Monday, 24 September 2012

Bunny iPhone Case H&M

As much as I hate to admit my phone is a massive part of my life, it is constantly in my hand and if it isn't I'm checking my bag to make sure it is still where I put it a few minutes before. And with all things I love - I love dressing it up. I have bought lots and lots of cases over the last few years but I think this has to be my favourite. I picked up this little bunny case in H&M for £3.99 (can't find it online) and I adore it. The ears are just big enough to be cute but not obtrusive in my bag. My favourite part of this phone case is the little paws on the front - I haven't ever seen one with paws it's just adorable. I love it so much and the colour is perfect for me it's a bright nearly neon coral.



  1. Ooooh, H&M doin phone cases? Me likes! And the colour is so pretty!! xx

  2. I saw this the other day and didnt pick it up! Kicking myself now i had no idea it had feet! lol xx

    1. I know I love the ears and when I opened it to see little feet I fell in love again so cute!

  3. Awe that is so cute. :-) x

  4. aww thats so cute!! x

  5. Wow! Soo lovely! I regret choosing and iphone over android. miss all my cool free apps. but the galaxy 3 was too wide. don't like huge phones. but really miss droid my new iphone 5 is cool but lost all those tons and tons of free apps.
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  6. Beautiful! Everybody's always breaking their freaking cases, like the most perfect people are breaking these cases...but some of the cases people break are ugly as heck... thanks all :)
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