Sunday, 27 January 2013

Current Dressing Table and Space

It seems to have gone crazy fast but I've been living in my new house for nearly a month and finally I've almost finished sorting out my beauty products. It's been a massive wake up call for me to actually start using up my hoard of products but it's also been super fun organising it all into little baskets. (I love organising things more than anything else by the way) I was very lucky at Christmas as my boyfriend bought me this dressing table with matching stool. I had my eye on the one from Hemnes one from Ikea for a while but it is super expensive and I actually love my new one more. It's got an adorable little drawer to put all my everyday ugly items away like tweezers and hair pins. I don't know where this is from as it's a gift but I have an idea it may be bought on Amazon... 

I picked up the white pots (actually plant pots) from Ikea for just a couple of pounds each their similar to these ones here. I actually adore these pots they are so so useful I have utensils in them in the kitchen and my also one for my contact lens'. I want to buy more for everything else. The white wicker baskets are from Asda and were £8 for two here. These have been useful in sorting everything out into hair, tan body lotion etc. 

I absolutely love having a proper space to get ready and have everything laid out. It's so much easier not to mention quicker to do my make-up and hair. I still haven't got it completely ready and most of this comes down to needing to use up lots of products so I have more room to lay things out neatly. 



  1. that is such a gorgeous dressing table!

  2. I really love that stool you have it is gorgeous. I need to get more storage for all my make-up and bits! x

  3. Love your dressing table! Seriously thinking of painting mine white...xx