Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Revlon Baby Stick - Pink Passion

After finishing a lent beauty spending ban I went a little crazy in boots (standard) and this cute little dual purpose product caught my eye immediately. In my haul I picked up all the beauty bits I've been lusting after during lent but this was completely unknown. I hadn't read anything about it or really heard much on it all but it was cute and pink and I needed it.

The Revlon baby stick comes in three shades, this bright pink (pink passion) a bright red (sunset) and also lighter coral toned pink (tahitian). I was immediately drawn to Tahition but when swatching in store I just got no colour pay off at all. I thought it maybe a dodgy tester but thought I'd be careful and buy the shade that had a good colour pay off. Mind you it is doesn't have anywhere near as much pigment as it does in the stick. The swatch above is a good 10 swipes to get that colour.

I really wanted to love this product as it is an ideal handbag essential but it just did nothing for me. It completely dried out my lips as you can see above. I love a matte lipstick and never have problems with them but this accentuated any dryness in my lips and just made them feel tight and unloved. I can't even say it's a good stain because it is so drying you can't put anything on top of it without that lip product looking awful too.

On the cheeks it is a little better but it isn't a good blush at all. It gives a pop of colour but it's awfully greasy to apply and looks out of place with my other make-up. It kind of makes my cheeks look oily and it slid off pretty quickly. I really wanted to like this as I've had such good experiences with lots of other revlon products but this just didn't do it for me at all. I've picked up some other reviews since my experience and I do think this is easily the most pigmented shade from seeing other swatches but it just doesn't translate onto the skin very nicely at all. I feel a little happier that this was part of a 3 for 2 as it isn't worth a penny of its £6.99 price tag sadly.


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