Thursday, 31 January 2013

January 2013 Favourites

I'm so happy January is over if I'm honest - it hasn't been a bad month at all but I'm fed up of being cold. I'm also fed up of being poor - for some reason January is too long and I'm in need of a pay day urgently. I've vowed to cut down on my spending and February will be all about getting deals and only buying the things that I have run out of not just adding to my beauty hoard - o and quite a few empties post hopefully. 

I'm still loving the Lush snow fairy shower gel it makes showering a much sweeter experience  I'm going to be a little sad when this runs out as it was limited edition but I will be making a note to stock up next Christmas. I've been wearing the ELF studio golden bronzer pretty much everyday. I've dropped the tan out this month and this little quadrant of bronzing colours gives my skin the loveliest and most subtle of glows. 

My nails took on a horrible yellow tinge after abusing them with stupid amounts of nail varnish over the Christmas period and the pro white original has been a little saviour. My nails are back to white and feeling healthier than ever. I've really enjoyed using this and keep it in my handbag as it drys so fast and is good to keep bare nails looking shiny. 

I've also been giving the Benefit skin care mini's a trial this month and I've really been enjoying using the It's Potent eye cream. I'm not entirely sold on the need for eye creams but I've loved using this so far. It leaves my eyes looking a lot brighter and the skin feels more soothed than it does just from moisturiser. 

Finally I've been loving the Elemis Skin Glow Facial Wash that I received in this months Glossybox. I've only had it over a week and I've nearly finished it. It's so lovely to refresh skin and brighten it up. For me it has the perfect amount of exfoliating beads in it and doesn't leave my skin feeling tight at all. I think this will be one of the products I'll be missing once this sample size version is over. 


Tuesday, 29 January 2013

L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream

L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream (£9.99 Boots)

I've been using a couple of different BB creams for a while and all of a sudden they both ran out so I thought I'd pick a new one up whilst doing my weekly shop. There wasn't much on offer so I decided to give this a go as it tested pretty well in store. The L'Oreal Nude Magique BB cream is very different to any BB cream I've tried. It applies white and as you blend it in it turns into a light BB cream. It's hard to explain I've tried to show it in action above but whatever the technology involved it does do a good job of blending into my natural skin tone. The downside of this is it feels quite grainy and it's kind of odd to apply as it feels a little like your having a mini exfoliation. However after a few applications I've gotten over it and I have to say I love it. It claims to do the following 5 things: 

1. Flawless Coverage (I wouldn't say it does this it does even out skin tone but it's in no way going to give a flawless finish unless you start off with amazing skin) 
2. Perfectly Even Skin Texture (I think this is such an odd claim - it doesn't do this at all as evening out any blemishes or pimples is quite a mean feat for a light coverage BB cream) 
3. Fresh Dewy Glow (It definitely offers this, it gives a lovely glow to the skin without it being too shiny and shimmery and actually has one of the best dewy finishes I've tried) 
4. 24h Hydration (I wouldn't go as far as 24 hours but it does leave my skin feeling fresh during the working day it doesn't dry out on the skin and because of this is the perfect base for foundation) 
5. Protects with SPF12 (most BB creams have some kind of SPF and this one is no different) 

Right now my skin isn't ready to go out BB cream alone (I'm getting there) but this evens out my redness so well and I'm so nearly ready to wear this alone without foundation on top. Saying that though it's a brilliant base of light coverage foundations as it is so hydrating for me and really does even out the skin. It lasts well and blends into my own skin tone really well - I'm super pale right now and I often find the light shade isn't light enough for me but this one is just the right shade. I really enjoy using the product after getting over the weird texture as you apply it really does leave my skin feeling and looking fresh.


Sunday, 27 January 2013

Current Dressing Table and Space

It seems to have gone crazy fast but I've been living in my new house for nearly a month and finally I've almost finished sorting out my beauty products. It's been a massive wake up call for me to actually start using up my hoard of products but it's also been super fun organising it all into little baskets. (I love organising things more than anything else by the way) I was very lucky at Christmas as my boyfriend bought me this dressing table with matching stool. I had my eye on the one from Hemnes one from Ikea for a while but it is super expensive and I actually love my new one more. It's got an adorable little drawer to put all my everyday ugly items away like tweezers and hair pins. I don't know where this is from as it's a gift but I have an idea it may be bought on Amazon... 

I picked up the white pots (actually plant pots) from Ikea for just a couple of pounds each their similar to these ones here. I actually adore these pots they are so so useful I have utensils in them in the kitchen and my also one for my contact lens'. I want to buy more for everything else. The white wicker baskets are from Asda and were £8 for two here. These have been useful in sorting everything out into hair, tan body lotion etc. 

I absolutely love having a proper space to get ready and have everything laid out. It's so much easier not to mention quicker to do my make-up and hair. I still haven't got it completely ready and most of this comes down to needing to use up lots of products so I have more room to lay things out neatly. 


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Berber Oil Mask with Argan Oil

I've never heard of the brand OSMO before but I'm a sucker for trying different hair masks and products so the price tag of £3.99 lured me in. It's a very thick hair mask and you only need a little. The back directs you to put through hair after shampooing and leave for 1 minute. I actually find this does nothing more than your everyday conditioner. However I prefer to run this through the ends of my hair, put my hair in a top knot and leave it overnight. When washing it out the next day my hair really reaps the benefits from this argan oil hair mask. It's softer and more manageable. I also find the thick consistency of the mask means it doesn't transfer onto my pillows like some of the thinner hair masks I've tried to use overnight. Over all I really enjoyed using this and would definitely consider repurchasing it again for the price tag. 


Sunday, 20 January 2013

Jemma Kidd Tailored Colour Powder Blush Duo - Sand & Plum

Jemma Kidd Tailored Colour Powder Blush Duo - Sand and Plum RRP £17 (amazon £5)

I've had this blush for quite a while and by sticking to what I know I just haven't gotten round to using it until a few weeks ago. If I'm honest it scared me a little - online the image I bought it from made it look a lot more subtle in shade and when opening it the deep plum and sand shades were so different to anything I've put on my cheeks before that it got a little forgotten about. 

I was ever so wrong if you swirl these two shades together your left with a pinky bronze blush that is extremely pigmented. I'm used to wearing light coral shades wear I really have to build up the colour so using this took a little getting used and you really don't need a lot to get a really nice blush to the cheeks. I adore the packaging it's extremely sleek and compact. Your pretty much getting three blushes here for the price of one - it's so big you can easily swirl your blusher brush into either shade or mix together both. It's perfect for winter as just a little dash of it adds a lovely colour to the cheeks. 

I haven't stopped using this since I took the plunge in trying it out a few weeks ago I love that I can add more for an evening look and just use a tiny amount for the day to give my cheeks a little colour. I'm so impressed with the pigment that I think I'll now be on the search for another Jemma Kidd blush that's more suited to the summer. 


Saturday, 19 January 2013

Glossybox January 2013 Detox

It's Glossybox time again - in amongst being so busy I hadn't actually seen any spoilers for this box and forgot it was even due so it was like the old days of Glossybox surprise for me when it landed on my door. This months 'theme' was detox which is kind of perfect for battling with January skin that has been affected by the over indulgence of alcohol and cheese in December. 

Duck Island - Body Lotion 
I've never heard of this brand but thought the little pelican on the side was cute. It smells very zesty and is a lovely creamy body lotion. I'd never really splash out on body lotion as I find a lot of cheaper alternatives do exactly the same job but I do love a little luxurious sample in my Glossybox as it's perfect for travel and trying out. 

Monu - Aromatic Mask 
Most Monu products I've tried (all within Glossyboxes) have broken out my skin really badly so I tend not to use them. However this isn't anywhere nearly as heavily scented as the face cream I tried from them and as a clay mask I think I will give it a go. It contains coconut oil I love so I can't see my having any problems with it. I do however find their sample packaging so so annoying it's a pretty thick plastic bottle that contains a thick face mask getting this out involves a lot of squeezing and slipping all over the place - why can't they make a simple tube sample that can be squeezed out?

Jason - Lips Bee Healthier 
Again never heard of this brand the packaging looks a lot like Berts Bee's which I think is going to do them no favours. I find I can't use lip products like this as I have very sensitive lips but I will be passing this on to a friend or family member wanting to put some moisture back in their lips and I'm sure they'll love it. 

Premae Skincare - Balance Rescue Face Tonique 
Can't wait to use this product - it's easily the one thing I am most excited about receiving. It claims to mattify and rejuvenate congested skin which I am so in need of right now. A 50ml bottle of this stuff retails for £27.50 which seems a lot so I'm expecting good things - I think it may get it's own post if it lives up to it's claims. 

Elemis Fresh Skin - Skin Glow Facial Exfoliator
I'm also really looking forward to trying this out - it says it's been designed to take you from your teens to your mid twenties which I fall into and it has deep pore cleansing action. It smells really good and aims to polish away dead skin cells and help refine the skins surface which I really could do with right now. 

Overall I think the box matched up to the detox theme really well and is much needed for this time of year. I still love receiving these and I'm excited to try out all of these mini products. I'm pretty fickle with things unless I find something that blows me away so I love gathering up drawers full of these as they always come in so handy. 


Friday, 18 January 2013

Rainforest Radiance Detangling Spray - The Body Shop

First and foremost this stuff smells so good. I'm getting through it fast as I just can't stop applying it. It's an earthy fruity smell that makes you continuously smell your hair. But back to the beginning I bought this because I get an awful knot at the nape of neck - nothing I do bar wearing my hair up stops it. I've tried a variety of products and I thought this detangling spray may at least help it. It didn't but it is a lovely leave in conditioner. It leaves the hair a little tacky so it's brilliant for the kind of days you want to exaggerate the bed head look and just roll with it. It doesn't detangle but it does nourish and protect the hair from this awful cold winter we're getting lately. I got it in the sale for £2.50 and I have to admit I wouldn't pay the full price of £6.50 for it but at the sale price it was a steal. I do love the smell though - weird amounts. 


Thursday, 17 January 2013

Liebster Award Post

So Blig has gone out to eat pasta, drink beer and spend some money in a casino and I'm sat at home catching up on the last 6 episodes of eastenders in front of a dimplex heater (our boilers broke) and I just received a lovely tweet from Emma at 'the simple life of emma' who has been ever so kind to nominate me for a Liebster Award. 

The Liebster Award is given by bloggers to other bloggers with 200 followers or less. The nominees must link back to the blogger who awarded them. You must write 11 random facts about yourself. You must answer the 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you and you must make up 11 new questions and nominate 11 other bloggers.

So as I have a free evening and because I loved reading Emma's entry I thought I'd get this little post going right here and now. 

Random Facts: 
1. I hate both cucumber and coriander incredible amounts. 
2. I have an unhealthy obsession with trashy TV 
3. My top 5 celebrity men are so so strange, Gordon Ramsay & Max Branning to give you a taste 
4. I am a trustee for a charity 'The Hannah Chamberlain Foundation' and it means the world to me 
5. I'd like Eamon Holmes to be my uncle 
6. I like cheese too much 
7. I like rose wine even more
8. I can't put my kindle down right now - hunger games 
9. I'm a little bit obsessed with animal prints on shirts and cushions and pretty much everything
10. My favourite film is 'a little princess' 
11. I have weakness for lipsticks 

Nominee's (sorry I can't do 11)
1. Kayleigh at Beauty Bows
2. Jessica at All Dolled Up
4. Rachel at Birdy Lips x
5. Jay Jay at Avec JayJ

Emma's Questions: 
1. Which year has been your best so far and why? 
Probably 2012 I graduated, had some amazing holidays, started a grown up job and moved in with a boy :0
2. If you could only use one beauty product and had to ditch the rest what would it be? 
Have to be mascara I feel ridiculously naked without it!
3. What is your biggest skincare problem and how do you overcome it? 
Dry blemish prone skin - currently tacking it with serums and decent moisturisers that hydrate without clogging up my pores. 
4. What is your all time favourite product? 
VIVO Baked Bronzer in Healthy Glow 
5. If you had unlimited funds, what would you buy first? 
A mulberry handbag 
6. What has blogging done for you? 
It's become the girl next door and my beauty outlet
7. We all know water should be our Number 1 priority, but do you drink enough? 
Yes easily drink 3 litres a day
8. Do you have a guilty pleasure? What is it? 
Gordon Ramsay - can't get enough of the man!
9. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? 
Depends who I'm with and how comfortable I am in the situation
10. What would your ideal holiday be? 
A relaxing beach, a beautiful pool and cocktails on tap 
11. What is your main goal of 2013? 
To save money and spend more wisely. 

My questions: 
1. What do you think is the worst quality in a person?
2. What is your favourite foundation?
3. What is your best beauty tip? 
4. Are you a night in or night out kinda girl? 
5. Did you make any New Year's resolutions if so what? 
6. What's your guilty pleasure?
7. What food makes you squirm? 
8. Would you go public if you won the lottery? 
9. What is your biggest vice? 
10. Do you have a sweet or savoury tooth? 
11. What's your biggest dream? 


Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Instagram 2013 - #1

Left to right - top to bottom: Ikea shop for our new house, crazy about hummus, my new dressing table, spice jars in our new kitchen, fancy bin, cava celebrations, NYE hotel bathroom, NYE preperations, NY resolution to read lots more, body shop and lush haul, upholstering Grannies very old chairs, favourite yogurt ever, blig's birthday presents, doggle came to stay, opening presents, blig's birthday starter, blig's birthday breakfast, housewarming canape's, new cookbook, amazing dinner post bootcamp. 


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Snowfairy Lush Shower Gel

I read lots of amazing things about this shower gel and had to jump on it when I saw it amongst a lush sale. It smells like candyfloss and nostaligic hard boiled sweets I adore it. It's very sweet but not to the point where you feel a little sickly in the shower. It also has a really creamy consistency so leaves my skin feeling nourished after a shower. This was a limited edition Christmas shower gel but I really hope they add it to their permanent range as I only picked up 100g and it's running out fast. If I'd of known it smelt this good I would have stocked up!

Has anyone else tried snow fairy from lush?


Saturday, 12 January 2013

VO5 Miracle Concentrate Elixir with Argan Oil

I'm a little obsessed with hair oils at the moment even though I think I've found the best in the Morroccan Hair Oil Treatment the search for something that can match but be a whole lot cheaper. I picked up the VO5 Miracle Concentrate Elixir with Argan Oil from Boots a few months ago. It comes with a built in pippet which is a little too science experiment for me. It works I guess in the sense that you always get the right amount of oil out  but I find it a little faffy and prefer to pour straight from the bottle. I like a pump dispenser on hair oils really so this was a little down point for me. 

The oil's not as runny as some cheaper alternatives and it glides into the hair really well. It means you don't need very much of this too which I like as it makes it much better value for money than a lot of the hair oils I've tried. It smells like most hair oils (nothing really to comment there) and really nourishes the ends of my hair. I apply it when my hair is damp and my hair just soaks up. I really like it overall it's a lovely addition to my hair oil collection - it's not a blow you away hair oil but it's quite a cute one to take in an overnight bag. 


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

ELF Studio Golden Bronzer

ELF Studio Golden Bronzer £3.75

I really wanted to add a soft and not overly shimmer bronzer to my collection to give a little bit of a glow. I'm a lot less tanned these days so I needed something which said subtle rather than 'i just got off the beach' for my paler days. This seemed perfect - I love that you can blend the four shades together and just use the two lighter shades if you want. They aren't overly pigmented and it does take a lot of brush swishing to get a decent bit of bronze on your face but I guess this is a good thing. It's ever so subtle and is perfect to lift my cheek bones and give them a nice healthy glow. 

The bronzer comes in three different shade palettes. A warm bronzer that's full of shimmer, a cool bronzer that is a selection of matte bronzers and this golden bronzer which is a subtle shimmer to offer radiance. I really do think ELF is such brilliant value for money I got this £3.75 four shade bronzer with a half price voucher code so it was such a bargain. I highly recommend signing up for their newsletters as they always have really good coupons floating about. I think when the next one drops in my inbox I will definitely be picking up this in shade cool bronzer as I don't have a purely matte bronzer in my collection.


Monday, 7 January 2013

Body Shop Body Butters - Cherry & Coconut

Cherry 50ml £2 Body Shop Coconut 50ml (as part of this gift set £6.50)

I love the Bodyshop body butters and I love all the scents I've ever tried including Cranberry, Raspberry, Almond, Mango, and Papaya. But these two are definitely my favourites. I adore pretty much everything that smells of coconut especially hair and body products so the natural coconut scent of the Body Shop body butter has always been my number one favourite. I also love all things scented like cherry but find it is often too sweet and artificial in most products. However this body butter smells deliciously natural and is one of my favourites over summer. They are both super creamy and nourishing and I love the 50ml size as they are prefect to fit on my dresser or in my handbag. I've loved having these back in my life and it's reminded me how much I love the body shop scents. A lot of them are half price at the moment over on the body shop website at the moment so I highly recommend a visit if your a fan!

Are there any scents I haven't tried that you love? Please do let me know I feel another body shop spending spree coming on. 


Sunday, 6 January 2013

Lush Bathbomb and Soap Haul

When I was about 14 my mum used to give me £5 to go to town and I'd probably buy a boots meal deal for lunch and a bath bomb. There's something so alluring about the Lush shop - every time you step inside it's like being smacked around the face by every scent ever made by man. The Lush shop in Southampton town is located a bit out of the way from normal stores so I rarely go in there unless I specifically hunt it out.

However when I got a little email about a Christmas sale - I was at instantly. I picked up lots of bits I'd been dying to try for ages which will all get full reviews separately but I was too excited to share my little bath bomb / soap haul as they all smell incredible. I can't seem to find them on line as there all quite christmassy but last time I was in my  local Lush they were still available in store.

Butterball Bath Ballistic £2.45 - I adore the two fragrances in this bath bomb it contains both vanilla and cocoa butter. It's like moisturising the easy way you leave a bath with this feeling ready for bed and ridiculously soft.

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar - I haven't tried this one yet but it again smells of vanilla so I'm sure I'll love it. I'm new to the bubble bar thing and I'm excited to see if this makes as many bubbles as it claims. I've always wanted one of those hollywood baths where your just covered in bubbles but have never found that so fingers crossed this does the job.

Father Christmas Bath Bomb - He's now out of stock but he's filled with Mandarin Oil and I just couldn't resist his cute little face. I have no shame in having a Father Christmas bath in January and I can't wait!

Rock Star Soap from £3.40 per 100g and Snow Cake Soap - I bought these really because I think the star shape will look really cute in my new bathroom. They both smell lovely the rock star is sweet and pink what's not to love and the Snow cake smells of marzipan which is one of my favourite scents.

I loved receiving my little Lush package and remembering how much I love baths full of bath bomb goodness. I will say they filled the box with those ridiculously annoying polystyrene circles that took ages to clean up afterwards but I can get over that the whole parcel just smelt so good. I will definitely be heading down to Lush more often and picking up a bath bomb as a bit of a bathing treat. 


Friday, 4 January 2013

A pop of pink - Everyday Make Up

Foundation: Maybelline Fit Me in shade 120 £7.99 Boots (review) Highlighter: Topshop Sunbeam £10 Topshop (review) Concealer: L'Oreal Touch Magique £8.19 Boots Primer: Stila One Step Corrector Primer £24 Boots (review) Bronzer: Asda Skin Brightener Light Reflecting Bronzer Fluid £5 Asda Vivo Beyond Bronze in Healthy Glow Tesco £5 (review) Brows: HD Brows Pallette in shades foxy. Eyeshadow: Vivo Pearl in Champagne Tesco £1 (review
Lipstick: MAC Viva Glam Nicki  MAC £14 (review)