Wednesday, 17 December 2014

No 7 Instant Radiance Bronzing Highlighter

I adored the No 7 highlighter stick that they bought out in the spring time (I think). They are so easy to use and I've nearly finished mine - pretty unheard of for me. So when they bought out the bronzing version I jumped on it. It's only £10 and they often have those £3 off No 7 vouchers which makes it a bargain at £7. It's a super gorgeous warm gold highlighter - it's not as easy to use as the highlighter as it does take some work to not look overly gold and glittery. It gives a nicer glow without a heavy base I find so I'm really looking forward to getting it out next summer with just a tinted moisturiser to add a hint of glitzy glow to the skin. The sticks are great to take travelling or just throw in your handbag. I really want to try some of the pop and glow blush sticks too so I think they're so pretty so I'm sure they'll fall into my basket sometime soon. 

Georgina x. 


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