Thursday, 30 August 2012

Impress Press-On Manicure

I was too happy to receive these impress nails in last months Glossybox. I dont wear false nails ever but these looked so easy to put on and were so pretty I've been eyeing them up from the many adverts with Nicole Scherzinger adorning her fingers with them. They cost £8.99  and as someone who doesn't wear false nails I would never have bought them.

I got on with these really well - they apply so easily you literally work out which nail each fits too peal off the back and apply down. You do need to trim each one but this is super easy with nail clippers or nail scissors or just file them if its not that much that needs to come off. They pattern I got looks super lovely on and got loads of lovely comments.

The down side to these is - the sticky pad that ensures they stay securely on your nail doesn't set. It means that when putting your fingers through your hair you always rip out hair or get your fingers tangled into it. For me this was a no go for these nails. They ticked every single other box they lasted in pristine condition for the 5 days I wore them but they also ripped out a lot of my hair. It drove me insane I couldn't put my hair up without getting my nails stuck and I had to brush my hair trying ever so hard not to get my finger nails involved.

If you have short hair then these will be brilliant but for me they need to make the sticky pad able to set somehow. After it hits the nail it needs to go solid so it doesn't remain tacky for the duration of wearing them as I lost more hair than I ever wanted to wearing these.

I'd love to hear how other people got on with these so please do leave posts or comments it intrigues me how people seem to be buying more than one pack .... :/ haha


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  1. I got mine in Glossybox too, my pattern is no way near as nice as yours, and my natural nails are too long for them. I'm tempted to try them out but I'm not a huge fan of fake nails, especially if they rip your hair out whenever you need to do your hair haha x