Monday, 22 December 2014

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eye Primer - Game Changer

I hadn't read anything about this product when I picked it up about a month ago - so it was a little bit of a whim. It cost £13 from Cult Beauty for 7ml which when I recieved it seemed a little steep however the little pippet dispenser cleverly dispenses just the one drop you need to coat both eyelids. 

It claims: Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Eye Primer is a miracle elixir that works to extend the life and vibrancy of your eye make-up – particularly those metallic and shimmery shadows which quickly migrate into fine lines and creases. The unique formula helps to counteract greasy lids and create a smooth, even base that ‘grips’ powder to minimise fallout and prolong perfection… so you look as immaculate at the end of the evening as you did at the beginning.

All of that up there - it does it! I can put on the shimmeriest (even a word??) shadows I own and the lightest shades - they're still there when I go to take my make-up off in the evening. It also intensifies the colour and finish of any shadows you use - it particularly makes light shimmers pop. It's magical and if you're continually searching for the products that will ensure your make-up lasts all day or want a little more confidence that it hasn't slid off during an important event or meeting then you need this. It's a product I didn't even know I needed before I owned it but is a complete game changer and I can't imagine it not being in my collection from now on. It's been used every single day since I bought it which is pretty rare for someone as fickle as me. 

Georgina x.


  1. don't know I use Urban Decay's primer potion, that is my holy grail. Don't know if i could switch my favourite thing before adding eyeshadows. I will defiantly check this out because I think you get more product for you buck than in the UDPP. Thanks for doing a review on this !

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