Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets

I recently bought nearly all of the Kleenex skin/beauty products that have come out - I think Kleenex's brand extension into skin care is a brilliant idea and it felt completely natural to see their name within the skin care isle. In fact I was surprised these were new products as it makes that much sense for them to be there. So after my love for this particular brand extension the product - shine absorbing sheets.

You get 50 sheets  in the back which are all a cute lilac colour - they retail for £2.99 but are on offer in most places at the moment for £1.99 like here in Superdrug. I don't have awful shine on a daily basis and normally use a translucent powder if I'm out and about however I was attending a wedding a few weeks ago and it was going to be a 12 hour event with little room in my clutch for much make-up so I thought these would be perfect.

You simply need to blot the plain side of the sheet onto any area's of shine and the sheet clears any shine away. I was quite surprised at how well they actually worked - you can see the 'shine' come off onto the sheet and I liked how no make-up came off with it. I'd super recommend these for long events like the wedding I went too. In my opinion they are really good value and I'll be keeping them for future nights out when your whole facial make-up won't fit into the tiny little bag that goes with your outfit but its highly unsuitable to fit much in at all.


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