Sunday, 8 September 2013

Models Own - Neon Ice - Pink Punch

Models Own Neon Ice Nail Varnish £5 Boots Models Own

I love Models Own Nail Varnish and it makes up pretty much all of my nail varnish collection. I bought this a few months ago as I was looking for a hot summer time neon. I love the packaging on this range the matte finish makes it look lovely and a little different to all the others in my collection. I was a little disappointed in the coverage of this polish above is 3 coats and for me it needed a forth for a completely opaque and punchy finish. It's fine if you have the time to sit there and let your nails dry. I do love the colour though it's a really bright pink with orange tones making it super neon. Once dried properly it does have decent wear like all models own varnishes. I haven't really worn this as much as I thought I would this summer as it literally takes so long to apply and dry 4 coats for a decent finish I do still love it though and it will definitely be coming to Turkey with me next month when I have a little more time to let my nails fully dry before dinner. 



  1. I love how the neon the polish is, but having to apply four coats is abit of an effort especially when you have to wait for it to dry.

  2. This is one of my favourite nail polishes. I love how bright it is!