Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Organix Moroccan Argan Oil

I really loved using the Organix coconut milk anti-breakage serum so was really excited to see Santa (my boyfriend) had popped the Moroccan argan oil from the range into my stocking. I've tried lots of hair oils and spend most evenings especially Sunday's covering the mid length to tips of my hair in the stuff so it doesn't dry out completely. The Organix moroccan penetrating argan oil is very different to other hair oils I've tried. It has much thicker consistency but still rubs into damp hair in the same way. I find it's consistency means I use a lot less product however I do find the product doesn't leave my hands very readily. Most hair oils melt into the hair completely but I find I still have a lot of residue left on my fingertips even after using the smallest amount. I do prefer hair oils with pump dispensers but the squeeze bottle on this does make it easy enough to use. I feel this penetrates the hair more so than others I've tried and the silkiness is more than a one day effect. Overall I'm really enjoying using this about once a week for a more thorough hair treatment and as you need the smallest amount it is very good value for money.



  1. Ah I just got this but in a spray bottle! Used it a few times and I love it :)

    Emma's Treasures

    Emma xo

  2. Really looking to find a good oil for my hair - definitely in need of some TLC. Will look this up - thanks for posting!