Thursday, 31 May 2012

Boots Coconut & Almond Intensive Hair Mask

I've used so many different hair masks over the years and this has always been the product I've ended up going back to. Right now it's even more ideal as it comes in at just £1.99 from Boots but no matter how much money I have I think it always hits the spot. It comes in a generous 350ml tub and is a creamy white consistency. It isn't too gloopy or too thin like some. For me the most important part of this product is the smell - I adore coconut hair products they smell the perfect amount of sweet and just feel so nourishing. If you haven't tried this before I recommend it no end even if you have some more high end hair masks it is so worth keeping this in your cupboard because for just £1.99 it really nourishes and adds gloss to my hair - I always end up using it again despite the price and luxury of any other products I've ever used.


Wednesday, 30 May 2012

ELF Mineral Moisturising Lip Tint SPF 8

I did a little ELF order quite a few months ago whilst there was one of their mystery bag codes going (which I can't miss out on) getting a present within your order makes receiving it even more fun. In my most recent one was this Mineral Moisturising Lip Tint in shade Pink with a built in SPF 8. It retails for £3.50 here and is available in 8 shades. 

I didn't want to review this properly until I'd been on holiday in the bright Canarian sun. The product is super soft and has the perfect amount of pigment in my opinion. It's a lovely sheen pink balm that glides on so easily. In terms of the SPF in it - my lips are super sensitive and flare up at any weather change whatsoever so for me the SPF 8 isn't enough (I end up needing ski strength lip products on holiday so I have a gorgeous white pout - sexayyy) it did however provide good coverage for the evenings and for the first few days at least keep my lips in good care. I think just as a balm in the English weather it is ideal as you get a little of colour whilst also having some protection. It's a cute little hand bag size in sleek black packaging and if your lips are quite resilient anyway I think this will be perfect.


Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Happy Birthday Glossybox - May 2012

Arriving home to wonderful Glossybox shaped package somewhat got rid of my post-holiday blues. By being away I'd managed to miss any spoilers - which I love doing as it means the whole box is a complete surprise. I think for me regardless of the content sometimes Glossybox is so good as the little ribbons and packaging that it makes receiving any box special - this was no exception being their one year anniversary box - Happy Birthday Glossybox. So this month's box was a good mix for me it had a little bit of everything. 

Noble Isle - Summer Rising Bath and Shower Gel
I've never heard of this brand before but I always like little shower gel's - it smells gorgeous and will be a welcome addition to my bathroom. I haven't had to buy a shower gel since receiving glossy boxes I find I'd never actually purchase any full size as they kind of all do the same thing however this one is packaged beautifully and smells divine. 

Lolita Lempicka - L'Eau en Blanc & Eau de Parfum 
I don't mind perfume samples particularly but these two are really not to my taste they smell way too florally and remind me of the fragranced sheets my nan puts in her knicker drawer. Not for me but I think perfume is so subjective and is all about personal taste. 

Weleda - Face Cream/ Body Milk 
I've seen lots about the Weleda brand and was super excited to try this product - however for me it is way to fragranced to put near my face as I know that kind of strength in fragrance will just break me out. I will be passing this on to my mum who has far more resilient skin to me. 

Collection - Lasting Colour Gel Eyeliner 
I think this was a brilliant opportunity for Collection (previously Collection 2000) to show off their rebrand by getting into the hands of so many beauty enthusiasts however a little weird that the packaging is Collection 2000 branded. Anyways - I was really happy to get this in my box as my maybelline gel liner is literally on it's last legs. I like this it's a little softer than the maybelline version and I did find I had to be a little more careful to give it a few seconds more to dry than Maybelline too. It comes with a little brush but I tend to stick to a longer liner brush as it's just a little easier but the brush is ideal for being out and about. 

HD Brows - Brow Beater 
Finally probably my favourite product in the box is the full size HD Brows Brow Beater. I've been looking to get this anyway and I'm so glad it was featured, HD brows is such a hot brand right now and my unruly brows are very grateful for this finishing product whilst conditioning them too. 

Overall I really liked the box it had some products that I really needed which is always welcome in my collection - the pink birthday balloon was also a lovely touch as well as the little Glossybox branded mirror that will be perfect in my make-up bag. 


Monday, 28 May 2012

Simple Moisture Boost Hydro Mist

I was super excited for the Simple Moisture Boost Hydro Mist hit the shelves of my local Boots recently. It costs £5.99 and I picked it up in my three for two on some other simple goodies. I actually love the simple brand, it's clear no overly fragrance in the products just work so well on my skin and I've never had a problem with any of the items I've bought from the brand. 

The Boost Hydro Mist promises to give tired skin a hydrated and naturally dewy look which I thought just sounds perfect. I've used this product for a good two weeks now on and off and throughout a weeks holiday when my skin is probably at its dryest and I do love this mist. I'm not sure it if actually does anything to my skin that a splash of water wouldn't but I really love it. I think its the novelty of having a little spritz of skin refreshment in my handbag that have made it a go to product on so many occasions. It's really refreshes my make-up and just adds a little wake up to my skin if I'm not wearing any. 

I think that this may hold a bit of the placebo effect but I do think it makes my make-up look really alive and a little dewy after spritzing. I'm not entirely sure that it holds more qualities than a little bottle of water does but on holiday it really made my skin feel alive and hydrated in the hot sun. I think it's a product I could probably live without and I don't think I'll be repurchasing it as an essential in my make-up kit any time soon but it is definitely fun to have with you on holiday or just in your handbag. With this you don't need to re-apply make-up quite as often as it just keeps it a little more fresh after application. It's really miniature and fits perfectly in your hand bag so I think if your near any deals like the 3 for 2 currently in boots it's definitely worth throwing in your basket as the freebie but for me I can't really warrant the continual purchase when I'm not sure if it really offers anything I really need. My skin isn't overly dry so I don't need to keep it hydrated often and my foundation and skin products work to keep it in good condition alone anyway. I think for me its just a novelty I love having it in my hand bag and it feels wonderful to just spritz your face with it whilst your baking on the beach as it is so cooling. 


Sunday, 27 May 2012

Instagram End of May.

Left to Right, Top to Bottom - Post dissertation hand in shop, last frappe at the airport, taking the doggle out, neon nails, counting pennies, doggle, appletini mix, lovehearts, curly hair face, greek yogurt, post holiday face, advantage point shop, wine, doggle, doggle sleeping, fizzy pink wine, fat baby, dissertation, I cook an amazing roast, followed by panna cotta, salad and BBQ, shades and blonder hair, the hannah chamberlain foundation logo completed, taking blog pics, neon sandals, departure lounge, buying moet, tacky phone case, painting the hallway, flower close up, eurovision bunting, BBQ :), kopperberg, bunny case, printing tickets, wine, eurovision score card, scariest moth ever, eurovision cups, my top three eurovision finalists. 

Haha that was long - it's been so long since I last did an instagram post kind of shocked myself as to how many pictures I generally take of the doggle and my neon nails. 

Now back from holiday for a few weeks going to get into the swing of blogging again :) Hope everyone is well :)


Saturday, 26 May 2012

Charles Worthington Sunshine Leave-In UV Hair Spray

I originally wanted the Mark Hill Cover Up Spray but couldn't get my hands on it anywhere and the Charles Worthington UV Sunshine spray just jumped out at me. I absolutely love the packaging. In a bright yellow bottle with bright pink lid it just screams holiday. It's available here from the Charles Worthington store for £5.19 or in Boots it was on a three items for £10 offer. 

I really wanted an SPF in a hair product for holiday as I didn't want my scalp to burn as it so often does. Because of this I wasn't really expecting that much from this UV protector as I kind of figured my hair would end up quite damaged regardless from holiday following much pool and sea water as well as lots and lots of sun. However I applied this product generously throughout each day in the sun and my hair has come back feeling as good as it did when I went out. 

I didn't really change any of my hair routine during the holiday and used the same shampoo and conditioner and I have very little if not any damage to my hair. I highly recommend this product - I normally come back in strict need of hair masks and treatments to rid any sun or sea damage but this time I haven't felt like I've needed it at all. I will be including this in all future holiday packing and I hope it stays within the Charles Worthington range for many summers to come. 


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Holiday Make-Up Bag

As I've done body, hair and nails I thought it only makes sense to put up my make-up packing too. If I'm honest this took far longer than it probably should have and so many things were debated for far too long. I tried to keep it as small as possible - not sure 7 lipsticks for 7 days is that small but I just wanted to take far more than that so for me its good. I've tried to take the images so you can see what everything is - nearly all of it has been reviewed on here and if it hasn't a review is most definitely on the cards for my return. 


Monday, 21 May 2012

Holiday Packing - Nail Varnish

These are the shades I have packed for my holiday - of course they are all Models Own as no other polishes are even comparing to their shade range and quality right now in my opinion. They cost just £5 from Boots  who are doing for for £8 right now. 

I think if I will mostly be wearing Hedonist as I am just in love with it at the moment but definitely need to pack more than just that too :) 


Saturday, 19 May 2012

Holiday Hair and Body Packing.

Seen as though I am currently sunning myself in Lanzarote I thought it would be a good opportunity to schedule a few posts on what I've taken with me. I've been good this year and in amongst procrastinating during the final stages of university I have planned out my purchases and beauty packing very well. 

Hair: Charles Worthington Mussed Up Texturising Spray (review coming soon), Tresemme Liquid Gold (review)  Loreal Elnette Satin Hairspray, Charles Worthington Sunshine Leave-In UV Protection Spray (review coming soon) Batiste Original Dry Shampoo, Shampoo & Conditioner EverPure Colour Care decanted into some Primark Travel Mini's. (£1 for three bottles shown and four little cream containers)

Body: ASDA Sun Lotions and Sun Oil. Bliss Body Butter from March's Glossybox, Soap and Glory Clean on Me Shower Gel , Asda Aloe Vera After Sun Gel. 

What must have hair and body products are you taking abroad with you this year? 


Thursday, 17 May 2012

I'm off on my holiday's ...

Just a little photoless post today to update everyone on where I am as I know I haven't posted for a little while. After finishing my degree on Monday I have been in whirlwind of sleeping, celebrating and pre-holiday shopping. Today I'm off to Lanzarote with my best friend Sophie as a little last minute sunshine break :) So excited - I have set up some scheduled posts for whilst I'm away all about my holiday essentials my holiday make-up bag and just things like that :)

I've bought lots of new beauty bits for testing whilst I'm away so in a week I'll get my thoughts up after abusing some products on the beach! Most of them are featured in my holiday essential posts with 'review coming soon' next to them if anyone wants one more than another then please let me know and I'll get those up first when I'm back.

See you all in a week, please keep checking back for the sponsored posts - hopefully my blog won't get too lonely whilst I'm away.


Monday, 14 May 2012

University: Done.

This is one hundred percent a massive scheduled post - as when this little beauty hits the world wide web I intend to be in a bar somewhere drinking champagne (more likely to be fizzy wine) Probably tweeting pictures of said fizzy wine with captions like 'I couldn't be happier' 

Somehow the last four years of my life undertaking a BA(Hons) Public Relations degree is over. It has literally flown by and I'm so sad I now I have to be a real grown up. Four years ago I started with a real tan (yet to experiance the orange delights of fake tannage) no foundation and just a hint of mascara o and I wore jeans on my first night out. Looking through some pictures shows just how much four years makes a difference. I discovered copious amounts of hair dye, jagerbombs and my fancy dress wardrobe grew ten fold. This post is very self indulgent but here are the pictures that sum it up...

It involved lots of fancy dress (rock stars, rolf harris, flowerpots, spiderman, boiler suits, granny's, nationalities, butterflies, bin bag night, pirates, beach wear ...) and lots and lots of drinking - mostly jagerbombs if the pictures are anything to go by. 

My dissertation is done. It is now handed in. My life no longer looks like this a pile of books papers and empty cans of I want to say red bull but mostly supermarket own alternatives. 

I'd also like to put in some links for the beautiful blogging ladies who filled in my questionnaire, my appreciation goes far beyond what I could write your opinions and points of view were so ridiculously useful in finishing my dissertation and you all most definitely made it onto page 6 of my dissertation in 'acknowledgements'  - 

ReallyRee from
Tanesha-Marie from
Rebecca-Louise from
Melissa from

So right now I am drinking something probably bubbly that most definitely isn't champagne ...


Sunday, 13 May 2012

Maybelline Dream Touch Blush - Apricot

I picked this up in a three for two in boots in a little while ago and have only just got around to properly giving it a test. In my highly talked about quest to find a replacement cream blush from the benefit one I loved and was discontinued I have somewhat just turned to powder blush and kind of loved it too.

However I never like to go down without a fight so this Dream Touch Blush did jump out at me. I picked mine up in shade 02 which is apricot, it also comes in plum, peach and berry. This product is super soft to touch and is almost mousse like but with the thickness of a cream. It definitely needs to be applied with fingers as putting a brush in this just messed up the smooth little pot in my experience. It blends really well and the colour can be built up depending on how much you need.

This is a super light peachy cream blush which looks good with both a tan and pale skin as it is just so subtle it really is lovely. I've taken to using it as a little highlighting above my Vivo Peaches and Cream powder blush as the two are so good together. Overall I love this its perfect for a little bit of subtle blush or just to team with another peachy blusher it is just perfect. It retails for £6.49 which I think it reasonable as you only need a little bit so I think its going to last ages.


Thursday, 10 May 2012

MUA Beauty Balm

I have had this product for quite a while now and I wasn't actually going to put a post up on it but through a love for BB cream and mixed feelings I kind of wanted to post it to have as a bit of a comparison to the other BB creams I've used. Loreal Revitalift and Garnier. I've used both pretty religiously and would say BB cream is now cemented into my make-up routine weather as a primer or base for good skin days. I love MUA as a brand so was excited when they bought they jumped on the BB bandwagon and bought out this very inexpensive version. It retails for just £4 so is a lot cheaper than many of its counterparts. 

I've used this probably 20+ times now and I keep wanting to fall in love with it - but I can't. My head is telling me its labelled as a BB but my face is saying cheap foundation. This product is so thick it's thicker than probably all of my foundations and offers pretty much full coverage. I have had really bad skin recently so the full coverage has kind of worked for me but it is certainly not a BB cream. I've noticed their website is listing it as a BB foundation now which after just getting my head around the delights of BB creams has totally confused me as to me it is just a foundation I don't think there is anything BB about it. 

You can really feel this product on your face and for me its only exacerbated my skin problems. As I said I have used this a lot now but for me it just hasn't delivered. I'm not sure if as a brand they missed the point of a BB cream which for me means light weight with an almost primer like quality to it. The packaging says Beauty Balm and the website says BB foundation which maybe says to me they've noticed people's full coverage comments and have gone down that route on-line. If I'm going out and I have bad skin I will pop this on because it offers the fullest coverage I own but a lot of buffing does need to take place to ensure a flawless look. 

I know a lot of people have written reviews saying they love this product - obviously as its skin each person will have a different experience but I thought I'd pop mine up for anyone thinking about purchasing a this product in the future as I know I would have found this helpful to read prior to buying. 

Has anyone else bought this? Would love to see your thoughts please pop your links to any reviews below! Intrigued to read different opinions on this. 


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

ELF High Definition Undereye Setting Powder

I picked up this product a little while ago in one of my many ELF hauls. I'm rather in love with the brand this product reminded me of a Benefit product I owned quite a while ago called Powderflage - I don't think its available any more in the UK but I found a link here for its US listing. I loved Powderflage so was excited to try this product. 

I'm a bit in love with eye-liner and I have never found one (bar liquid) that doesn't fall slightly throughout the day. I brush this product on after applying my make-up and I find it just sets my eye make-up so much better than anything else I've tried. I find if I'm going uber tanned it does make the area I apply it to appear a little white eyed in photographs but using natural make-up then you can't tell its there but the slight white sheen to it does really open up the eyes. I like to place it in the corner of my eyes and on the brow bone too just to add a little extra sheen to my overall eye make-up look. 

It retails for £3.50 from the ELF studio range. It's packaged well like all of the ELF range in a clear plastic square pot with a black matte lid. It comes with a little brush which is ideal for handbag use but is a little small for day to day use. I prefer to use this ELF eye shadow brush which is just £1.50 and I think it gives a better effect.  

If Powderflage was still available and I was thinking of re-buying I would definitely swop to this product permanently - if anyone does remember it the only difference is Powderflage came with a fan brush and was a little pinkier in its tone. Other than that this product does just as good if not better a job. It sets my make-up so well and just finished off an eye look to take me through an entire night out without having to worry about fall out all the way down my face. 

Yet again a brilliant purchase from ELF - ladies I feel like I could buy their entire range please send me in the direction of any products you think I need to get my hands on :)