Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Models Own Scented - Strawberry Tart

Another talked about product that I probably didn't need but obviously wanted. Models Own scented range is a gorgeous set of pastels that I mostly already own in unscented versions but thought what the hell who doesn't need another pale pink in their collection. I don't find nail varnish odour particularly offensive but then again it's nothing you'd want to tie up in a bottle so was intrigued to try the new offering from models own - scented nail polish. I found the coverage of this particular shade pretty poor above is three layers of the stuff and it still didn't cover as well as I really wanted. When applied there is a hint of nail polish but amongst a kind of fake strawberry odour. When dry this isn't as overpowering as I thought it might be and can only really be smelt if you go to purposefully smell it. 

It's fun but I don't think I'm really the target market. I can imagine my 13 year old self loving this stuff and having every shade to mix and match my spring nails with. However now at 23 the gimmick didn't really do anything for me and after wearing it for a while maybe made me realise I don't need smelly nail varnish. I like the concept and I love models own but I won't be buying any more scented polished any time soon. 



  1. love the colour, shame about the overage and scent! wish it was much better! x

  2. I love the colour. I wish these had been released as just a pastel collection though I bet the scent would give me a headache x

  3. Such a cute colour but hate it when you have to put loads of coats!

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    Stevie xxx