Saturday, 26 May 2012

Charles Worthington Sunshine Leave-In UV Hair Spray

I originally wanted the Mark Hill Cover Up Spray but couldn't get my hands on it anywhere and the Charles Worthington UV Sunshine spray just jumped out at me. I absolutely love the packaging. In a bright yellow bottle with bright pink lid it just screams holiday. It's available here from the Charles Worthington store for £5.19 or in Boots it was on a three items for £10 offer. 

I really wanted an SPF in a hair product for holiday as I didn't want my scalp to burn as it so often does. Because of this I wasn't really expecting that much from this UV protector as I kind of figured my hair would end up quite damaged regardless from holiday following much pool and sea water as well as lots and lots of sun. However I applied this product generously throughout each day in the sun and my hair has come back feeling as good as it did when I went out. 

I didn't really change any of my hair routine during the holiday and used the same shampoo and conditioner and I have very little if not any damage to my hair. I highly recommend this product - I normally come back in strict need of hair masks and treatments to rid any sun or sea damage but this time I haven't felt like I've needed it at all. I will be including this in all future holiday packing and I hope it stays within the Charles Worthington range for many summers to come. 



  1. Definitely going to try this, i've been looking for some UV protection for my hair and this sounds perfect! Great review :)

    1. It completely saved my hair on holiday and it smells so good :) thank you x