Sunday, 9 September 2012

Origins Spot Remover Anti-Blemish Treatment Gel

I've read so much about this product and have been pretty sceptical. I have tried probably every type of blemish treatment on the market and nothing has ever wowed me or been repurchased. I've tried the expensive acne specific gels/ lotions which have always left my skin so dry and equally as bad as having the spot in the first place. However when I was in a store full of cosmetics and spotted this mid break out I had to buy it. Firstly it costs £12 here - which on first instance seems pretty extreme considering how tiny the bottle is. It really isn't too bad a price though considering how little you actually need I apply mine using a cotton bud and I've been using it solidly for a month and you can't even tell any has gone from the pot - a little goes a very long way. 

I haven't been too spotty recently but I do the standard monthly hormonal break out and this product has made it a lot less problematic. It actually works. I didn't believe it even after using it the first night before bed and waking up with a spot half the size and with very little redness. I thought it must be a fluke but it happened the next night too. I love this product - it does exactly what it says on the bottle. It's a super cute easy to use bottle and by being able to squeeze the little tube means you really will be able to get every last drop out of it. 

I so wish I'd taken the plunge and bought this when I was mid dissertation with spots everywhere - it would have made such a difference. I highly recommend this product weather you have one spot here and there or if you need it a little more regularly it's kind of good to know you have something in your drawer that will solve the problem over night. Skin care is so subjective but for me this is a complete winner and I'm so glad I bought it. 


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