Sunday, 6 May 2012

Fake Bake Beyond Bronze Shimmer Brick - Medium

Firstly huge apologies for posting used make-up. It's one of my pet hates but stick with me as I do have a legitimate reason. I've had this fake back bronze shimmer brick for so long and it's never really hit the spot for me. In practice it should have it has everything I want in a bronzer it has shimmer and a touch of highlighter all built in however sweeping this across my face I always looked a little patchy and not very well turned out to be honest. 

However after becoming a little obsessed with Kim Kardashian's face (yes I know) and the way it is contoured and highlighted I spent many hours browsing YouTube tutorials learning the art of contouring ones face. I obviously was then a little sad that I didn't have the perfect products to get going on this straight away - then I remembered the Fake Bake Beyond Bronze Shimmer brick. 

It is ideal for highlighting and contouring it's also a good summer buy in my opinion. I use the ELF bronzing brush  which is the perfect size to get a good sweep of the shades you want to apply. I then buff it out with a random large powder brush I seem to have acquired that is unbranded. It is similar to the Kabuki brush and I very much want the ELF version of this too. Basically blended in this palette offers shades that can take you through the year to highlight and contour your face. It is ideal for holiday's or handbags alike when you don't have room to pack your highlighter and bronzer separately. 

It costs £13.99 in boots which I think is really reasonable for the amount of things you can do with it. It is also available in light for fairer skins which holds more pinky tones.  All swished together it does too provide a fabulous bronzer for the days you have a tan - I definitely need the light version for the rest of the year. Has anyone else tried this product before? 


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