Sunday, 23 September 2012

Wife Weekend in London Town.

I took Friday off of work and headed to South Acton to spend a few nights with my wife. After living with Miss Holly Salter for three years there is still and I think always will be a huge wife size hole in my life. In halls she was next door to me and in every house we lived in after that she was just next door to me. So to celebrate our four year anniversary I went to stay with her and catch up massively.

Thursday night was 2 for £5 rose wine spritzers, spaghetti bol and so much catching up we didn't even put on the television. Saturday morning we got up weirdly early headed to Westfields had latte's, laughed at the ridiculous iPhone5 queue and spent far too long in the Models Own bottle shop working out which colours we didn't have. Then I lost my Wahaca virginity which was crazy good food.

After a little stop back at her house we made our way to Waterloo for drinks with our long lost friend Jim Gooch - turns out Jim Gooch was nowhere to be seen but MA Student James Gooch joined us - he drank whiskey on the rocks we made the most of 2 for 1 cocktails and drank the entire menu. My friends from school James and Jack also popped in for half a pint before running off for their train. A little tipsy we picked up chips and made our way home to watch crap TV we'd recorded.

It was literally the most perfect weekend. Topped up by the boyfriend picking me up from the station with a sandwich and red bull - exactly what I needed, haven't laughed as much as I did this weekend in so so long. The reason I love Miss Holly Salter is when offered 2 for 1 cocktails the suggestion anything but two each just seems ludicrous :)

So back in my own bed I am already looking forward to my next wife weekend. It was just perfect and I miss her already.


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  1. When I first read your post I thought it was a guy writing! I guess it's the 'wife' that led me astray.... :D