Tuesday, 17 September 2013

L'Oreal Super Liner - Blackbuster & Superslim

L'Oreal Super Liner - Blackbuster (£6.99)* Perfect Slim (£6.99)*

I used to love a heavy dose of black eyeliner but recently I've drifted towards building up cream eyeshadows and also using more natural looking cream eyeliners in browns and taupes. I've always loved the cute little cat flicks that girls seem to effortlessly create using liquid eyeliners. I've never managed this - not once. I find liquid liner messy and I just don't have that skill of creating a neat line across my lid. 

The L'Oreal Super Liners have reignited my love for black eyeliner. When I recieved them I thought the thick nib of the blackbuster would make it a firm favourite. It is a lovely eyeliner for a night out as you can achieve a really thick line with very little effort. However the Perfect Slim has won me over it is just like a felt tip but with the lasting power of a really pigmented liquid eyeliner. It's quite hard to mess up your eyeliner using this but if I'm in a rush and do I just sweep my Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eyeliner in dark brown over it to blend out any mistakes and give a more natural look. 

What's so good about these eyeliners if they last all day long. Even if you don't want just a black eyeliner its a really good base to frame your eye before placing dark eyeshadows over the top. I have been using these nearly everyday to build up my eye make-up and the perfect slim will definitely be replaced when it runs out. 

I can't praise either of them enough their lasting power and pigmentation mean they are easy to use eyeliners that will be staying in my collection for a long time. I haven't achieved any groundbreaking eye looks with them but that's just because I play it safe a little too much the thin nib of the perfect slim means you could achieve most look very easily. I think I'll give something a little more fun a go in the next month or so. 


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