Saturday, 4 August 2012

Current Make-Up Storage

It turns out my little blog got noticed by all the people who bought me birthday presents this year. And my 'Obsessing Over Storage' post featuring the Helmer Drawers from Ikea was particularly noticed by my dad who popped to Ikea to pick them up for me. I adore them - I adore them so much I had to do a little post on it. I am the weirdest organised freak ever, I write agenda's for meetings that probably don't even really need agenda's. I have spreadsheets for everything, dividers for life, a huge diary, alarms and just about everything meaning I can free my brain of the lists I am always creating in order for them to written down.

Storage for me is no different - I want all my make-up seperated into little compartments and displayed neatly. Preparing to move in with my fella in less than a year fingers crossed I decided I should start gradually sorting my wardrobe, and make-up out. I have split my helmer drawers currently by base make-up, blushers and bronzers, eyes, wipes and pads, creams and lotions, and finally mini hair bits. This is currently being trialled and when I have decided how to split it all I will make pretty little labels for all the drawers haha. GEEK.

I also have my brush storage on top that I mentioned here which I love. I also have a bag from Clinique holding all my lipsticks at the moment. It's a little bit trashy having lipsticks in a bag covered in lipsticks but I kind of like that about it.

I can't wait to get a bigger room with a proper dressing table to do this organisation thing really seriously - this is just the beginning :)

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  1. I'm obsessed with these sorts of posts! I absolutely love my Ralph Lauren Romance and i see you like it too!! you have a very compact and clean set up there... i can only dream haha
    x x