Thursday, 18 April 2013

Primark Haul

Sandals - £4, Navy quilted slip ons - £3, Beige slip ons - £4

Both Shirts £9 each

Earrings £2.50, Hair band - £1.50, Bracelet - £1.50

A little bit of a different post for me but I got way overly excited when visiting the Winchester Primark recently. My closest Primark branch is the Southampton store which is horrible. It's like a massive car boot sale that's been laid out awfully. You walk in there with the hope of buying a bargain and in a few minutes some horrible woman has rammed your ankles with her pram and you realise no bargain is worth this experiance. 

The Winchester store however is like a proper shop - all of the ladies clothes are on the same floor and all of the shirts are in a little section together. I actually enjoyed shopping there and wanted to share my little haul on here. My favourite thing by far is the bird print shirt I picked up - it looks so much more expensive on and it's one of those items people are a little shocked about when you say where it's from which is always nice. 



  1. I love the swallow shirt :) x

  2. I have the grey shirt and I love the shoes with the gold tip, might have to get them too! :)

  3. Such cute blouses! The grey one will be so versatile.

    Stevie xxx