Sunday, 2 September 2012

Vivo Matte & Pearl Eyeshadows

My local Tesco (which is a huge extra store) has always had a near empty Vivo cosmetic stand. However when I went in this weekend it had grown to double the size and was full to the brim of every single product including lots of new bits. I of course had to get a selection. I loved the MUA pearl eye shadow here and knowing Vivo and MUA are the same products I knew these would be winners.

I love MUA products but I always buy Vivo more often - pretty much because I'm in Tesco more than I'm in Superdrug and also I think the packaging of these Vivo eye shadows is so much better than the MUA versions. These stack perfectly and just look brilliant for the £1 they cost here. I went for two pearl eye shadows which have a shimmer to them in shades champagne & mink and also one Matte shadow in rich chocolate. I think my favourite is mink as it's a kind of greyish brown that I don't have anything similar too right now.

These aren't the most pigmented eye shadows I've ever used but they are £1 and I love them. You can build up the colours on all of these to be as dark or soft as you want they also blend nicely together. The shade range on offer is all so wearable and I kind of want them all. I have lots of palettes with similar shades to this but I like having the shadows separately too for when I'm away from home over night. For the price you can never complain they are decent shadows that can be worn day or night - and the way they stack so neatly in my eye shadow drawer makes me want them all.

Has anyone else tried any Vivo eye shadows that I need to buy first?


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