Sunday, 15 September 2013

Something Different #1 - Purple Eyeshadow

I think as a whole the make-up I use is ever so safe. I stick mainly with peach blushes, brown/ nude eyeshadows and every now and again rock a bold lip. However when I was digging through my make-up collection I found lots of fun bits that I just never use so thought it was time to give them a go and start a new series where at least once a month I try something different. 

My brother got me some ELF products for my birthday in July and this eyeshadow came as one of their freebies with the order. It's a bright purple eyeshadow in shade passion. The shadows are only £3.75 and come in lovely matte black packaging with a little mirror in the lid. This colour is well out of my comfort zone as it is just so bright. It's super pigmented and you only need a small amount to get a really bright look. I also used shade villian from my sleek ultra matte dark palette in the crease of my eye and to frame the line around my eye a little more. 

I do think the ELF product is a little bright and its almost fancy dress territory it is that purple. However I've been using more shades from the Sleek palette other than the usual paper bag (dark brown) & dune (soft cream) that I usually go for. 

I won't be rocking a bright purple eye anytime soon but it did make me realise mixing up dark tones other than brown and black does make for a more interesting eye - and it just makes a morning doing my make-up a little more interesting. 


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