Sunday, 6 January 2013

Lush Bathbomb and Soap Haul

When I was about 14 my mum used to give me £5 to go to town and I'd probably buy a boots meal deal for lunch and a bath bomb. There's something so alluring about the Lush shop - every time you step inside it's like being smacked around the face by every scent ever made by man. The Lush shop in Southampton town is located a bit out of the way from normal stores so I rarely go in there unless I specifically hunt it out.

However when I got a little email about a Christmas sale - I was at instantly. I picked up lots of bits I'd been dying to try for ages which will all get full reviews separately but I was too excited to share my little bath bomb / soap haul as they all smell incredible. I can't seem to find them on line as there all quite christmassy but last time I was in my  local Lush they were still available in store.

Butterball Bath Ballistic £2.45 - I adore the two fragrances in this bath bomb it contains both vanilla and cocoa butter. It's like moisturising the easy way you leave a bath with this feeling ready for bed and ridiculously soft.

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar - I haven't tried this one yet but it again smells of vanilla so I'm sure I'll love it. I'm new to the bubble bar thing and I'm excited to see if this makes as many bubbles as it claims. I've always wanted one of those hollywood baths where your just covered in bubbles but have never found that so fingers crossed this does the job.

Father Christmas Bath Bomb - He's now out of stock but he's filled with Mandarin Oil and I just couldn't resist his cute little face. I have no shame in having a Father Christmas bath in January and I can't wait!

Rock Star Soap from £3.40 per 100g and Snow Cake Soap - I bought these really because I think the star shape will look really cute in my new bathroom. They both smell lovely the rock star is sweet and pink what's not to love and the Snow cake smells of marzipan which is one of my favourite scents.

I loved receiving my little Lush package and remembering how much I love baths full of bath bomb goodness. I will say they filled the box with those ridiculously annoying polystyrene circles that took ages to clean up afterwards but I can get over that the whole parcel just smelt so good. I will definitely be heading down to Lush more often and picking up a bath bomb as a bit of a bathing treat. 


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