Monday, 20 August 2012

ELF Lip Stain - Crimson Crush & Pink Petal

I've been loving lip stains at the moment - they mean less reapplications during the day and a real splash of colour. I did a little ELF order a while ago and was excited to see the lip stains now available. It's available for £2.50 in four shade here. I bought them in shades Crimson Crush and Pink Petal. They are in felt tip like applicators which allows for easy precision around lip line as well as filling in the whole lip. 

Pink Petal isn't even worth photographing you can't see it at all on my lips. It's got near to no pigment in it and does nothing for my lips. I can however photograph Crimson Crush. It's a lovely quite deep red which can be built up to be darker and much more red in tone. It does last pretty well - not as long as some other lip stains I've tried but for £2.50 it does a decent enough job. To get an amazing red lip it acts as a brilliant base it doesn't dry my lips out particularly but using a balm on top does keep them looking much nicer. 



  1. Would you say that the crimson crush has a hint of purple in it? looking for a purple-ish lip stain! i'm having a giveaway if you want to look! xxx

    1. Hey no on my lips its just a really deep red I'll let you know if I find one something with a purple tint would be lovely for autumn x