Saturday, 29 September 2012

Falling in love with the beautifully ugly.

I'm not sure why but I'm currently being really drawn to things I know are technically ugly but for some strange reason I keep falling in love with them. I've recently had a huge eBay habit - the iPhone app has become my best friend and I've bought a whole host of pretty ugly shirts and accessories. I love winter it means layering up shirts, jumpers, boots and leg warmers. I think it's my favourite season - it brings Christmas, snuggling up in front of the TV and drinking warm ribena without having to be ill. The cold nights are also an excuse to buy and wear animal onesies without having to justify it too shocked family members. I will perhaps share my array of ugly shirts once my collection all arrives but for now I wanted to share these deliciously ugly bracelets. I picked them up in the Primark Men's department for just £1 and I am in love with them. I just love how ... well how awful they are.

Am I losing my mind or is anyone else in love with anything that's beautifully ugly?



  1. I love the beautifully ugly too! I saw a version of these but with photographs of cats on them. I NEED. :) x

    1. OMG where did you see ones with cats on - I need them in my life? x