Saturday, 19 January 2013

Glossybox January 2013 Detox

It's Glossybox time again - in amongst being so busy I hadn't actually seen any spoilers for this box and forgot it was even due so it was like the old days of Glossybox surprise for me when it landed on my door. This months 'theme' was detox which is kind of perfect for battling with January skin that has been affected by the over indulgence of alcohol and cheese in December. 

Duck Island - Body Lotion 
I've never heard of this brand but thought the little pelican on the side was cute. It smells very zesty and is a lovely creamy body lotion. I'd never really splash out on body lotion as I find a lot of cheaper alternatives do exactly the same job but I do love a little luxurious sample in my Glossybox as it's perfect for travel and trying out. 

Monu - Aromatic Mask 
Most Monu products I've tried (all within Glossyboxes) have broken out my skin really badly so I tend not to use them. However this isn't anywhere nearly as heavily scented as the face cream I tried from them and as a clay mask I think I will give it a go. It contains coconut oil I love so I can't see my having any problems with it. I do however find their sample packaging so so annoying it's a pretty thick plastic bottle that contains a thick face mask getting this out involves a lot of squeezing and slipping all over the place - why can't they make a simple tube sample that can be squeezed out?

Jason - Lips Bee Healthier 
Again never heard of this brand the packaging looks a lot like Berts Bee's which I think is going to do them no favours. I find I can't use lip products like this as I have very sensitive lips but I will be passing this on to a friend or family member wanting to put some moisture back in their lips and I'm sure they'll love it. 

Premae Skincare - Balance Rescue Face Tonique 
Can't wait to use this product - it's easily the one thing I am most excited about receiving. It claims to mattify and rejuvenate congested skin which I am so in need of right now. A 50ml bottle of this stuff retails for £27.50 which seems a lot so I'm expecting good things - I think it may get it's own post if it lives up to it's claims. 

Elemis Fresh Skin - Skin Glow Facial Exfoliator
I'm also really looking forward to trying this out - it says it's been designed to take you from your teens to your mid twenties which I fall into and it has deep pore cleansing action. It smells really good and aims to polish away dead skin cells and help refine the skins surface which I really could do with right now. 

Overall I think the box matched up to the detox theme really well and is much needed for this time of year. I still love receiving these and I'm excited to try out all of these mini products. I'm pretty fickle with things unless I find something that blows me away so I love gathering up drawers full of these as they always come in so handy. 



  1. I got a similar box to you, the Elemis exfoliator is really nice! xx

  2. I'm having a blog sale towin a beauty box, and I would LOVE you to enter!!

  3. Not glossy box, a French brand betrousse x

  4. The face wash looks really nice :) Lovely blog, glad I foud it, will like now :) xxx

  5. My box was a bit rubbish this month looking at what some people got I wish I had a different one. But Im looking forward to february's box :) xx