Monday, 29 April 2013

True Magique True Match Concealer

I've always liked these little pen concealers but I've always been a little stubborn about them. As a whole I don't think they last very long and are pretty expensive compared to your average concealer sticks which last for ever. This L'Oreal True Match Concealer was £8.19 from Boots. I did get it in the 3 for 2 so it worked out about £6. I picked up shade 'Ivory Beige' which is the lightest yellow toned shade. I really love this for under eye concealing it just completely lifts my eyes and makes even the worst nights sleep look kind of bearable. It has a slight highlighting quality to it for me as it is so light so I can only use this under my eyes as it only exaggerates blemishes rather than conceals. It lasts well and blends out pretty effortlessly. 

I think it's a product I need to just realise is a staple in my makeup and even though it doesn't last a particularly long time it does do the job so is definitely worth the money. I just need to get over myself and keep it in my life as everytime I do repurchase it I remember how much I love it. 


Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Models Own Scented - Strawberry Tart

Another talked about product that I probably didn't need but obviously wanted. Models Own scented range is a gorgeous set of pastels that I mostly already own in unscented versions but thought what the hell who doesn't need another pale pink in their collection. I don't find nail varnish odour particularly offensive but then again it's nothing you'd want to tie up in a bottle so was intrigued to try the new offering from models own - scented nail polish. I found the coverage of this particular shade pretty poor above is three layers of the stuff and it still didn't cover as well as I really wanted. When applied there is a hint of nail polish but amongst a kind of fake strawberry odour. When dry this isn't as overpowering as I thought it might be and can only really be smelt if you go to purposefully smell it. 

It's fun but I don't think I'm really the target market. I can imagine my 13 year old self loving this stuff and having every shade to mix and match my spring nails with. However now at 23 the gimmick didn't really do anything for me and after wearing it for a while maybe made me realise I don't need smelly nail varnish. I like the concept and I love models own but I won't be buying any more scented polished any time soon. 


Saturday, 20 April 2013

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Varnish - Satsuma & Papaya

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Varnish - £3.99 Boots

Jumped on the bandwagon of these polishes and o my I'm so glad I did. These went a little crazy on the blogosphere during my lent beauty spending ban and these were easily the hardest things I had stop myself from buying. I love Barry M polishes and the lure of an even shinier lacquer had me straight there when lent was over. Typically I picked up the two peach/ coral toned polishes (satsuma and papaya) and I adore them. They're ridiculously glossy and glide onto the nails easily. I now want all the shades and I'm sure many more of them will be joining my nail polish collection soon. 


Thursday, 18 April 2013

Primark Haul

Sandals - £4, Navy quilted slip ons - £3, Beige slip ons - £4

Both Shirts £9 each

Earrings £2.50, Hair band - £1.50, Bracelet - £1.50

A little bit of a different post for me but I got way overly excited when visiting the Winchester Primark recently. My closest Primark branch is the Southampton store which is horrible. It's like a massive car boot sale that's been laid out awfully. You walk in there with the hope of buying a bargain and in a few minutes some horrible woman has rammed your ankles with her pram and you realise no bargain is worth this experiance. 

The Winchester store however is like a proper shop - all of the ladies clothes are on the same floor and all of the shirts are in a little section together. I actually enjoyed shopping there and wanted to share my little haul on here. My favourite thing by far is the bird print shirt I picked up - it looks so much more expensive on and it's one of those items people are a little shocked about when you say where it's from which is always nice. 


Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Empties - Mid April

I'm loving using up products and getting my stash down to my favourites and new products - it's reigniting my love for make-up a little a bit and I'm spending a lot more time looking into my purchases before making them which is leaving me with a much happier face :) 

Snow Fairy was a little whim purchase in a massive lush haul at Christmas time. It's so so sweet and really creamy leaving the skin so very soft. I only had a 50ml which I raved about here and it's lasted me ages as you only need a teeny amount. If I'm completely honest I got a little bit sick of it towards the end of the bottle and was glad I only had a mini version of it. I'm sure I'll be picking up another bottle this Christmas if it comes out as it is a lovely shower gel but I don't think I could use it all year round. 

Been using my L'Oreal revitalift BB cream for months now on and off and it's a firm favourite. Medium is currently way to dark for me as I've toned down the fake tan. I think right now this is also a little thick for my skin and it's definitely more a winter base for me as it's so creamy and rich. I don't have a bad word to say about it but  right now I need something lighter in texture and colour. 

I picked up this 500ml bottle of Bioderma in October last year - it's only just run out. I've had back up of this stuff for months as I use it every single day and it is 100% holy grail and everything I really wanted to say about it is in my original review here

My Clinique thirst quenching moisturiser ran out recently - I only had a sample but it's lasted ages and I adored it. My skin literally drinks the stuff it is amazing however at £30 a pop for full size I won't be repurchasing. The MUA contour pen is the unbranded pen in picture (it all rubbed off) I love the design of this pen but have since found eyeliners that last a little longer so don't think I'll be picking it up again however it is a brilliant purchase for only £1.50 as the shape gives a brilliant line across the lid. 

Finally the Bourjois healthy mix concealer which I've had for ages and adore. I've been trialling out the healthy mix foundation recently and the two work so well together. It's the perfect amount of dewy and coverage that gives perfect under eye and blemish concealing power. Of course I will be picking this up again as it lasts for ever and is the perfect go to concealer for my skin.  


Sunday, 14 April 2013

Spring Time Nail Favourites

The sun came out briefly and two things happened - my washing went on the line for a brief few hours and I dug out my spring pastels to adorn my nails with. These are my five favourites by far - I love pastels at this time of the year and I will be wearing these shades all season long probably way into the summer too. Essie Bikini So Teeny is probably my favourite as the formula is amazing and it's unlike any other shade I own.


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

April ASOS Wishlist

I'm loving so much stuff on ASOS at the moment. I love how they have bits of every brand right now - it's a one stop shop for all my must haves. A little bit of all my favourite beauty brands, new look and river island make it a pretty easy place to shop. Ooops. I am however on a bit of a spending halt at the moment so just picked up the hair clip and the swing vest as my monthly treat. 


Sunday, 7 April 2013

Everyday Spring Make-Up

The sun finally came out (kind of) this weekend so it's been time to mix up my neutrals with a bit of spring time pink. I'm mostly wearing corals and peaches at the moment but I'm trying to make myself mix it up every now and again and I'm loving the nicer weather to try out some pink in my everyday look. 


Saturday, 6 April 2013

Colour Tattoo Eye-shadow - Timeless Black

When looking back at my review of On and On Bronze Maybelline Colour Tattoo I was so shocked to see I've had that product for nearly a year. I've used it pretty much everyday and I'm only just running out of it. It's one of my favourite eye products ever and I'm seriously surprised it's taken me this long to get a new shade from the range. 

I picked up the shade 'timeless black' recently in Boots for just £5. It's a gorgeous gel like formula that can be used in a variety of ways. It's really different from on and on bronze in that it's 100% matte meaning it's a brilliant liner, and addition to smokey eye looks. I apply this using my Real Techniques accent eye brush and just brush it along my eyeline over another more neutral eyeshadow - most likely on and on bronze. It's really pigmented and black but you can use a little to create a softer almost grey look. I really love this product it gives a much softer line than a traditional eyeliner and is a much nicer consistency to work with than a lot of gel eyeliners I've tried. It can also be blended out well into other shadows or to create a smokey eye. 

This is one of my favourite all time products and I'm made a promise to myself to pick up some more shades when I restock my on and on bronze supply that is nearly all out. 


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

L'Oreal Nude Magique CC Cream Anti Redness

L'Oreal Nude Magique CC Cream Anti Redness - Superdrug £9.99 

I'm a sucker for a bit of marketing ... have I ever mentioned that? So when I saw the world be introduced to a new formation on my beloved BB cream I just had to get involved. The CC cream is a more problem specific version of the Nude Magique BB cream I raved about here. This version of the BB cream is one of my all time favourites so I had high hopes for this CC cream formation. 

The creams come in 3 formations Green - anti redness, Purple - transforms tiredness and Apricot - revives tired skin. I get quite a few pimples, spots and have redness around my nose so went with the green anti-redness formation of the cream. It has the same consistency as their BB cream but for me with this particular shade thats where the comparison kind of ends. 

It doesn't blend as well onto my skin tone and leaves me a little green. I thought this might have been just me thinking about it too much as I'd watched the apple green formula try and blend into my skin but after wards my boyfriend did utter the line 'wow is the hulk look in at the moment or something' confirming my suspicions that this does leave a green a tinge to my face. It also doesn't blend out to my skin tone and leaves my face a lot darker than my natural skin tone. I've tried to photograph this above not sure it comes across as well as my real life tinge but I gave it a go. 

However despite all this it is a good base for my foundation right now. I have massive winter skin with lots of pimples and random red splotches this gives a toned down and somewhat even base for my foundation. This however for me could never be worn alone - I adore the Nude Magique BB cream and will happily wear this without foundation over the top but sadly can't say the same about this CC cream. I will easily make my way through this tube as right now it's my go to base but I'm not sure it's right for my light skin tone or everyday wear. It's just a little too green for me - I am tempted to try the purple and apricot versions though through sheer intrigue so please do leave your links if you've reviewed them or tweet me @georginacallen 


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Revlon Baby Stick - Pink Passion

After finishing a lent beauty spending ban I went a little crazy in boots (standard) and this cute little dual purpose product caught my eye immediately. In my haul I picked up all the beauty bits I've been lusting after during lent but this was completely unknown. I hadn't read anything about it or really heard much on it all but it was cute and pink and I needed it.

The Revlon baby stick comes in three shades, this bright pink (pink passion) a bright red (sunset) and also lighter coral toned pink (tahitian). I was immediately drawn to Tahition but when swatching in store I just got no colour pay off at all. I thought it maybe a dodgy tester but thought I'd be careful and buy the shade that had a good colour pay off. Mind you it is doesn't have anywhere near as much pigment as it does in the stick. The swatch above is a good 10 swipes to get that colour.

I really wanted to love this product as it is an ideal handbag essential but it just did nothing for me. It completely dried out my lips as you can see above. I love a matte lipstick and never have problems with them but this accentuated any dryness in my lips and just made them feel tight and unloved. I can't even say it's a good stain because it is so drying you can't put anything on top of it without that lip product looking awful too.

On the cheeks it is a little better but it isn't a good blush at all. It gives a pop of colour but it's awfully greasy to apply and looks out of place with my other make-up. It kind of makes my cheeks look oily and it slid off pretty quickly. I really wanted to like this as I've had such good experiences with lots of other revlon products but this just didn't do it for me at all. I've picked up some other reviews since my experience and I do think this is easily the most pigmented shade from seeing other swatches but it just doesn't translate onto the skin very nicely at all. I feel a little happier that this was part of a 3 for 2 as it isn't worth a penny of its £6.99 price tag sadly.