Sunday, 30 September 2012

Tuxedo Nail Art Fake Nails - Primark

I have attempted the Zooey Deschanel Tuxedo nail art sooo many times. My lack of patience, an unsteady hand and black on white has always ended in a big mess. When I saw these in Primark for just £1 I had to get them. I don't normally wear fake nails but these were too cute and too cheap to pass by. I tried putting them on all my nails but it just looked a little OTT I much prefer them it as a statement nail like in the picture above. They are so much fun and really pop against another bright colour - I'm wearing Models Own Pink Punch. I did find the black started to rub off a little bit so would recommend a clear top coat so they last longer. I just love them and will be keeping my eye out for other cute designs. For £1 you get 24 nails and using them as statement nails means they will last for ages and just be such good value. 


Saturday, 29 September 2012

Falling in love with the beautifully ugly.

I'm not sure why but I'm currently being really drawn to things I know are technically ugly but for some strange reason I keep falling in love with them. I've recently had a huge eBay habit - the iPhone app has become my best friend and I've bought a whole host of pretty ugly shirts and accessories. I love winter it means layering up shirts, jumpers, boots and leg warmers. I think it's my favourite season - it brings Christmas, snuggling up in front of the TV and drinking warm ribena without having to be ill. The cold nights are also an excuse to buy and wear animal onesies without having to justify it too shocked family members. I will perhaps share my array of ugly shirts once my collection all arrives but for now I wanted to share these deliciously ugly bracelets. I picked them up in the Primark Men's department for just £1 and I am in love with them. I just love how ... well how awful they are.

Am I losing my mind or is anyone else in love with anything that's beautifully ugly?


Friday, 28 September 2012

Models Own Coral Reef

So happy to have one of my favourite all time nail varnishes back in my life. I adore Models Own Coral Reef  it is just the perfect colour for me and the same colour as my blog! It's a gorgeous orange and red toned coral. It goes on with ease and only needs two coats like all Models Own polishes. I love this shade as it can perk up your nails in the winter or be the perfect summer colour - it's why I regularly run out and end up hunting all stockists for it!


Wednesday, 26 September 2012

September Fashion Week Glossybox

Standard monthly Glossybox post again - time is going ever so quickly and it never seems that long since I received my last box. I'd actually saved up my glossydots this month and got this one for free. I've had it about a week now trying to decided what I actually think about it. For me it has nothing on last months box which I'm still doing posts on the individual products featured.

For me it wasn't overwhelmingly good or bas it was a bit blurgh.
My glossybox included:
Lady Gaga Fame Fragrance Sample 1.2ml
Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum & 5 Minute Facial (sachets)
Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream 7ml
Vichy Indealia Day Care Cream 15ml
Maghrabian Hair Oil 10ml 
I was surprised to actually like the Lady Gaga scent but find the fact that's originally black a little pointless and gimicky also in the opaque black plastic sample tube this is wasted. It works though I guess as a black perfume is a gimicky publicity stunt just like the every day stunts she performs involving meat so I would never buy this even though it does smell quite nice.

I have the Balance Me Eye Cream already as it was in last month or the month befores Glamour magazine again a nice little product but not something I found wowed me enough to think about repurchasing.

Rodial - two products I'm excited to try although I'm not a big fan of sachets as I can never open them and just end up making a mess but will be giving them a full go.

Mostly loving the Hair Oil (can't get enough of these) and Vichy day cream this month.

I still love the concept of Glossybox and getting a surprise each month - it is very hit or miss and I often wonder if spending the £13 on different bits and bobs would be a better idea but then I cant ever bring myself to quit the subscription as I know when I do the next box will be out of this world amazing.

In terms of the box itself I didn't really like it - a nice idea but I think the design could have been much more inkeeping with what was in the box itself and the brand.


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Magpie Obsessions Product Directory

Just a little post to let you know after checking out some of my favourite blogs I came across Kate's product directory on Gh0stparties here.  And I just thought it was the best idea so I've added one of my own to the above bar and it can be found here.

It features links to all of my reviews for the last few months and I will be updating it from here on out. I haven't added the old posts that lost their images as they're just no good.


Monday, 24 September 2012

Bunny iPhone Case H&M

As much as I hate to admit my phone is a massive part of my life, it is constantly in my hand and if it isn't I'm checking my bag to make sure it is still where I put it a few minutes before. And with all things I love - I love dressing it up. I have bought lots and lots of cases over the last few years but I think this has to be my favourite. I picked up this little bunny case in H&M for £3.99 (can't find it online) and I adore it. The ears are just big enough to be cute but not obtrusive in my bag. My favourite part of this phone case is the little paws on the front - I haven't ever seen one with paws it's just adorable. I love it so much and the colour is perfect for me it's a bright nearly neon coral.


Sunday, 23 September 2012

Wife Weekend in London Town.

I took Friday off of work and headed to South Acton to spend a few nights with my wife. After living with Miss Holly Salter for three years there is still and I think always will be a huge wife size hole in my life. In halls she was next door to me and in every house we lived in after that she was just next door to me. So to celebrate our four year anniversary I went to stay with her and catch up massively.

Thursday night was 2 for £5 rose wine spritzers, spaghetti bol and so much catching up we didn't even put on the television. Saturday morning we got up weirdly early headed to Westfields had latte's, laughed at the ridiculous iPhone5 queue and spent far too long in the Models Own bottle shop working out which colours we didn't have. Then I lost my Wahaca virginity which was crazy good food.

After a little stop back at her house we made our way to Waterloo for drinks with our long lost friend Jim Gooch - turns out Jim Gooch was nowhere to be seen but MA Student James Gooch joined us - he drank whiskey on the rocks we made the most of 2 for 1 cocktails and drank the entire menu. My friends from school James and Jack also popped in for half a pint before running off for their train. A little tipsy we picked up chips and made our way home to watch crap TV we'd recorded.

It was literally the most perfect weekend. Topped up by the boyfriend picking me up from the station with a sandwich and red bull - exactly what I needed, haven't laughed as much as I did this weekend in so so long. The reason I love Miss Holly Salter is when offered 2 for 1 cocktails the suggestion anything but two each just seems ludicrous :)

So back in my own bed I am already looking forward to my next wife weekend. It was just perfect and I miss her already.