Tuesday, 12 May 2015

H&M Home Accessories - New Arrival Picks

I love the H&M homeware range - they are so seasonal and seem to bring out on point new ranges really frequently which I love. I'm also living with my parents whilst I save up to buy a place of my own so many wishlists are coming until myself and my boyfriend get to live together again and I have an entire house to paint and make my own. Excited is an understatement - however I want to create rooms that reflect our personalities and are a dream to live in. Whilst we're a good 8 months away from getting to moving time I think it's good to document everything I love before we get there so the things I buy when we do get to move in my house is a home as soon as possible. 

Georgina x.


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  2. I accept these accessories will make our home in different look. But on seeing these things it look very old one.

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