Monday, 23 September 2013

Push The Button - eBay Pump Bottles

2x 150ml push pump bottles £1.69 eBay

When I read Lily's post (etc llymlrs) on eBay mini push pump bottles I immediately clicked and purchased. I narrowly avoided buying the Bioderma pump bottle and I'm quite glad I avoided this as these are so much cuter and cheaper. I've put my cleanser in one and my nail varnish remover in one. I can't wait to make labels for them with my label maker as they sit so neatly on my dresser. These aren't necessary but they are so handy it's fun to have them lined up on my dresser and they are so accessible and handy when your ever so sleepy in the evenings or morning. 


Thursday, 19 September 2013

Philip Kingsley - Elasticizer

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer (75ml Shown £12.75) (150ml £23.40) (1000ml £62.90)

I first bought this last year and it didn't do anything for me. I've read so many good things about this product but I didn't feel like my hair was left any different to any other (often much cheaper) hair masks. I then grabbed InStyle magazine recently and gave it another go. I think I had such high hopes for this product that I over thought the whole thing. It is a lovely hair mask it smells good and you don't need all that much of it to give your hair a lovely treatment. I just don't think it did enough more than any much cheaper hair mask to warrant its price tag. Don't get me wrong if I had a Beckham bank balance I would get the gorgeous pump dispenser 1000ml bottle for my dresser but for me to warrant spending so much more than your average hair mask it needed to do something really special. I don't really get the hype with this one. I really love the L'Oreal Everpure range of hair masks that come in at just £6 or £7 for 200ml which is so so much cheaper than the Elasticizer. It's one of those things if you had the money then why not but for me it just doesn't wow or do anything spectacular to charge so much more than all the other hair masks. 


Tuesday, 17 September 2013

L'Oreal Super Liner - Blackbuster & Superslim

L'Oreal Super Liner - Blackbuster (£6.99)* Perfect Slim (£6.99)*

I used to love a heavy dose of black eyeliner but recently I've drifted towards building up cream eyeshadows and also using more natural looking cream eyeliners in browns and taupes. I've always loved the cute little cat flicks that girls seem to effortlessly create using liquid eyeliners. I've never managed this - not once. I find liquid liner messy and I just don't have that skill of creating a neat line across my lid. 

The L'Oreal Super Liners have reignited my love for black eyeliner. When I recieved them I thought the thick nib of the blackbuster would make it a firm favourite. It is a lovely eyeliner for a night out as you can achieve a really thick line with very little effort. However the Perfect Slim has won me over it is just like a felt tip but with the lasting power of a really pigmented liquid eyeliner. It's quite hard to mess up your eyeliner using this but if I'm in a rush and do I just sweep my Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eyeliner in dark brown over it to blend out any mistakes and give a more natural look. 

What's so good about these eyeliners if they last all day long. Even if you don't want just a black eyeliner its a really good base to frame your eye before placing dark eyeshadows over the top. I have been using these nearly everyday to build up my eye make-up and the perfect slim will definitely be replaced when it runs out. 

I can't praise either of them enough their lasting power and pigmentation mean they are easy to use eyeliners that will be staying in my collection for a long time. I haven't achieved any groundbreaking eye looks with them but that's just because I play it safe a little too much the thin nib of the perfect slim means you could achieve most look very easily. I think I'll give something a little more fun a go in the next month or so. 


Monday, 16 September 2013

Amazing M&S REN Skincare Offer

I did a little M&S order earlier on some REN skincare that I wanted and it came to £30 I've just worked out why it was so cheap and had to share it.

Marks and Spencer have 20% off all beauty today.
If you buy 2 REN products you recieve the REN clean skincare discovery kit free

The kit is worth £40 and comes off automatically when you add it to your basket. The 20% comes off the whole order so you automatically get another £8 off your order due to 20% of the £40 freebie coming off too.

I picked up the REN resurfacing AHA concentrate worth £30 and the REN invisible pores detox mask worth £18

AHA Concentrate £30
Detox Mask £18
Skincare Discovery Kit £40
Order Total £88 

20% off - £17.60
-£40 freegift

Order Payment - £30.40

So I got 2 of my REN wishlist and a free kit full of goodies for just over £30. If your after some REN highly recommend this order as you don't often get 20% off the free gift too. It's only on today (16th September) and includes the Glycolactic Radiance Mask. Also if you get it sent to a store near you delivery is free.


Sunday, 15 September 2013

Something Different #1 - Purple Eyeshadow

I think as a whole the make-up I use is ever so safe. I stick mainly with peach blushes, brown/ nude eyeshadows and every now and again rock a bold lip. However when I was digging through my make-up collection I found lots of fun bits that I just never use so thought it was time to give them a go and start a new series where at least once a month I try something different. 

My brother got me some ELF products for my birthday in July and this eyeshadow came as one of their freebies with the order. It's a bright purple eyeshadow in shade passion. The shadows are only £3.75 and come in lovely matte black packaging with a little mirror in the lid. This colour is well out of my comfort zone as it is just so bright. It's super pigmented and you only need a small amount to get a really bright look. I also used shade villian from my sleek ultra matte dark palette in the crease of my eye and to frame the line around my eye a little more. 

I do think the ELF product is a little bright and its almost fancy dress territory it is that purple. However I've been using more shades from the Sleek palette other than the usual paper bag (dark brown) & dune (soft cream) that I usually go for. 

I won't be rocking a bright purple eye anytime soon but it did make me realise mixing up dark tones other than brown and black does make for a more interesting eye - and it just makes a morning doing my make-up a little more interesting. 


Saturday, 14 September 2013

Seventeen Phwoarr Paint Concealer - Fair

Seventeen Phwoarr Paint Concealer £5.49 (Boots)

Seventeen is always a brand I kind of pass by when I'm in Boots - I think its the name, being 24 I always imagine I'm a little too old to be perusing a brand named after the number I haven't been for 7 whole years. However when I read Gemma from Gemsmaquillage's review I had to give it ago. Seventeen Phwoarr paint concealer is a camouflaging concealer it's super thick and covers up the darkest of dark circles. It comes in 2 shades fair and medium - fair is perfect for me. I have quite oily skin and this being so thick means it lasts really well but I like to add a sweep of ELF's undereye setting powder  so it lasts all day long. I'm super impressed with this for just £5.49 as its so pigmented you only need a really small amount to get good coverage so I think it will last ages too. This is the first thing I've bought from Seventeen probably since I was a teenager and I'll definitely not walk past the stand so quickly next time I'm shopping. The Seventeen lip crayons and blush shades look lovely too. The range is included in Boots current 'buy one get one half price' too so everything works out as a super bargain. 


Thursday, 12 September 2013

Color Tattoo - Metallic Pomegranate - Autumn Eyeshadow

Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate £4.99 (Boots)

My eyeshadow collection is slowly comprising of the entire Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo eyeshadow range. My newest addition is this gorgeous deep reddy purple toned colour Metallic Pomegranate. I picked this up as it's a lovely autumnal colour and I'm trying to steer away from solely brown shades at the moment. This makes a lovely liner top and bottom. As always it has amazing wear - this range still amazes me for its price and its currently buy one get one half price in boots making them £3.75 each if you buy 2! 


Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Kimono Obsesisons

I am loving kimono's at the moment I think they're the perfect cover ups to take so many summer clothes through to autumn. I can't get enough of them and have all of the above on my wishlist. We're going to Turkey next month and for the cooler nights these will be perfect to layer up simpler black outfits. I own the New Look one already which is currently being customised for a special night out - currently regretting the teeny tiny beads I chose for it - it's taking forever!


Sunday, 8 September 2013

Models Own - Neon Ice - Pink Punch

Models Own Neon Ice Nail Varnish £5 Boots Models Own

I love Models Own Nail Varnish and it makes up pretty much all of my nail varnish collection. I bought this a few months ago as I was looking for a hot summer time neon. I love the packaging on this range the matte finish makes it look lovely and a little different to all the others in my collection. I was a little disappointed in the coverage of this polish above is 3 coats and for me it needed a forth for a completely opaque and punchy finish. It's fine if you have the time to sit there and let your nails dry. I do love the colour though it's a really bright pink with orange tones making it super neon. Once dried properly it does have decent wear like all models own varnishes. I haven't really worn this as much as I thought I would this summer as it literally takes so long to apply and dry 4 coats for a decent finish I do still love it though and it will definitely be coming to Turkey with me next month when I have a little more time to let my nails fully dry before dinner. 


Saturday, 7 September 2013

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation Medium Ivory

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation - Medium Ivory £33 John Lewis House of Fraser

I'm definitely a drugstore makeup kind of girl but over the last few months I've been umming and aaaahing over spending a bit of money on a decent foundation. If I was going to buy anything high end foundation was going to be it - I think it makes such a difference to the rest of your makeup to have a decent base. It took me ages to decide which to buy I've been swatching in stores for literally months. I nearly went double wear but decided it was just a bit much for my skin, I nearly bought all of the foundations however when it came down to it I chose the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation because of all the blogs I read I think Kate from Gh0stparties and Tanya Burr have the most amazing finish to their makeup and both raved about this foundation. 

So onto the foundation when I first got this I applied it with my fingers as that's always what has worked best for me and past foundations. I wasn't really amazed I loved the colour - it matches my skin perfectly but it didn't wow me. Then I tried it with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush and that changed everything. I never thought the application would have made such a difference but it really took me and this foundation into a full blown love affair. It is expensive nearly £1 for every milliliter but you hardly need any at all as its so pigmented and it covers so well. It covers up all my horrible red pigmentation and the blemishes I currently have around my mouth. It lasts pretty much all day and when it does wear it wears really evenly. It's super soft to touch and is the leaves such a lovely healthy finish. I'm wearing it above with a little bit of concealer but no powder at all. 
I'm so happy I decided to just go for it and spend a little more on a decent foundation it's making having a simpler makeup look so much more effortless. I'm trying to mix up the products I use at the moment but I haven't used any other foundations since I bought this which says something as I'm usually so fickle with foundations. 


Wednesday, 4 September 2013

August Favourites (2013)

The first 2 of my August favourites have kept their position since the July favourites  post from last month Sexy Pulp Mascara £17.90 Yves Rocher and the Traditional Tiare Oil £6.50 Yves Rocher are in my everyday routine and are a couple of my favourite products at the moment and especially over the summer months. I blogged about the L'Oreal Nude Magique CC Cream Anti Redness £9.99 back in April and it's been a firm favourite for days when my skin is really red - it provides a lovely base to foundation and really tones down any redness to create a more even base. 

I've loved Models Own Coral Reef Nail Varnish £5 this month it's a gorgeous bright coral that is the right side of neon for everyday wear. Models Own is my favourite nail brand and this is one of my favourite shades by them. Finally, St Moriz Dark Tanning Mousse £2.99 the best fake tan I own because you can cover your body without ever feeling guilty about how much it cost - it leaves the most perfect glow that isn't orange at all. This favourites post is so summery I have a feeling things are going to get a lot more autumnal from now on. 


Monday, 2 September 2013

Everyday Make-Up August 2013

Concealer: Natural Collection Cover Up Stick (review
Brows: Smashbox Brow Trio (review
Eyeliner: L'Oreal Superliner Perfect Slim (review coming soon) 
Eyeshadow: Mix of Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in On and On Bronze and Eternal Pink 
Mascara: Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp (review coming soon) 


Sunday, 1 September 2013

August Empties

It's been ages since I've done an empties post but recently I seem to be finishing off lots of little things and trying to use up lots of samples and mini's. This mini moroccan oil has actually lasted ages and at £13.50 I'm kind of happy it did. I do love this product but I can't bring myself to part with over £30 for the full size one. I still have another miniature bottle which came with a gift set and that's being used intermittently as I really don't want to run out altogether. I can't really decide if it's a lot better than the cheaper alternatives I have either so it won't be gracing my dresser in full size anytime soon. 

The Maybelline fit me foundation in 120 is a firm favourite of mine I've already repurchased it and used quite a lot of it up. It's only £7.99  and is the perfect shade for me when I have a little bit of a tan. The Benefit sample of the Total Moisture Facial Cream came in a 6 piece skincare set I received at Christmas. It's a super rich moisturiser that is a little too much for my skin - it's well scented and I think it is more suited to someone with a dryer complexion.

My samples of the Dermalogica Clean Start moisturiser have all finally emptied and my love for it hasn't finished - I love having this in full size it means I can use it every single day without worrying about the little tubes emptying on me. The L'Oreal million lashes mascara has always been a firm favourite of mine and I've been using it for years. However it's recently been overtaken by the Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp mascara which is mascara HG for me now!

Bit of an odd empty to finish on but wanted to include the Garnier Mineral roll on deodorant as this stuff is so so good and only £1 at the moment in Superdrug! It smells lovely and really does tick every deodorant box I have. I'm determined to get back into blogging properly this month as I have so many post idea's I really want to spend some time writing. There's a lot going on this month including the THCF calendar launch party and I've also got a lovely weekend booked in a lodge with friends at the end of the month. I love the beginning of Autumn and can't wait to get back into cosy knits as well as visiting Turkey for a week next month too - getting the best of both worlds!