Saturday, 29 November 2014

Yes To Tomatoes Daily Clarifying Cleaner

I've read so many good things about the 'yes to' range and when in the market for a new cleanser I thought this would be an ideal choice. It's good point is that it's 90ml for just £6.99 and available in boots. For me that's where it ends. I found it doesn't cleanse my skin anywhere near as well other cheaper brands I own. I've tried flannels, my face brush, just my hands - it just kind of foams up on the skin but doesn't really remove all that much in terms of general crap on my skin or make-up. I find a second cleanse does way more than this has even got near. It's gel like formula seems to foam up and sit on the skin rather than get in there and clean it. I also hate the smell of this product. It doesn't smell natural like the name suggests it doesn't even smell of tomato or watermelon to me it's just quite blurgh and smells like an unfragranced gel. I wouldn't recommend this product I've tried so many cleansers and this is a very poor excuse for one in my humble cleanser loving opinoin. 

Georgina x.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Becca Eye Tint - Lapis

I've loved the Becca Watermelon Beach Tint for quite a while and picked this eye tint in Lapis up ages ago in a fragrance direct haul. The colour pay off of this product is near to non existent so much so that I couldn't photograph it. For this I'm glad I didn't pay full price however the consistency is lovely and it does work well as an eye primer. It's soft and dewy so makes for a very simple base or for an added bit of sheen to a very simple day time look. I will pick this up in another colour as I adore the consistency and love the application so many Becca products are on my wishlist at the moment.

Georgina x.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Make Up Clear Out: Eyes & Nails

 A few months ago me and Steve decided to move home back to our parents respectively in order to save the pennies for a little house of our own. Moving home has meant going from having a whole room just for me to get dressed and do my make-up in too having a little cabinet next to my bed so a huge clear out had to happen. I have to admit I'm kind of glad I did this - there was some OLD very unused stuff in the depths of my dresser. I had to throw A LOT out so I've split the posts into sections -

I seem to have had a habit of buying lots of cheapy eye products for a while - mainly ELF (a company I've now given up) the products from ELF that I bought and maybe used once or twice were a few cheap liners, mascara's and a primer - all very bluh and nothing to write home about hence why they were probably only used once or twice to begin with. I also had a huge mascara cull as I had amassed a crazy amount during the 'beauty box' phase of my life. The only one I loved was the nouveau lashes which was a lovely day wear mascara that had just dried up. The bright pink models own eyeshadow was ashamadley from my 18th birthday night out (7 years old ewwww - I disgust myself). How it had managed to remain at the back of a drawer is amazing but it obviously had to go. Finally a few bourjois eye shadows that again are very old and shouldn't still be in my collection I doubt they even still sell them. I think I had held onto them for nostalgic reasons as my 19 year old self would simply rock a dark eye using only that black eyeshadow and a bit of eyebrow highlight using just that cream shadow - haha brilliant look!

I couldn't part with many nail varnishes but did get ready of some freebies that I've never used and know I never will. The Barry M textured polish which is horrible horrible I hate the little gritty texture o it and the finish is foul it just feels like you have dirty nails. Finally a gelly polish that I do love but I have a million coral polishes and this one leaked so it had to go as it was all icky. 

I'm surprised at how much I managed to throw out and I think I'll schedule in a huge clear out every 6 months at least to stop hoarding of products I know I'll never use and that are way past their sell by date. 

Georgina x.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - The Perfect First Powder

I've only started using powder in the last year or so as I prefer a much more dewy finish. It reminds me of girls at school caked in an orange toned powder that they used to build up during lessons with a little white puff giving them an orange jawline and it's put me off for a good 10 years. I now however want to make my make-up last on nights out and long days in the office so it was time to give this powder thing a go. I've tried a few over the last year but is easily the best and probably the most iconic one I've tried. It's only £3.99 :O so it's a must for most make-up bags. It dusts on really easily - I use the real techniques powder brush - and gives a lovely transparent matte finish that holds my make-up in place a little longer. It doesn't look overly like you have powder on but just sets and finished your make-up which is perfect for what I use it for. I'm a massive fan of this product - being picky I would love a flip lid but that's just me. I'm so glad I got over my 15 year old inhibitions about powder and have bought it into my make-up routine. 


Thursday, 13 November 2014

Milk_Shake Daily Frequent Shampoo

Milk_Shake Daily Frequent Shampoo - £10.25 Beauty Bay

I'd never normally pick up a shampoo for such a high price however I fell a little in love with Milk_Shake as a brand and their delicious scents after trying their whipped cream leave in conditioner a long while ago. I was obviously feeling a little flush as I'm more of what evers £2 in tesco kind of girl when it comes to shampoo. This was a gorgeous little treat though it has a fresh apple scent and is paraben free leaving hair squeaky clean. If you're all about a sleek looking bathroom down to your products then this range is so perfect - I think the branding and packaging is on point. Sleek white bottles with simple text is so up my street and represents the brand perfectly. I personally think the scent of this was too nice for a shampoo and it seemed a shame to through on styling products and conditioners after it as the treat was covered with other things. I think their range is much better suited to the final styling products so you can smell them for much longer I have my eye on their hair repairing treatment, glistening serum, & leave in conditioner

Have you tried anything from Milk_Shake that's a must have? 


Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Palmers Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze Spray

I love a cheeky bit of tan however as I've gotten a little older I can't really rock the full on bronzed fakeness look without looking a little like a TOWIE reject. So I've tried numerous gradual tanners hoping for the hint of colour without the hassle look. The problem with them all is the scent. They all smell so so bad. They even write on the bottles that they don't smell bad but that is an absolute lie. The Palmers Cocoa Butter natural bronze is the closest to good smelling tan I can find. It's not particularly gradual though it gives a really good natural tan but on me it's like a week in the sun but it has not a single thread of orange tone. The spray is hard to use - as the clear colour of the lotion means you often miss bits and don't realise until it's developed properly a good 6 hours later. I prefer the pump version of this as you can ensure you get good coverage as if you're applying moisturiser. The spray does make it super easy to apply straight from a shower but you need to be thorough - never use after a couple of vino's (tip from experience). I love this product in pump or spray form as it is a great moisturizer as well as tan which kills 2 birds. 


Sunday, 2 November 2014

Essie - Colour Icons

I adore Essie as a brand they're colour selection is always so tempting and I always find it hard to make a decision on what to buy. I've wanted mint candy apple forever and I'm never really sure why it hadn't fallen into my basket before. When I saw this little set for £12.99 it was an easy decision to buy - it contains 3 shades that I've read so much about and don't own. Firstly Mademoiselle did disappoint me a little it's so sheer on my nails that it's more of a tinted top coat for me - I definitely look for something way more pigmented for a nail polish. Mint Candy Apple is gorgeous - the perfect shade of minty green that just works so well as an everyday nail colour I've been wearing it non stop since. Fifth Avenue was my favorite in the set it's a delicious punchy red with a coral tone to it that is perfect for a night out and as toe nail polish. I love this little set and I'm so glad I picked it up. The mini bottles are also great for taking on weekends away and when I'm staying at my boyfriends so I'll definitely look to pick up a set like this again.