Wednesday, 2 January 2013

December Empties

I'm vowing to have far more empty posts this year as I just seem to have accumulated a crazy amounts of little products that I can't seem to make a dent in. After moving in with Steve and now paying proper rent and grown up things like council tax I'm on a little bit of a spending ban when it comes to beauty products and it is much overdue.

St Moriz is my favourite low budget tan - it retails for just £2.99 and it does the job well. It gets you lovely and bronzed without being orange. It doesn't smell too horrendous and it lasts a good few days after your night out. Don't get me wrong it's doesn't compete against some higher end products I've tried but to often get two geneorous sized 200ml bottles out of a fiver I am not one to turn my nose up. I already have a good few bottles stacked up of this as I do find it hard to pick up shade dark near where I live so when I see it I buy a stash and it lasts ages - it's 100% my go to tanning brand.

I'm a massive simple skincare fan and this daily scrub is not exception. It's a lovely addition to my shower routine and it's little beads are lovely for a daily lift to my skin. It's really moisturising so you don't leave the shower with a dry tight face which I love. Next time I see this on my supermarket trips I will be picking up another bottle it's probably not a necessity to my skin care routine but I do love the feel of this in the mornings and at under a fiver it's not going to break the bank.

L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil - I've had this product for an age originally buying it back in July with my review here. I do like this hair oil but it has nothing on my favourite Morroccan Oil. It is a lot thinner and more of styling oil to put through my dry hair. I think I'd pick this up if I saw it on offer again but not sure I'd buy it at full price as I'm not sure it does enough for my hair really to be an addition to my hair oil collection.

Kleenex facial wipes - I love these. I try not to use face wipes if I can but let's be honest you always need one every now and again. These are super wet - which sounds weird but it means you can really get make-up off without ever needing more than one. I like the packaging the price and the texture - they tick all my facial wipe needs so I'll definitely be stocking up as these are always half price somewhere!


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  1. I use the hair oil for thin/fine hair ( purple bottle) I love the stuff. I do have a question for the simple scrub, how big is the scrub.I'm using right now the Aveeno and it's not scrubby enough if that makes scenes