Sunday, 31 May 2015

Life Favourites - May 2015

May has been great - I started my new job role and the month has flown by with a constant to do list both at work and at home. I love May - two bank holiday weekends and its started to feel like summer is maybe coming. I've been loving once upon a time after getting up to speed with the good wife last month. It's like grown up fairytales it's stupidly magical and addictive.

I gave blood for the 10th time this month - it's such an important thing to do and so painless/ easy. If you're thinking about doing it just get on with it. One day you or a loved one might need the blood and you'll be thankful you spent 20 minutes a couple of times a year contributing to such an important service. So many people are unable too due to the restrictions around it so make the most of being healthy and able if you are.

I upgraded to my iPhone 6 this month too - pretty much solely because it's gold. I adore it the battery life is so much better than my old iPhone 5 and the screen is so much better for watching many many hours of youtube. We're about to start selling tickets for our 2015 gatsby ball too which is just the most exciting thing. If you're local to Southampton and fancy an amazing night out email for more details or to buy tickets

Finally internet meet Alfie pup. After Oscar passed away last month it was pretty important to find my boyfriends mum a doggle quickly as he was a huge part of her life. We found Alfie and he's the naughtiest but cutest little bundle of love. He's in no way a replacement as Oscar was just perfect but he's the start of a new chapter for everyone and he's too much fun. Follow me on instagram for stupid amounts of pictures of his very cute face @georginacallen

Georgina x.


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