Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Girls Only: Todays Nails

Todays nails: 
Models Own - Pastel Pink 
Barry M - Bright Pink 
Maybelline - Forever Strong Top Coat 
Nail Art Pen - Pink Glitter
Nail Art Pen - White

Today's nails are probably the the girliest nails I could have put together. I used Model's own pastel pink colour on all my nails except my ring finger. Two coats of this and you end up with most delicious shade of pastel pink. I then painted my ring finger in Barry M bright pink - which is a pretty garish shade of pink but is deliciously bright if you're feeling very pink. 
I then painted the tips of all my nails in white with a line of pink glitter underneath. Once completely dry I applied a coat of maybelline forever strong to seal it all on. 

They couldn't get more girly or pink but I'm just in that mood today :) 


Christmas Hair. Update.

Wasn't happy with the redness the garnier nutrisse morello cherry offered as shown in the post below. So I had a bit of a crazy moment and I bought too garnier nutrisse vibrant red.

I headed home poured a massive glass of wine and applied. Considering it was already a little red I was ridiculously scared of coming out of this hair dye situation with bright red locks. 

However this was the result. I'm quite happy with it considering I didn't strip the colour out before :) Now I am completely ready for the first day of advent tomorrow :)


Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Grey Glitter Nails

Todays nails- 
 Models Own Concrete Mixer on all nails. 
Models Own Grey Day on Ring Finger 
Silver nail art glitter covering grey day

I once read in a magazine that if you wear a different colour on your ring finger it brings you luck in love. I'm a sucker for superstition and most magazine articles so this is regularly included on my nails these days. 


Monday, 28 November 2011

A night in Gunwharf Quays.

I'm a Southampton girl through and through, I crazy love this city. However it's bars on a Saturday night leave a lot to be desired. For me a night out is giggles, girls and cocktails. For most of the girls in Southampton on a weekend it's a chance to be bought drinks and re-apply make-up in overcrowded toilets. 

So it's light relief when we get away for a night out in another city for someone's birthday. This weekend it was my friend Katie's 23rd birthday and she arranged for us all to go to Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth for a night out. Altogether there were 14 girls and we were glammed up ready for dancing. We started in bar 38 for some amazing Strawberry Daiquiri's and then headed to Tiger Tiger to end the night. 

It was lots of fun however my brand new heels nearly made my feet drop off. All was good until my friend went to the bar to buy a round of four drinks to be absolutely gobsmacked at the £28 price tag. For four drinks! Needless to say we started sobering up quite quickly after that one, and it then started dawning on us that a ship of European sailors had come in that day and after spending three months or so without any female company they couldn't be described as anything other than animals. 

But all in all it was a good night, nice to go somewhere different and celebrate one of the first of us turning 23.


Confessions of a nail varnish addict.

Everytime I go to write a post or do a twitpic 3 times out of 5 it's of my nails. I opened up my nail varnish drawer and realised I am a fully fledged nail varnish addict. After spending most of my day searching for nail wraps with Santa Claus in I thought it was time to hold my hands up and actually look at what my nail varnish collection consists of.

I mostly buy Barry M nail polish as I think it gives the best coverage and lasts alot longer than most - more expensive brands. I also love Models Own as their shades are a lot more subtle and the collection is full of more muted tones that I love right now!

I also have 25 nail art pens that have both thin brushes and thin nibs for all sorts of designs. These probably were the breed of my nail art addiction because literally anything is possible.

So this post is literally just a basis for many many more posts on all things nail,

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Basil Street Nails Inc.

My name's Georgina and I am addicted to Nail Varnish. 

There I said it ... I am a full on nail varnish, nail art, nail wrap addict.
I have well over 50 colours in my current collection with more being added nearly on a weekly basis.
My favourite brands when on a budget are Barry M and Models Own, however if I want to spend a little extra I will always buy Nails Inc.

In my December subscription of Glamour magazine a free full sizes Nails Inc nail varnish was included. I never usually get excited about these things as find the colours in freebies are always pretty unwearable. However this month's included maybe my favourite nail colour of all time - Nails Inc Basil Street.

I've been using it for the last few weeks and it is the perfect day time nail colour. Nails Inc. are known for the amazing quality of their polishes and of course this doesn't change with this edition. I've got alot of nude shades but have never found one as spot on as this. 

It is available from the Nails Inc. website  

It's pretty hard not to want every single colour on their site, their Heathrow matte finish is definately next on my Christmas list. 


Christmas Hair.

I've been through pretty much all the shades of brown hair dye's on the market. A lot of the time I've ended up with nearly black hair, which hasn't been a great look as I'm naturally pretty fair skinned. I've noticed I seem to follow a pattern throughout the year, light browns with blondish tones for the summer then as winter sets in I want a reddish glow for the Christmas Season.

This Christmas I thought rather than buy a brown with a reddish hint in it I would go out and out with a deep red. I decided to try Garnier Nutrisse - Morello Cherry. I normally stick with Loreal but my mum needed a dye too and Garnier was on two for £8 at boots. (sucker for an offer)

So before the dying process began my hair in all honesty was a host of gingery brown tones, light brown and dark brown all in one. So I wasn't really sure how this would take, and couldn't stomach the smell of a hair colour remover on this occasion. 

My hair normally takes the exact time they suggest for it to develop so I followed all the instructions on this one precisely as I really didn't want a strong bright red. It was a struggle to get the amount of hair dye provided to cover my hair completly too. My hair isn't that long at the moment so was surprised when the bottle seemed to run out very fast. 

This pictures don't really show much of a difference at all and I can only really tell when the light hits my hair. I think I might need to buy a full on red dye for it to take on the dark brown I've built up. It's evened out my hair colour really well though. 

Next time I'll be stripping this out with a colour remover and placing a full red Loreal mousse on it to hopefully get a lovely Christmassy shade of red for December. 

With Love, Georgina xo. 


Wednesday, 23 November 2011

From Twitter to Blog.

I joined Twitter on the 24th February 2009. I joined because it was suggested in a lecture I was in on persuasion that Twitter was the site that was changing the world the PR - and quickly. At the time it was relatively new, and I didn't really see the point. I was in my first year of my Public Relations degree and I joined without really doing anything with it for about a year.

However since then and to date I've somehow fathomed 346 followers and I've written 3,793 tweets. I'm not sure how it happened but Twitter has become a bit of an addiction. It has become second nature to write type all of my thoughts and opinions in 140 characters or less.

I use twitter for news, to keep in touch friends and in amongst it all I've found some pretty cool people. I've realised recently that I turn to twitter for the majority of my queries. I've also noticed that recently my bookmark list is ever growing full of blogs.

So this blog is basically for all of the things in my life that need 140 characters or more. And the pretty things I find in between.

With love, Georgina.


First blog post. Ever.

Rather unimaginative title I know but this is more for formatting than anything else.

As a lover of all things social media and a final year PR student it seemed about time I started a blog. And basically a place for the bits of my life that need more than 140 characters.

For all of the other bits check out

With love, Georgina xo.