking incredibly cakey and built up. I've also thrown out some random bronzers that are way too orange for me one by a brand called W7 (not sure where I even got this one) and also the St Tropez shimmer brick which is way too shimmery for me. Lip products include an old gloopy Maybelline super stay - I did used to love this but it is way old and definitely needs to be confined to the bin. I've also thrown out a glossybox lipstick that I will never choose over other shades I have so it's gone. Also some random gloopy lipgloss, an M&S lipstick that is a very weird goldy orange shade (I was obviously having a moment that day) and again just some old shades that are way past there sell by date. 

I've loved getting rid of all this and making some room for some more products (oops) I've made a vow to avoid going mad in online sales & just in Boots in general and spend 2015 only buying stuff I really really want. I find spending £30 on one high end product I really want and have researched is much more enjoyable than spending £30 on ten things that I just stumble across in a rush and go mad for because they're so damn cheap. 

Georgina x. 

Sunday, 14 December 2014

A little Christmas in my room.

I haven't bought anything new this year as we're back at our parents and I'm sure I'll want sparkly new bits when we buy our own little place. Instead I've just dotted around some of the decorations we had last year so everything is last year's Sainsbury's or B&Q Christmas collections. The one thing I did pick up this year though is some new yankee tarts - at the moment I'm burning Christmas Garland which I adore it's a really woody traditional tree smelling scent. I highly recommend the yankee tarts as they are such an inexpensive way of getting the yankee scent for just over a pound. I'm also so fickle with wanting new scents all the time so this is perfect as a large one goes on for way too long for me. 

Georgina x. 

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Christmas Party Nails 2014

I have a few Christmas nights out over the next few weeks that range from casual drinks to full on work parties. I also have one on a Wednesday night (:o) so I need a simple Christmas party nail that isn't garish for the office, goes with all of my outfits and has the smallest hint of Christmas fun. I've opted for my favourite nude 'nyla nude' from Models Own. This is one maybe 3 nail polishes I have ever finished a bottle of I'm on my 3rd and I couldn't love or recommend it more. It's a gorgeous warm toned nude that really suits my skin tone and is one of the only ones I've found that doesn't verge on grey and too cool it's so gorgeous and warm. I've topped my ring finger with Models Own 'catherine wheel'. I used Essie Ridge Filler as a base to hopefully make this nail last a good few parties without chipping. I need to find some nail glue though as I have lots of cute gems but nothing to stick them on with. I'm thinking full on gold bling for Christmas Day. 

Georgina x.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Yes To Tomatoes Daily Clarifying Cleaner

I've read so many good things about the 'yes to' range and when in the market for a new cleanser I thought this would be an ideal choice. It's good point is that it's 90ml for just £6.99 and available in boots. For me that's where it ends. I found it doesn't cleanse my skin anywhere near as well other cheaper brands I own. I've tried flannels, my face brush, just my hands - it just kind of foams up on the skin but doesn't really remove all that much in terms of general crap on my skin or make-up. I find a second cleanse does way more than this has even got near. It's gel like formula seems to foam up and sit on the skin rather than get in there and clean it. I also hate the smell of this product. It doesn't smell natural like the name suggests it doesn't even smell of tomato or watermelon to me it's just quite blurgh and smells like an unfragranced gel. I wouldn't recommend this product I've tried so many cleansers and this is a very poor excuse for one in my humble cleanser loving opinoin. 

Georgina x.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Becca Eye Tint - Lapis

I've loved the Becca Watermelon Beach Tint for quite a while and picked this eye tint in Lapis up ages ago in a fragrance direct haul. The colour pay off of this product is near to non existent so much so that I couldn't photograph it. For this I'm glad I didn't pay full price however the consistency is lovely and it does work well as an eye primer. It's soft and dewy so makes for a very simple base or for an added bit of sheen to a very simple day time look. I will pick this up in another colour as I adore the consistency and love the application so many Becca products are on my wishlist at the moment.

Georgina x.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Make Up Clear Out: Eyes & Nails

 A few months ago me and Steve decided to move home back to our parents respectively in order to save the pennies for a little house of our own. Moving home has meant going from having a whole room just for me to get dressed and do my make-up in too having a little cabinet next to my bed so a huge clear out had to happen. I have to admit I'm kind of glad I did this - there was some OLD very unused stuff in the depths of my dresser. I had to throw A LOT out so I've split the posts into sections -

I seem to have had a habit of buying lots of cheapy eye products for a while - mainly ELF (a company I've now given up) the products from ELF that I bought and maybe used once or twice were a few cheap liners, mascara's and a primer - all very bluh and nothing to write home about hence why they were probably only used once or twice to begin with. I also had a huge mascara cull as I had amassed a crazy amount during the 'beauty box' phase of my life. The only one I loved was the nouveau lashes which was a lovely day wear mascara that had just dried up. The bright pink models own eyeshadow was ashamadley from my 18th birthday night out (7 years old ewwww - I disgust myself). How it had managed to remain at the back of a drawer is amazing but it obviously had to go. Finally a few bourjois eye shadows that again are very old and shouldn't still be in my collection I doubt they even still sell them. I think I had held onto them for nostalgic reasons as my 19 year old self would simply rock a dark eye using only that black eyeshadow and a bit of eyebrow highlight using just that cream shadow - haha brilliant look!

I couldn't part with many nail varnishes but did get ready of some freebies that I've never used and know I never will. The Barry M textured polish which is horrible horrible I hate the little gritty texture o it and the finish is foul it just feels like you have dirty nails. Finally a gelly polish that I do love but I have a million coral polishes and this one leaked so it had to go as it was all icky. 

I'm surprised at how much I managed to throw out and I think I'll schedule in a huge clear out every 6 months at least to stop hoarding of products I know I'll never use and that are way past their sell by date. 

Georgina x.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - The Perfect First Powder

I've only started using powder in the last year or so as I prefer a much more dewy finish. It reminds me of girls at school caked in an orange toned powder that they used to build up during lessons with a little white puff giving them an orange jawline and it's put me off for a good 10 years. I now however want to make my make-up last on nights out and long days in the office so it was time to give this powder thing a go. I've tried a few over the last year but is easily the best and probably the most iconic one I've tried. It's only £3.99 :O so it's a must for most make-up bags. It dusts on really easily - I use the real techniques powder brush - and gives a lovely transparent matte finish that holds my make-up in place a little longer. It doesn't look overly like you have powder on but just sets and finished your make-up which is perfect for what I use it for. I'm a massive fan of this product - being picky I would love a flip lid but that's just me. I'm so glad I got over my 15 year old inhibitions about powder and have bought it into my make-up routine. 


Thursday, 13 November 2014

Milk_Shake Daily Frequent Shampoo

Milk_Shake Daily Frequent Shampoo - £10.25 Beauty Bay

I'd never normally pick up a shampoo for such a high price however I fell a little in love with Milk_Shake as a brand and their delicious scents after trying their whipped cream leave in conditioner a long while ago. I was obviously feeling a little flush as I'm more of what evers £2 in tesco kind of girl when it comes to shampoo. This was a gorgeous little treat though it has a fresh apple scent and is paraben free leaving hair squeaky clean. If you're all about a sleek looking bathroom down to your products then this range is so perfect - I think the branding and packaging is on point. Sleek white bottles with simple text is so up my street and represents the brand perfectly. I personally think the scent of this was too nice for a shampoo and it seemed a shame to through on styling products and conditioners after it as the treat was covered with other things. I think their range is much better suited to the final styling products so you can smell them for much longer I have my eye on their hair repairing treatment, glistening serum, & leave in conditioner

Have you tried anything from Milk_Shake that's a must have? 


Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Palmers Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze Spray

I love a cheeky bit of tan however as I've gotten a little older I can't really rock the full on bronzed fakeness look without looking a little like a TOWIE reject. So I've tried numerous gradual tanners hoping for the hint of colour without the hassle look. The problem with them all is the scent. They all smell so so bad. They even write on the bottles that they don't smell bad but that is an absolute lie. The Palmers Cocoa Butter natural bronze is the closest to good smelling tan I can find. It's not particularly gradual though it gives a really good natural tan but on me it's like a week in the sun but it has not a single thread of orange tone. The spray is hard to use - as the clear colour of the lotion means you often miss bits and don't realise until it's developed properly a good 6 hours later. I prefer the pump version of this as you can ensure you get good coverage as if you're applying moisturiser. The spray does make it super easy to apply straight from a shower but you need to be thorough - never use after a couple of vino's (tip from experience). I love this product in pump or spray form as it is a great moisturizer as well as tan which kills 2 birds. 


Sunday, 2 November 2014

Essie - Colour Icons

I adore Essie as a brand they're colour selection is always so tempting and I always find it hard to make a decision on what to buy. I've wanted mint candy apple forever and I'm never really sure why it hadn't fallen into my basket before. When I saw this little set for £12.99 it was an easy decision to buy - it contains 3 shades that I've read so much about and don't own. Firstly Mademoiselle did disappoint me a little it's so sheer on my nails that it's more of a tinted top coat for me - I definitely look for something way more pigmented for a nail polish. Mint Candy Apple is gorgeous - the perfect shade of minty green that just works so well as an everyday nail colour I've been wearing it non stop since. Fifth Avenue was my favorite in the set it's a delicious punchy red with a coral tone to it that is perfect for a night out and as toe nail polish. I love this little set and I'm so glad I picked it up. The mini bottles are also great for taking on weekends away and when I'm staying at my boyfriends so I'll definitely look to pick up a set like this again.


Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Origins Haul

Shopping on Origins website is so great because it has the same benefits of visiting an Origins counter but you can do it from the comfort of your own home. I picked up the Super Spot Remover as I ran out months ago and I've missed it so much. I first blogged about it in September 2012 it was a dream product for me then and it still is now. It's the smallest little pot of spot killing magic and I'm so happy it's back in my life. The Zero Oil is again a repurchase for me it's super brilliant at mattifying the skin without leaving any residue. I haven't blogged about this before but I think a full post might be in order as it's wonderful and I never hear people really talk about it or the zero oil range. 

Finally some masks - I've wanted to try both of these for ages I bought the Clear Improvement mask as I have so many face masks I didn't really need a full tube and thought these little pods would be perfect. I got the mini 7ml version of this for free with the order too which has a good couple of uses in it alone - I'll write up a full post when I've given this a good test. I also got 30ml of the Drink Up Intensive mask for free as I spent £30 this is such a decent sized sample. This product has featured on way too many wishlists and I just have never got around to buying it so I'm excited to have a smaller version to try out before committing to buying the full size. Finally I got a little sachet of the Modern Friction exfoliate which is a fun addition. I highly recommend buying from Origins directly they have free delivery that arrived within 2 days from dispatch and you get to choose a couple of samples at the checkout so it's a good way to try some other bits without having to buy the full size.


Sunday, 11 May 2014

Maybelline Better Skin: Foundation & Concealer Review

Foundation on left and concealer on right 

I'm always looking to improve my skin and what better way to do so than through a foundation with such qualities. I think we always look to clogged skin stemming from the makeup we put on our skin so the idea of a product going against this immediately caught my eye. I picked up shade ivory which was a good match for my skintone and concealer shade light which again was a good match and a nice partnership of shades.

Foundation: I'll start with the less favorable review which is the foundation. I like the formula and finish of this foundation it left a nice natural look to the skin that wasn't too dewy but had a nice glowing boost to it. Unfortunately this foundation just doesn't last on me I found it literally slipped off the skin by midday. It's such a shame and I've tried all my primers to try and find a match but it just didn't work out for me. In terms of the 'clear skin' claims it's not a heavy foundation at all so didn't cause my any blemishes however I'm not sure it did anything favourable either. There's a lot of barriers between my skin and my foundation now - serum, moisturiser, primer that I can't really comment if it could directly 'better' my skin. It is however super light and natural in its application so goes give the look of 'better skin.'

Concealer: I really do like this concealer! For me this is the perfect touch up concealer it blends effortlessly into any makeup I have on and can be quickly dabbed over red marks or blemishes and then blends out really quickly. I found this gave good coverage and a small amount covered the reddest blemishes I have. It's firmly staying in my handbag makeup bag as the shade is perfect for my right now. I don't think this has many 'better skin' qualities at all as again it doesn't make any noticeable differences to blemishes or pigmentation of the skin but it is a nice little concealer. Again it does however give you the illusion of better skin after application.

The foundation comes in 8 shades and is £8.99 - The concealer comes in 2 shades and is £5.99.


Saturday, 10 May 2014

Bourjois Bronzing Powder - Review

The Bourjois bronzing powder has been on the market for ages I've always looked at it as being a little gimmicky with it's chocolate shaped packaging but I needed a new bronzer and had heard good things about this so thought it was worth picking up. It cost £6.99 from Boots. I wanted a matte bronzer really so was a little concerned as you can see small specks of shimmer when it's in it's packaging however applied to the skin you can't tell that they're there at all. I think the shimmer might just help with the warm glow the product gives the skin. The packaging is cardboard with a magnetic strip ensuring it stays shut in your handbag. It has a gorgeous scent to it which isn't actually chocolate I think it's more vanilla than anything. 

I've used this product everyday since picking it up a few weeks ago - I've been applying it with my real techniques contour brush and then blending out with my real techniques powder brush. My favourite bit about this bronzer is that it has not a hint of orange in it and when applied and buffed out gives the nicest natural glow to the skin. I'm glad I finally picked this up as I can see this being in my collection for a long long time to come. 


Thursday, 8 May 2014

Make Up Clear Out: Face & Base

My Ikea Helmer has been going strong since July in 2012 - I still love it ever so much but it has somehow become far less organised and a lot less easy to close. I realised there was a lot of product in there that was too old to use - a lot that I'd never used and probably never will and shamefully alot of products that were empty. I have three of these posts altogether splitting my entire make-up collection up.

I've used up L'Oreal Nude Magique Eau de Teint and it's time to just let go. I keep trying to shake one more application out of this but it's definitely empty and I need to just admit it. I will be repurchasing this when the weather warms up a bit as I really loved using it. 

Too old to use: 
Shamefully I found this No7 High Lights illuminating lotion at the back of a drawer - this huge bottle of highlighter is so so old. They don't even sell it anymore and I think it was one of the first beauty products I ever bought years and years ago. I knew it wasn't a good thing to be putting on my skin anymore and threw it away but to be fair you would never had told how old it was on application it's held up ever so well over the years. It's a massive Benefit High Beam dupe and cost something like £8 when I bought it which for such a huge amount of product was an absolute bargain. 

I'll never use again: 
There's lots of cheap products in here that I've been lured into buying over the years. I've really learnt buying cheap foundation does not work out so knew it was time to just through this lot out. MUA 'BB cream' is horribly thick for and just didn't blend into my skin. The Technic foundation oxidized quite badly on my skin and again just didn't have a nice finish or texture. The Nivea tinted moisturiser is ok for what it is but has never found it's place within my make-up routine so it was time for it to go. The technic concealer palette and primer again never found their place - I have so many more products that will always take priority over these that they just never get used. The ELF pressed powder was just orange and has never been used apart from for testing then washing straight off. Finally the maybelline and natural collection concealers just don't suit my skin tone anymore I bought these when I loved a facial fake tan but they are way to dark for my paler complexion.

It was so therapeutic going through my collection and my drawers are so much neater now it also made me rediscover some little gems that I'd forgotten about that will feature in an upcoming post.


Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Batch Cooking: Tips Post

We have a really small kitchen and no dishwasher so rather than spend the weekday evenings cooking and cleaning and washing up I've started batch cooking up lunches, tea's and sauce bases on a Sunday afternoon. This avoids naughty snacks in the week and is really helping to save money as it avoids no lunches to take to work when I'm out in the evening. Firstly and most importantly you need all the tuppaware. Some (my boyfriend) say I have too much tuppaware but I really disagree. Above I've listed some of my favourites. Tesco clip & lock food storage container £3, £6.50 & £8.75. Ikea food storage set of 17 containers for £3, blue lunch box £3.75, pack of 3 blue lidded containers £2.50, & transparent container with vent £2.75.

Clip and lock tuppaware is necessary if you're taking anything remotely juicy outside of the house. However I find the cheaper push lid storage perfect for freezing and storing prepared food. The tuppawares with the little vents in the top are great for storing soup as you can warm it up in the container without making a huge mess in the microwave.

For me Sunday afternoons are the best time to prep food I do Monday and Tuesday's lunches/ snacks and a variety of sauce bases and dinners that can be frozen. My favorite meals to cook and freeze are anything with beef mince as a base. I like to think I make a mean chilli con carne and it tastes so good out of the pan however frozen and left for a little while it tastes even better. The little meals I make and freeze don't last long in this house but I think a rule of thumb is to scribble the date you made it on a little sticker on the lid and don't leave it any longer than a month before thoroughly defrosting and heating through. I avoid cooking things like poultry or rice in advance as these kind of foods are always rife with bacteria I also think freezing them does nothing extra for taste and they cook up so quickly it's not really worth it. 

A decent tomato pasta sauce made from scratch is a must have for me - my freezer is full of small tuppawares with them in as it's so handy to grab if I'm eating alone to mix in some chicken or tuna and eat over pasta. Takes little to no time and avoids grabbing naughty treats. 

For lunches I always head for roasted veg, bulgar wheat and grilled turkey and a spoonful of the tomato sauce I've knocked up - on a Sunday I can get away with cooking up meals for the following 2 days and then I'll try something else on a Tuesday evening for the following 2 days if I can however we mostly love the veg bulgar wheat combo in our house.

The final thing I'm currently obsessed with is batch cooking and freezing a homemade soup. This is another recipe that tastes better after a little while in the freezer - check out my butternut squash recipe here.I always have at least 3 portions of this stored in the freezer it's the perfect tea if I'm rushing about or going swimming as it's so quick to defrost and warm through and super filling.


Sunday, 4 May 2014

Life Lately: April 2014

Last year Steve grew so so many vegtables that I wanted in on the action. Our garden became like a runner bean jungle by the end of it so I thought it was about time we had some flowers to fill the garden. I picked up some snap dragons and sunflowers to make the garden a little brighter. I'm also growing strawberries and tomatoes I now have tiny little shoots and in a few weeks they'll be ready to go outside. In the middle of the month we stayed at Theobalds Park and got breakfast delivered to the room - a drunken order of 'we'll have everything' resulted in the most ridiculously large breakfasts. The sun came out a little on the way there and I finally got some use out of my sunglasses fingers crossed for much more sunshine soon. Adore the 'I love' wine range such a sucker for sweet packaging and it is true I do love zinfandel so much. My auntie turned 50 too and threw a lovely party where the entire family was reunited!

Finally I had to include the quote on the top right of this picture it just sums up everything in life when you're nearly 25. It's such an odd age where you're completely torn between being ready for some painting and house buying but in the same sense you still want to spend spare money on going out and drinking shots. Social media is literally split down the middle at this age too one day it's all babies and weddings and the next it's drunken anecdotes. All the while it's hard to really work out which side of the fence you want to sit on haha probably just me but being in your mid 20's is very confusing.


Saturday, 3 May 2014

John Freida - Luxurious Volume Blow Dry Lotion Root Booster

As if I needed anymore volume inducing hair products - this one was just £5.99 in Boots (currently 2 for £8). I'm always a little scared of products I have to spray directly to my roots from the fear of having greasy locks straight after washing them. However I went through with it and spritzed all through the roots of my freshly washed hair. I didn't need to worry once blow dried you can't even tell this is there. This didn't give me a much volume as I perhaps would have liked but it did avoid that freshly washed flat feeling I get when my hair is first washed. It gives it that bit more oomph that makes styling easier and just leaving my hair natural more acceptable and far less flat and lifeless. This is a welcome addition to my haircare routine not that I needed any more products to join in.