Monday, 17 September 2012

Graduated Glitter - Models Own (How to)

Firstly apologies for the warm tones in these images - I did my nails as the sun was setting and knew I'd chip them the next day so tried to get step by step pictures. I've always wanted graduated glitter nails and just didn't know how to go about it. After a little bit of googling I ended up on Louise from Sprinkle of Glitters guide here and loved it so have been re-creating ever since.

If you haven't seen Louise's blog post then I'll explain how it's done in a mini step by step:
  1. Get your nail nice and bare and clean 
  2. Apply a base coat of your favourite colour here I used Models Own Slate Grey 
  3. Apply a second coat of this colour so it's fully opaque and delicious 
  4. Get your chosen glitter - I chose Models Own Pink Fizz - and paint in an uneven line up from 3/4 of the nail 
  5. Wait for it to dry then apply this glitter from 1/2 of the way up your nail 
  6. After waiting for it all to dry apply the glitter 1/4 of the nail up almost just the tip if your nails are short like mine
  7. Depending on what glitter you use apply a clear top coat so it all stays neatly in place - I find with Models Own you don't really need this coat as the glitter dries really well. 
In these pictures I went with just Models Own glitter however I actually find the brush a little big to get a decent graduation. I prefer the nail art glitter pens I got from eBay like these here as with the thinner brush you can achieve a much better result.

Anyways I will be creating this time and time again I love it and have had so many comments saying it looks super professional. Now I'm back in full time work I'm so enjoying spending the evenings making my nails look pretty for each working day at a keyboard :)



  1. This looks so lovely! Definitely going to give it a go!! :) xxxx.

  2. I love pink fizz, I think its brilliant!! Cant wait to get some more Models Own polishes!!