Friday, 31 January 2014

January Favourites - 2014

Tresemme Glossing Spray (review) Dr Jart + Waterfuse BB Cream (review) Simple Age Resisting Night Cream (review) Real Techniques Blusher Brush (review) Bourjois Cream Blush (review) Becca Watermelon Beach Tint. 

I've done so well this month and avoided all beauty stores. I'll have a huge empties post soon it's lovely getting rid of all the products I built up last year. So ready to only have the products I love in my collection and it's fun getting through stuff I forgot I even had. My only haircare favorite this month is the Tresemme glossing spray - it's perfect to add a bit of life to the lengths of my hair and also gives it that extra gloss when straightening or curling it properly. The only skincare product I've been obsessed with this month is the Simple age resisting night cream. I haven't used this in ages but when I found it and used it again I remembered how much I love it. It's thick and so moisturising perfect after spending the day in a dry office and with this horrible weather - it's a night time saviour. 

Alongside this the Dr Jart + Water Fuse BB cream has been a brilliant base for my make-up. It's light and moisturising feel is brilliant in this cold weather. I've fallen back in love with with the Bourjois cream blush again after using it with my real techniques stippling brush. I've used it pretty much everyday this month - it's the perfect natural pinch with a hint of peach. Finally the Becca watermelon beach tint has come back in my life I mainly use it as a lip tint at the moment but equally love it as a blush for nights out. 


Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Holy Grail Mascara - Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp

Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Mascara - £18

I received a small sample of this in a Glossybox months ago and I adored it. It was a product I definitely took for granted as when I tried other mascara's in my collection nothing else compared. It has a lovely thick brush with a slight curve into the middle which makes applying it an absolute dream. I find this mascara adds length and curve to my lashes without ever making them clumpy. I love the natural volume this mascara gives - it really is everything I want in a mascara. 

The name is a little strange - I'm not sure if it's been translated literally from French or Yves Rocher think of pulp a little differently to the apple mush it brings to my mind. Either way I still love this mascara! This is my second one and I will be repurchasing as long as they keep making it. It's often on buy one get one free at Yves Rocher and if you order they often send catalogues and emails with codes for HUGE discounts or even free products. I actually got this one free as it's marked down as my 'favorite product' so just had to pay the small amount for delivery. I always pick up a few extra bits when I make an order and I'd highly recommend the brand as everything I've tried has been amazing. Including some skincare and haircare (more posts to come).


Sunday, 26 January 2014

Beauty buys before I'm 25 - Quarter century wishlist.

My new years resolution was to stop spending so much money on beauty bits I don't really want and to actually invest each month in the more high end bits I've had my eye on for ages. I turn 25 in July which I know isn't old or anything but a quarter of a century feels a little like a milestone that I want to be prepared for. I want some gorgeous items in my collection whilst also starting to save and pay off the little debts I have. I've chosen 6 of the top products on my list as I can easily buy one of these each month before my 25th birthday.  Since investing in some lipstick storage I've really wanted something beautiful to make my collection a little more inspiring. I don't think there is any make-up packaging prettier than the YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick which has left this on my wishlist for quite sometime and this year I promise to actually buy it. 

My quest for the perfect skin continues and I've had Alpha H Liquid Gold on my wishlist since it broke onto the market ages ago and I still haven't bought it. I think this will definitely have to be February's buy as I've wanted it for ages and I'm not sure why I don't own it yet! Following on from this dream skin care product I am lusting after two powders Kevin Aucoin Sculpting Powder & Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder I've read so many amazing reviews of both of these products and the pictures of people's makeup whilst wearing them is just flawless so I can't wait to get them. I also really want to put together a small Jouer palette as their blush, bronzers & highlighters all look so flawless too.

Nars Blush - I'm not sure how I haven't actually bought one of these. I've spent endless hours swatching in stores but somehow never walked away with one. They are also my go to birthday presents for friends as the luxe packaging and amazing pigmentation means friends are always happy but I've never treated myself - this year I will! Finally I'm going to pick up a Becca Beach Tint - I received the shade watermelon so long ago in a Glossybox and I absolutely love it. It's the perfect handbag and summer product which can be used on lips and cheeks. I want a brighter shade to play with this summer I think this will be one of the buys nearer July and I can't wait to get it!

I guess this post is a little reminder of the bits I really want and hopefully I can do something in July to make sure I've ticked them off. I'm also saving for a special handbag I've wanted forever - this year is the year of making purchases that mean something and not to buy into all the hype and end up with drawers busting open with products I never use. *fingers crossed* I stick to it!



Saturday, 25 January 2014

Beyonce Heat - Eau De Parfum

Beyonce Heat Perfume - RRP £39.99 - Amazon £13

I'm a huge Beyonce fan but not such a huge fan of celebrity perfumes. However I fell a little in love with this scent and also it's price tag. It's top notes include pink grapefruit whilst it's base is patchouli and mahohany wood giving it a fruity yet woody scent. It's a lovely everyday scent as the price tag means you can spritz it generously without feeling guilty. This scent has really changed my opinion on the gimmicky nature of celebrity perfumes. I've sampled lots more and they do smell lovely for everyday perfumes which means I can save my pricier favorites for special occasions. I'd love to know what your favorite celebrity scents are?


Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Batiste Dry Conditioner

Batiste Dry Conditioner £3.99 Boots

I've never tried or heard of dry conditioner before but as a firm batiste lover I thought it definitely couldn't hurt to give it a go. Dry conditioners do the opposite of dry shampoo's by aiming to tame and add shine rather than matte and reduce oil to the hair. The idea is you can use dry shampoo for the roots of your hair matte them and add volume whilst spritzing this through the length and ends of your hair to tame fly away ends and add shine. As like all Batiste products this smells really lovely and feels more nourishing than your average shine spray. It hasn't made it's way into my everyday routine but when I remember to use it I really do love using it. I can imagine this becoming so popular for long hair as it revives those dry ends without feeling like it will dry them out further after a wash. 


Wednesday, 15 January 2014

This Works Pillow Talk - Deep Sleep Pillow Spray & Deep Sleep Stress Less

This works - Pillow Talk £22 Feel Unique

This was my high end splurge for January and o my am I happy I made it. I picked up the Pillow talk duo from feel unique which contains a 75ml pillow spray and the stress less roll on oil. I'd read so many good things about this range so was so excited to try it out. I don't have a problem with sleep once I'm asleep but I do find falling asleep hard as it tends to be the time when my mind decides to make 100 lists and think through life's problems. This duo has really helped me fall asleep I feel so much calmer and free of stress as I drift off and haven't once *touch wood* had one of those horrible 3 hours of wanting to sleep so bad but just not falling.

The pillow spray is full of natural essential oils like chamomile and lavender. It's such a lovely scent together and just smells like calm. The french lavender is meant to have therapeutic qualities to relieve tension whilst the chamomile is meant to soothe you to sleep. This really does work both me and my boyfriend are so much less restless trying to get to sleep. The oil has a roll on applicator which contains frankincense that acts to help you relax physically and mentally whilst also being brilliant for the skin. It again contains lavender helping tension and nervousness. This rubbed on your wrists and the back of your neck just before bed give just the best nights sleep. I can't recommend giving this set a go if you are one of those over thinkers before bed time it really has made so much difference to my sleep pattern.



Sunday, 12 January 2014

L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Concealer

L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Concealer £5.99 Boots

I have a little concealer habit at the moment and naturally couldn't resist picking up the concealer L'Oreal have bought out to go with their BB collection. It comes in one shade that blends out to suit all skin tones and apply's with the roller ball built into the tube. It has a really thin consistency a little like it's BB cream counterpart however it is pretty pigmented and really brightens up the under eye area. It says it has caffeine in too which I'm not sure really does anything noticeable but the cool metal ball does really wake up your eyes in the morning just from it's temperature. L'Oreal have marketed this for eye bags and imperfections - I personally find it too light and thin for any blemishes but it is a lovely concealer for the under eyes. I think I'll get lots more use from this when the weather starts to warm up and my skin is naturally more glowing. It fits really nicely next to the BB cream by the brand and is a nice extra to the range.


Thursday, 9 January 2014

January's Face - 2014

Base: Benefit Porefessional (review) Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation (review) Concealer: Seventeen Phwoarr Paint (review) Brows: Maybelline Brow Drama (review) Eyes: Origins GinZing Creme Eyeshadow (review) Smashbox Waterproof Gel Liner  Benefit They're Real Mascara (review) Lips: Becca Cheek & Lip Tint, Maybelline Babylips Cheeks: ELF Bronzer, Bourjois Cream Blush (review)

I'm fast running out of my HG Laura Mercier Foundation and with payday a few weeks away still I'm trying to use some of my other favorite bases in the mean time. I really enjoy using the Bourjois healthy mix serum foundation I think it's the perfect base for colder days, especially as I have it in such a light shade which is matching my current skin tone perfectly (shade 51). I had a massive clear out of my makeup collection recently and at the back of the drawer I found the Becca cheek and lip tint I've really fallen back in love with it and am determind to remember it and purchase it in a lovely spring summer shade - it's so versatile and with a slick of baby lips on top it's the perfect hint of colour for everyday January.


Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Organix Moroccan Argan Oil

I really loved using the Organix coconut milk anti-breakage serum so was really excited to see Santa (my boyfriend) had popped the Moroccan argan oil from the range into my stocking. I've tried lots of hair oils and spend most evenings especially Sunday's covering the mid length to tips of my hair in the stuff so it doesn't dry out completely. The Organix moroccan penetrating argan oil is very different to other hair oils I've tried. It has much thicker consistency but still rubs into damp hair in the same way. I find it's consistency means I use a lot less product however I do find the product doesn't leave my hands very readily. Most hair oils melt into the hair completely but I find I still have a lot of residue left on my fingertips even after using the smallest amount. I do prefer hair oils with pump dispensers but the squeeze bottle on this does make it easy enough to use. I feel this penetrates the hair more so than others I've tried and the silkiness is more than a one day effect. Overall I'm really enjoying using this about once a week for a more thorough hair treatment and as you need the smallest amount it is very good value for money.


Sunday, 5 January 2014

REN Hydra-Calm Cleansing Milk


REN Hydra-Calm Cleansing Milk £16 Cult Beauty

I really love REN - have I ever mentioned that? Part of my new years beauty resolution plan was to properly cleanse tone and moisturize much more. I tend to steer away from face washing due to laziness but this year it's time for a change and this product has made me stick to that every single day so far - granted it's only the 5th but that's pretty good for me.

It's blurb describes how it's been developed for those with blotchiness, redness and extreme dryness. As the cold is really setting in right now my skin is always up for some extra moisture and my skin is really red in places so this really appealed. I find a lot of face washes foam and dry out my face but this is really the opposite to that. It says it has some cutting edge science that boost's the skin natural process of protection and even though I've only been using it a little while my skin is looking better than it does most of the year and given it's January I'm pretty happy with that. It's completely fragrance, paraben and oil free so is super gentle to the skin and feels ever so nourishing in the evenings.

I picked up this Hydra Calm cleansing milk from Marks and Spencers for just £10.50 after Christmas it's currently sold out online but I did see a couple left in my local branch so I recommend checking out they're sale if you're after this one - otherwise Cult Beauty have it for just £16.


Saturday, 4 January 2014

Top Pick Real Techniques Brushes

I've only really started playing with make-up brushes properly in the last year. I do think for the majority of beauty tasks you just can't beat using your fingers however I do have a little bit of a love thing going on with the Real Techniques brushes. They are the ever so pretty and really have changed the finish and overall look of my make-up. As I own pretty much all of them now due to some lovely Christmas presents I thought I'd talk about my 6 favourites 2 pink, 2 gold and 2 purple and also the products that have made me fall in love with them. The two base brushes I've chosen are the buffing brush and the contour brush (gold), the two finish brushes I've chosen are the blush brush and the stippling brush (pink) and finally the two eye brushes I love are the brow brush and the pixel point eyeliner brush (purple). 

The buffing brush is probably my number one favorite of all the brushes as it makes my favorite foundation apply like a dream. It came in the Real Techniques core collection which was the first set I bought. I use it to buff in my Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation with just a small amount of the foundation this brush buffs it in to a medium to full coverage and gives the most flawless finish.

I've had the stippling brush for a very long time and have only just really fell in love with it. I've tried it with a host of foundations and I didn't really get on with it at all it never gave me the finish I was after despite seeing so many reviews raving about it. I recently watched a video of Sam applying creme blush with it and this use has what's bought it into my favorites over night. I find applying creme blush with fingers ends up rubbing off any powders or foundation underneath it however this brush gives a perfect pop of colour by picking up just the right amount of product. It's bought the Bourjois creme blush back into my everyday makeup routine.

Playing with contouring has been one of my favorite tricks to try and learn in all honestly its mostly only seen by myself as I haven't quite mastered it yet. This brush is making it a hell of a lot easier though the contour brush again came in the core collection. It's the perfect size and has a lovely tapered end which makes using bronzer or highlighter a dream. I use this with a host of products but right now it's being used with the ELF contour kit the most.

I was given the blush brush for Christmas and it's very quickly made its way into my everyday make-up routine. It has lovely large brushes that are loosely packed giving a lovely amount of colour to the cheeks. As it is so big it makes applying blusher so easy. I love using this with my MAC blush in immortal flower - as its not overly pigmented the brush really helps pick up a good amount of product to make it seen.

I love gel eyeliners and find the pixel point eyeliner brush from the eye starter kit a real dream to apply them with. Its fine point really helps to get a neater line and gets the liner closer to the eye lash. I really like applying the Smashbox waterproof gel liner with it.

Finally the brow brush had to be included in my favorites as it is the perfect accompaniment to my brow obsession. Its densely packed bristles make filling in the brow in a neat shape really easy. It's been perfectly designed and again I use this brush every single day - right now I'm using it with the HD brows kit in foxy.

I'd love to know what your favorite real techniques brushes are the only brush I don't have and am tempted by is the powder brush I don't think it's a necessity but it's just calling me for some reason!