Saturday, 9 June 2012

The Hannah Chamberlain Foundation

I wanted to get a little more on-line stuff in place before I shared this little venture with you all. The Hannah Chamberlain Foundation has been put together by myself three friends and four of Hannah's family members and is launching this year. I am so excited about it, it's been on the back burn for the last 18 months or so and we've finally got our logo all ready and our website is coming together as well. 

In memory of our best friend Hannah we will be working to raise lots of money that will be used as small grants for young people in the Southampton area with cancer. The grants are intended to give a little relief to patients and their families weather that be technology, wigs or days out we're hoping to raise as much as we can to help as many people as we can. 

However before we get around to giving bit we need to raise lots of pennies so we've organised a launch event on Sunday 26th August, (more information on it is available here) - we held an event a few years ago in aid of the Bone Cancer Research Trust and it was the most amazing night ever and we're so excited to hold this one too. 

As well as ticket sales we raise money by hosting a raffle and auction on the night and right now I'm looking for lots of prizes, vouchers and things to get lots of raffle tickets sold. If anyone can help in any way whatsoever with this please get in touch with me - literally anything would be appreciated! 

In the mean time I'd really appreciate it if you could follow us all over the internet 

Our website address is: 
Our twitter is: @THCF_ 
And our Facebook page is: The Hannah Chamberlain Foundation

I know this post isn't my usual beauty bits but its something that absolutely means the world to me and I want to give it as much promotion as possible. We're launching this year and we want to make it a year to remember getting The Hannah Chamberlain Foundation on the map. Please check out our website it has a little more information and we're updating it all the time too! 

If you can help in anyway please get in touch!!! 


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