Monday, 26 August 2013

Bourjois Cream Blush - 02 Healthy Glow

Bourjois Cream Blush - £7.99 (Superdrug) (Boots)

I'm coming to the end of my second pot of Maybelline Dream Touch blush in apricot. It's one of my favourite summer time blushers but as I'm reaching the end of the pot I decided I didn't want to go in for the 3rd pot and that it was time to try something new. My current love affair with Bourjois led me to their new little pots of cream blush. There's four shades altogether - Nude Velvet, Healthy Glow, Rose Tender & Sweet Cherry. They're all so pretty but I decided to get shade 2 Healthy Glow. It's a really subtle peachy tone that leaves a little colour on the cheeks and really brightens my complexion when applied. It has a teeny shimmer to its finish which just adds to the healthy look it gives off with it's finish. These apply so smoothly with just your fingertips and have no problems blending out. I'm so tempted to get shade 4 sweet cherry too as I just love the finish of these. They're currently 3 for 2 in superdrug and boots too :)


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Bourjois Shine Lipsticks - Shades 20 & 21

Shade 21 Rouge Making Of

Shade 20 - 1,2,3 Soleil 

Bourjois Shine Lipsticks £7.99 (Selfridges) (Boots)

I haven't picked up a new lipstick in ages - after hanging about the MAC counter for a little while nothing really took my fancy then I stumbled across the Bourjois Shine lipstick range in boots and knew I needed to take some of them home. I picked shades 20 and 21 a sweet coral and brightish red. They are super pigmented but still quite sheer. You can make them completely vibrant by just adding a slick of stain underneath. I do love how sheer they are though as it means you can wear a pretty punchy colour in the day time. I can't wear lipgloss as something in it makes my lips flare up so a glossy lipstick with a buttery base is just perfect for me. This stuff really is so shiny. The wear on them is pretty normal on me they last 2-4 hours dependant on what I'm doing - however the glossy shiny texture that feels so moisturizing on the lips makes them so fun to apply. Bourjois hasn't really hit a bad note for me in ages and these are no exception - I adore them. They are a perfect in between if you don't want the texture and feel of a gloss but still want the full on shine with a moisturising punch. 


Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Coconut Exfoliant - Body Shop

It's no secret that I adore the smell of coconut beauty products - it takes me on holiday every time I take a sniff and is always a winner. I especially love the coconut scent that comes in all of the Body Shop coconut range it's really natural and the right amount of subtle. I picked up this coconut exfoliant about 6 weeks ago and it's already all gone. Apologies for the lack of packaging image I'm not really sure what was going on when I took these. 

I've loved using this product it's my go to exfoliator that I always end up coming back to. It has a lovely sand like grain going through it with some larger particles too. It does such a lovely job at getting the skin really fresh and prepped. My favourite part about this exfoliator is the cream all the exfoliating particles sit in is so creamy and nourishing. After using this my skin doesn't feel dry and tight at all it feels ready for some TLC in the form of a little bit of moisturiser before any tanning. I'm already planning on repurchasing this because even though I dabble with some other exfoliators from time to time this is always the one I go back to. 


Monday, 12 August 2013

Black & Gold - Jewellery Obsessions

Bib Necklace - Forever 21 £8.90 (similar to this one)

Topshop £16 (no longer online)

I've always been a silver jewellery kind of girl. I think for a period in my teenage years imitation gold was considered the height of tacky and was to be avoided at all costs. However gold coloured jewellery has quickly become my favourite thing in recent years. I spend many hours searching eBay for some bargain finds and also picking bits up on the high street whenever I'm near Forever 21 I pick up a massive haul. Above are some of my recent and most favourite buys - I'm sure another one of these will follow soon as I'm heading to Manchester at the weekend to pick up muchos jewels in the Trafford Centre :)


Wednesday, 7 August 2013

DIY Pastel Bedside Lamps

Myself and Blig moved into our house nearly 8 months ago and my bedside lamps have always bugged me. We picked them up for just £5 each from B&Q mostly because they were £5 we'd just bought a lot of furniture so cheap and cheerful and worked was all we needed. However my dream of white distressed furniture, duck egg blue accents, and pretty pastels doesn't really fit with my dark brown bedside lamps. They work perfectly well and I quite like the shape of them so I didn't want to replace them just spruce them up a little bit so I transformed them and here's how: 
  • I sanded them down with some fine sanding paper - just to get rid of the gloss on the lamps not all of the colour. It gave me a good base to paint standard matt emulsion on. 
  • I painted the bases with 3 coats of an old tester pot I had made up an almost white shade of lilac the closest match I can resemble it too is this Dulux tester in violet white
  • Finally I popped on these cute pastel lamp shades also just £5 from B&Q here in Green and here in Purple

I absolutely love them now just a little DIY has completely transformed them into lamps that actually go with my bedroom. They sit perfectly happy on top of my Ikea Aspelund bed side tables which strangely is now called the Brusali range. If you don't fancy the DIY bit involved this apple green lamp is now reduced to just £4 and a little similar. 

I'm loving these little projects at the moment. It's hard to make a rented house feel like home sometimes - especially so when you live with a boy who has fishing rods, weights and golf clubs filling up any spare space there is so these little touches are making all the difference. 

Disclosure: I do work for B&Q's website but this post is in no way affiliated or promoted by them. I picked out all of the products and purchased them myself.


Monday, 5 August 2013

July Favourites

Apologies about the stock photo's my camera is failing massively at the moment and I can't afford a shiny new one so whilst I sort something out this will have to do. I did a massive Yves Rocher haul a few weeks ago and I've been loving lots of my purchases but the main reason I even headed to the site was to buy the full size Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Mascara normally £17.90 currently £8.95. I adored the trial version I received in a glossybox months and months ago and when it all dried up I had to get the full size - it's easily one of the best mascara's I've ever used and for its current half price tag it's perfect. 

Still loving Palmers purifying face mask £5.99 it's perfect for break out days which seem to be happening pretty frequently right now. I raved about the Smashbox Eyebrow Trio £17 just days ago and it's a firm July favourite which has been used every single day this month. An old favourite Original Source Showergel Raspberry & Vanilla £1.15 has sneaked it's way back in I don't really know why I try any other shower gels if I'm honest as this one is just perfect. Finally the Traditional Tiare Oil Yves Rocher £5.95 was a freebie in my Yves Rocher haul and I just adore it. It's a gorgeous coconut scented oil that I love drenching my hair in before bed - when you wash it out in the morning the scent sticks around leaving you with shiny coconut scented hair all day long. If I'm being picky I would love a pump on this but it's definitely something I have gotten over as I've been using it all month long.