Friday, 3 August 2012

Lauren's Way Instant Wash Off Glow

I bought a few Lauren's Way tanning products when the brand first started quite a while ago. I always tend to stay away from celebrity branded products as I find they are often more hype than they are worth. At first I loved the Lauren's Way tan is smelt ok, it didn't streak and it rubbed in well. Then I was a little unsure as to weather the tan was gradual developer tan or just wash on wash off as I found it to be a bit of both. Then the worst bit was I looked awfully green in photo's - haha it sounds ridiculous I know but the colour left a kind of green tinge to the skin that wasn't awfully shrek like in real life but a definite tinge. I know I'm not the only one as Miss Hindmarsh also mentioned this on her blog review here.

So I'm kind of making this a longer story than it needs to be but I won this Lauren's Instant Wash Off Glow as part of a Glossybox promotion in last months box. I was so chuffed A as its brilliant to win anything and B because from the list of goodies they were giving away this was definitely the one I could see myself getting use out of. It comes in the standard white with pink branding that is known from Lauren's Way and since I used it last they really have sorted their branding out in my opinoin. Before it was quite garish fonts and colours now it is a lot sleeker and the range seems to be fuller and make sense more. It has a lot more products which are similar to many other tanning brands making it lots easier to buy now.

This tan like others I've used from Lauren's Way is quite dark. You really do get the Essex look with it. I'm naturally quite pasty and I do tan a lot and I'd say this shade is on par with St Moriz Dark to give some kind of indication. It glides on well and does need buffing in quite a lot to make sure you get an event sleek finish. I did have to pump the bottle literally like 100 times to get any of the stuff out so not sure if that's just me or a general thing with the Lauren's Way tan.

It has a weird scent because I can smell the 'tan' in it but it also has a kind of feminine perfumey scenet going through it aswell which is not something I've ever had in a tan I neither dislike it or like it but then again I'm quite weird and I do like the biscuity scent of fake tan anyways.

I have to be honest - this didn't blow me way and cheaper instant tans like rimmel or even the asda own one match it if not beat it in my opinoin. I am not a fan of Lauren Goodger and I think the main premise of the brand is to target her fans so I'm not the target audience at all. I wouldn't repurchase or generally spend this much on (£11.95) you really can pick up decent instant wash off tans for under a fiver.

I do like it though and I will use it and I'm very grateful to have won it as it's nice to see the brand seems to have gotten rid of the 'green effect' from its products. The whole TOWIE brand thing does intrigue me and I'm interested to see if this brand has legs after Lauren leaves the show or if the show finishes altogether.


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