Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Make Up Clear Out: Eyes & Nails

 A few months ago me and Steve decided to move home back to our parents respectively in order to save the pennies for a little house of our own. Moving home has meant going from having a whole room just for me to get dressed and do my make-up in too having a little cabinet next to my bed so a huge clear out had to happen. I have to admit I'm kind of glad I did this - there was some OLD very unused stuff in the depths of my dresser. I had to throw A LOT out so I've split the posts into sections -

I seem to have had a habit of buying lots of cheapy eye products for a while - mainly ELF (a company I've now given up) the products from ELF that I bought and maybe used once or twice were a few cheap liners, mascara's and a primer - all very bluh and nothing to write home about hence why they were probably only used once or twice to begin with. I also had a huge mascara cull as I had amassed a crazy amount during the 'beauty box' phase of my life. The only one I loved was the nouveau lashes which was a lovely day wear mascara that had just dried up. The bright pink models own eyeshadow was ashamadley from my 18th birthday night out (7 years old ewwww - I disgust myself). How it had managed to remain at the back of a drawer is amazing but it obviously had to go. Finally a few bourjois eye shadows that again are very old and shouldn't still be in my collection I doubt they even still sell them. I think I had held onto them for nostalgic reasons as my 19 year old self would simply rock a dark eye using only that black eyeshadow and a bit of eyebrow highlight using just that cream shadow - haha brilliant look!

I couldn't part with many nail varnishes but did get ready of some freebies that I've never used and know I never will. The Barry M textured polish which is horrible horrible I hate the little gritty texture o it and the finish is foul it just feels like you have dirty nails. Finally a gelly polish that I do love but I have a million coral polishes and this one leaked so it had to go as it was all icky. 

I'm surprised at how much I managed to throw out and I think I'll schedule in a huge clear out every 6 months at least to stop hoarding of products I know I'll never use and that are way past their sell by date. 

Georgina x.


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