Friday, 18 January 2013

Rainforest Radiance Detangling Spray - The Body Shop

First and foremost this stuff smells so good. I'm getting through it fast as I just can't stop applying it. It's an earthy fruity smell that makes you continuously smell your hair. But back to the beginning I bought this because I get an awful knot at the nape of neck - nothing I do bar wearing my hair up stops it. I've tried a variety of products and I thought this detangling spray may at least help it. It didn't but it is a lovely leave in conditioner. It leaves the hair a little tacky so it's brilliant for the kind of days you want to exaggerate the bed head look and just roll with it. It doesn't detangle but it does nourish and protect the hair from this awful cold winter we're getting lately. I got it in the sale for £2.50 and I have to admit I wouldn't pay the full price of £6.50 for it but at the sale price it was a steal. I do love the smell though - weird amounts. 


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