Sunday, 20 January 2013

Jemma Kidd Tailored Colour Powder Blush Duo - Sand & Plum

Jemma Kidd Tailored Colour Powder Blush Duo - Sand and Plum RRP £17 (amazon £5)

I've had this blush for quite a while and by sticking to what I know I just haven't gotten round to using it until a few weeks ago. If I'm honest it scared me a little - online the image I bought it from made it look a lot more subtle in shade and when opening it the deep plum and sand shades were so different to anything I've put on my cheeks before that it got a little forgotten about. 

I was ever so wrong if you swirl these two shades together your left with a pinky bronze blush that is extremely pigmented. I'm used to wearing light coral shades wear I really have to build up the colour so using this took a little getting used and you really don't need a lot to get a really nice blush to the cheeks. I adore the packaging it's extremely sleek and compact. Your pretty much getting three blushes here for the price of one - it's so big you can easily swirl your blusher brush into either shade or mix together both. It's perfect for winter as just a little dash of it adds a lovely colour to the cheeks. 

I haven't stopped using this since I took the plunge in trying it out a few weeks ago I love that I can add more for an evening look and just use a tiny amount for the day to give my cheeks a little colour. I'm so impressed with the pigment that I think I'll now be on the search for another Jemma Kidd blush that's more suited to the summer. 


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