Thursday, 24 November 2011

Christmas Hair.

I've been through pretty much all the shades of brown hair dye's on the market. A lot of the time I've ended up with nearly black hair, which hasn't been a great look as I'm naturally pretty fair skinned. I've noticed I seem to follow a pattern throughout the year, light browns with blondish tones for the summer then as winter sets in I want a reddish glow for the Christmas Season.

This Christmas I thought rather than buy a brown with a reddish hint in it I would go out and out with a deep red. I decided to try Garnier Nutrisse - Morello Cherry. I normally stick with Loreal but my mum needed a dye too and Garnier was on two for £8 at boots. (sucker for an offer)

So before the dying process began my hair in all honesty was a host of gingery brown tones, light brown and dark brown all in one. So I wasn't really sure how this would take, and couldn't stomach the smell of a hair colour remover on this occasion. 

My hair normally takes the exact time they suggest for it to develop so I followed all the instructions on this one precisely as I really didn't want a strong bright red. It was a struggle to get the amount of hair dye provided to cover my hair completly too. My hair isn't that long at the moment so was surprised when the bottle seemed to run out very fast. 

This pictures don't really show much of a difference at all and I can only really tell when the light hits my hair. I think I might need to buy a full on red dye for it to take on the dark brown I've built up. It's evened out my hair colour really well though. 

Next time I'll be stripping this out with a colour remover and placing a full red Loreal mousse on it to hopefully get a lovely Christmassy shade of red for December. 

With Love, Georgina xo. 


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