Sunday, 31 May 2015

Life Favourites - May 2015

May has been great - I started my new job role and the month has flown by with a constant to do list both at work and at home. I love May - two bank holiday weekends and its started to feel like summer is maybe coming. I've been loving once upon a time after getting up to speed with the good wife last month. It's like grown up fairytales it's stupidly magical and addictive.

I gave blood for the 10th time this month - it's such an important thing to do and so painless/ easy. If you're thinking about doing it just get on with it. One day you or a loved one might need the blood and you'll be thankful you spent 20 minutes a couple of times a year contributing to such an important service. So many people are unable too due to the restrictions around it so make the most of being healthy and able if you are.

I upgraded to my iPhone 6 this month too - pretty much solely because it's gold. I adore it the battery life is so much better than my old iPhone 5 and the screen is so much better for watching many many hours of youtube. We're about to start selling tickets for our 2015 gatsby ball too which is just the most exciting thing. If you're local to Southampton and fancy an amazing night out email for more details or to buy tickets

Finally internet meet Alfie pup. After Oscar passed away last month it was pretty important to find my boyfriends mum a doggle quickly as he was a huge part of her life. We found Alfie and he's the naughtiest but cutest little bundle of love. He's in no way a replacement as Oscar was just perfect but he's the start of a new chapter for everyone and he's too much fun. Follow me on instagram for stupid amounts of pictures of his very cute face @georginacallen

Georgina x.


Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The White Company Mustique Candle

One of my most guiltiest pleasures is visiting Gunwharf Quays every other month with my best friend Holly. We say we meet there because it's kind of in between our two homes but it's mainly because it's full of stores that we shouldn't be spending money in (she's my shopping enabler). Although when things are at outlet prices it's surely not that bad ;/.  The White Company is my complete favourite - their bed linen and home fragrance is just perfect. I love this mustique candle it's a little more masculine than a lot of their scents - I can't describe scent at all so I won't try. However the white company scents are all beautiful, natural and long lasting - next on my list is wild mint, pomegranate and sea salt. So in love - ultimate treat and the perfect present.

Georgina x. 

Thursday, 21 May 2015

L'Oreal Skin Perfection Serum

I've had this serum for a while (it's actually nearly an empty) and have been using it nearly everyday. I went to write this post about 2 weeks after using it and just didn't have any words to put against it. I kind of still feel like that but wants to put my blah feelings out there. This serum is nice, it is nice under moisturiser, a little hydrating and a nice consistency. But I hate the word nice - I've been waiting for this to amaze me and it just hasn't. I want something more from a serum to be honest I want better skintone, better texture or just an altogether better base. It doesn't do those things sadly - it is in no way offensive it's never broken me out and the pink pump packaging suits me just fine. I just wouldn't buy this again - to me it's not worth the money I'd rather spend a little more on a serum that improves my skin tone or offers a serious amount of hydration. I'm sure this works amazingly for some people and I have enjoyed using it but I've never thought damn this is amazing which is what I look for in skincare. Sorry for my blah review but I wish I'd read this before buying it so I could head for something else so I hope this manages to maybe do the same to someone in the same position.

Georgina x.


Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Rio Colab Dry Shampoo

I adore Ruth Crilly's blog - A Model Recommends - her no nonsense honesty alongside her amazing natural beauty makes it a must read for me and is one of the blogs I've been reading for a very long time. I actually bought this COLAB dry shampoo a few months ago and it's very nearly finished. I adore this stuff. It's a great dry shampoo - I haven't had any horrible white chalky moments with it. I tend to not use it so much for dry shampoo but mostly to add a little texture to freshly washed hair. I've always used Batiste but have found in comparison that brand clogs my hair up a bit whereas this is just fresh texture whilst keeping that feeling of clean. The range comes in a host of different scents - Rio was my personal favorite although it was a very hard choice. The range is available at Superdrug including the new extreme volume range which I can't wait to try. 

Georgina x.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Eurovision 2015 - Party Planning & Links

Less than one week until Eurovision 2015. Excited is a massive understatment. Last year I did a party planning post which all still stands but I've decided to post some of my new favourite pieces and links for making a 2015 party extra special. This year both myself and fellow host Holly are back home at our parents due to major saving targets so my parents house is being gatecrashed for major eurovision fun.

Food & Drink
We'll be drinking Austrian Hussar as our to represent this years hosts. I also love the look of these Austrian Rugelach cookies too. Irish Cream, Italian Prosecco & English sausage rolls are also a firm annual favourite. The BBC have put together 27 eurovision inspired recipes for food and cocktails which is a great look if you're lacking inspiration.

Semi Final 1 - Tuesday 19th May
Semi Final 2 - Thursday 21st May
Final (Party night) - Saturday 23rd May

Useful Links 
Official Eurovision Site
My 2014 part planning post 
Food Flags 
Bunting Flags
Mixed Eurovision large flag
Cupcake Toppers 
Eurovision Party Idea's 

Georgina x.


Thursday, 14 May 2015

Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Lotion

The Body Shop vitamin E range has been one of my best skincare buys in ages. It's really working with my skin type (oily but dehydrated). This is a great moisturizer for the day - it's light but really nourishing and creates a great even base for my make-up. Coming in at £12 this is a lot better than much more expensive moisturizers I've tried. If you have dry skin I'd recommend the night cream from this range that is stupidly hydrating. I've been so impressed with all things skincare from the Body Shop so I'll definitely be doing another haul soon. I also highly recommend signing up to their newsletter and buying online as they have some amazing deals. I ended up getting 40% off the order that this was included in making it stupidly reasonable. 

Georgina x.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

H&M Home Accessories - New Arrival Picks

I love the H&M homeware range - they are so seasonal and seem to bring out on point new ranges really frequently which I love. I'm also living with my parents whilst I save up to buy a place of my own so many wishlists are coming until myself and my boyfriend get to live together again and I have an entire house to paint and make my own. Excited is an understatement - however I want to create rooms that reflect our personalities and are a dream to live in. Whilst we're a good 8 months away from getting to moving time I think it's good to document everything I love before we get there so the things I buy when we do get to move in my house is a home as soon as possible. 

Georgina x.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

L'Oreal Infallible 24h Matte Foundation

First things first - this stuff is amazing. I have the shade 11 vanilla and it costs £7. This little tube of goodness is an amazing drugstore base. It's a good Double Wear dupe but in my opinion has a little less coverage and just a little less longevity but for 1/5 of the price who's complaining?! I love the packaging - no fuss and perfect for traveling. I apply this with my Real Techniques buffing brush and it goes on like a dream. Not really sure what else to say without sounding like I want to marry it. I'm a foundation whore so I know I'll be purchasing all the other new releases (I won't deny it anymore) and still know that Double Wear & Silk Creme are my ultimate's but this is just a dream for work when sitting at a desk all day doesn't deserve a £30 product covering your face.

Georgina x.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

The Body Shop - Lightening Touch

I have lightening touch in shade 00. It's pretty much a little more skin toned benefit high beam in a twisty pen. This has some amazing reviews on the body shop site but it just hasn't found its way into my everyday make-up. I like the applicator it twists up so gives you direct application to wherever you need a little highlight. It's good for brow bones and the top of your cheek bones but it's not the best I've tried. It only houses 3ml aswell so I know it will run out soon as do most twisty pen applicators in my experience. This isn't going to blow your socks off but it is a nice direct application highlight that you can pop in your handbag. I won't repurchase it but I have enjoyed using it. 

Georgina x.

Monday, 4 May 2015

The Library of Fragrance - Sunshine Review

The sun may have majorly hidden itself away in my part of the country but this little beauty is fast becoming my scent of choice whilst I really try keeping the sun alive - yes I'm sporting sunglasses in my car whilst it rains. I've turned into that person in a desperate attempt to keep that feeling of summer alive. I've been a bit boring with fragrance for years not really knowing what I like or wanting to spend too much on fragrance. 2015 has been a little different - I've tried new scents and subscribed to the fragrance shops little quarterly box too (review coming soon) in the vain attempt to nail down the notes and fragrances I love. 

So when the Library of Fragrance asked if I wanted to try out a scent I was excited to give it a go. I've sniffed this brand so many times in Boots in the past and have always been so impressed by just how simple and pure each one has smelt. Sunshine* smells very different to how I expected it to - they describe it as 'a comfortable cotton t-shirt warmed by the sun with a hint of suntan lotion.' To me the easiest way to describe it is vanilla with a hint of coconut. I really like it. It lasts for a good 4 hours I find and is the perfect size for my handbag. I love layering this up with coconut body lotions for a super summer hit. 

I'll be adding more scents to my collection once I can pinpoint exactly which ones to get next - how nice would it be to have a bathroom shelf just full of the full library?! It's so hard when they all look so tempting - so if anyone has any recommendations please send them over as they're currently 2 for £25 which is an offer I can't resist. 

Georgina x.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

April 2015 Beauty Favourites

Where did April go? This month I haven't done anything especially different but I have reshuffled my makeup drawer to have a few different bits in my everyday stash. These are the products I've used literally every single day this month without fail. First is the Real Techniques Oval Shadow brush which I picked up as it's something I've been looking for, for ages. It's the perfect base eyeshadow brush as it has a huge surface area and is super super soft so fits into my collection just perfectly. I've been using it with the larger shades in my new Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. Did I need another brown toned palette - no I really really didn't but I was lacking in a few brown variations that the naked palettes just weren't offering. It was a little treat to myself for some successes at work so was a little splurge but I do adore it. I love how the base shadows are double size and the mix of mattes & shimmers is spot on. I particularly like the deep red mixed with some of the goldy browns you can get so so many looks from this. 

The Vitamin E Bodyshop overnight serum has been a god send this month. It has a pippet in the lid which is one of my skin care favorites and leaves skin so plump and radiant in the morning. I am super impressed with this range as a whole but this serum is a stand out for me. The bourjois healthy mix concealer is a recent purchase but something I have loved in the past. I really like this concealer I find it's a good do it all product and it's been a favorite in my handbag mini makeup bag.

Body Shop Honey Bronzer in shade 01 has answered all of my bronzing prayers. It's a really light shade and is completely matte so perfect for a natural little bit of contour. I love the finish and texture of this - its so effortless to blend out and use - ideal for an extra 10 minutes in bed. Soap & Glory makeup has been a favorite in general this month but the kick ass powder has been stand out. I love the not to matte finish and hint of yellow that evens out the complexion - again another product that ticks all the boxes. 

Georgina x.