Wednesday, 9 January 2013

ELF Studio Golden Bronzer

ELF Studio Golden Bronzer £3.75

I really wanted to add a soft and not overly shimmer bronzer to my collection to give a little bit of a glow. I'm a lot less tanned these days so I needed something which said subtle rather than 'i just got off the beach' for my paler days. This seemed perfect - I love that you can blend the four shades together and just use the two lighter shades if you want. They aren't overly pigmented and it does take a lot of brush swishing to get a decent bit of bronze on your face but I guess this is a good thing. It's ever so subtle and is perfect to lift my cheek bones and give them a nice healthy glow. 

The bronzer comes in three different shade palettes. A warm bronzer that's full of shimmer, a cool bronzer that is a selection of matte bronzers and this golden bronzer which is a subtle shimmer to offer radiance. I really do think ELF is such brilliant value for money I got this £3.75 four shade bronzer with a half price voucher code so it was such a bargain. I highly recommend signing up for their newsletters as they always have really good coupons floating about. I think when the next one drops in my inbox I will definitely be picking up this in shade cool bronzer as I don't have a purely matte bronzer in my collection.


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